Best Walk-On Class in 30 Years?

Among the highlights of signing day was a comment Bo Pelini repeated from assistant Athletic Director Jeff Jamrog.  Jamrog called the 2014 group the best walk-on class since 1983.  Since Jamrog was part of that class, there may have been some bias in that statement which suggests this could be one of the best classes ever.  Let's take a closer look.


Big running back Austin Rose was probably the star of the group and could have taken a lower division scholarship offer.  Contrary to the smaller backs that Nebraska has been bringing in, Rose is built more like Imani Cross.  He could develop into a short-yardage specialist or fullback and can be a nice complement to the more diminutive runners.

Nebraska routinely finds viable walk-ons at linebacker and there are four candidates in the group.  One player comes from Michigan and when walk-ons travel from out of state you take notice.  Many of the great walk-ons went that route.  Ashland's Bo Kitrell could also compete at fullback, another position where walk-ons have traditionally competed.

A pair of tight ends and another defensive end are in the group and all go 6'4" or 6"5.  They currently weigh 220 lbs. or less so there's work to do in the weight room and at the dinner table but those are three guys with the frame to contribute.  Tight end is also one of those spots where walk-ons nearly always find ways to crack the depth chart.  

A bigger defensive lineman (at 6'5" and 240) is also in this group and comes from New York State.  Omaha Gross defensive lineman Noah Arneson goes 6'3" and 300.  That's already the size of a starting nose tackle.  Considering how hard to find players like that can be, he's certainly a great find.  

On top of that, a trio offensive linemen that go 6'5" or 6'6" and 270 to 290 lbs are walking on.  The scholarship class was already one of the best along the offensive line in the last dozen years.  Now you add three guys with the size to be tackles or guards.  If they're counting Colorado transfer Alex Lewis in this group, it would be almost unfair.  He's probably as sure a recruit as there is on the board, scholarship or not.

The scholarship class was loaded with receivers and defensive backs.  But the walk-ons are ready to join the mix.  There's a big receiver and a small one.  Could they be the next Todd Peterson and Brendan Holbein?  A trio of defensive backs join the mix as well.  With a coach like Charlton Warren from Air Force, you know he's able to develop the no-name guys.

Obviously, there's a lot of work to be done before this group can be held to the standards of past walk-on groups.  Clearly, there's enough here to get Jamrog excited.  Nebraska hasn't added 24 players for next year, they've added at least 42.

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Probably all of these guys could have taken scholarships at a lower division, if not at other FBS schools.  Considering how competetive the game is, that shows some real Husker loyalty and want-to.  I hope the scholarship guys realize they’ll have to work hard to get their spot.

Alotta large human beings right thar…

Offensive Line Depth Check
Defensive Line Depth Check
Wide Reciever Depth Check
Running Back Depth BIG OL’E HONKIN CHECK
Defensive Secondary DANG IT MOSS!!! but Check
Tight End Depth Check


Things look pretty good, nice group of walkons.  I think Pat Fitz said yesterday on Big 10 net 20 days till spring ball?  Wow time flies.  GBR!

Wasn’t Brenden Holbein a scholarship recruit?
I’m fairly certain that he was (graduated from Cozad with Chris Dishman).

Something about Keaton Martinez walking on?  Bottom of the write-up here.  How many brothers does Taylor have?

Bo must be a horrible individual, he yells at Taylor on national tv, his younger brother accepts scholarship here and now his younger, younger brother may walk on.  I wonder if these families see somethng there that the Bo haters haven’t quite graspped yet??

Clearly the Martinez family are all Masochists!


ROFLMAO.  I have to admit that was funny.

Surprised to see nothing (so far) but positive comments to this blog. - Just checking back in, looking for any additional worthwhile comments; analyses; background info; etc.; relating to Husker football. Posted the following comment to an earlier report, but am going to repeat it here. As mentioned previously, being overseas, am unable to attend games or even watch Husker football on TV.  On-line viewing of after-the-fact video highlights, sports articles, blogs, message board comments, etc., are the only means available for following the football program.  Most of the articles and blogs are generally quite informative, but am really disappointed at the relative lack of meaningful message board comments – a few thoughtful and cogent inputs here and there, but mostly just an excess of anti-coach/program rants and pro-coach/program retaliatory responses. Having said that, after suffering through all the vehement invective, here is some nastiness in return:
      Find the anti-coach/program rants to be just tedious repetitions of the same old vitriolic drivel:  Pelini hates Nebraska, hates Husker fans, can’t coach, can’t recruit, an embarrassment to Nebraska, no championships, no titles, no…, etc. etc. etc., over and over and over and over, ad infinitum/ad nauseam; and always from the same few HUA nattering nabobs of negativity like White Trash, Drug Problem, Halcyon D(azed), OU7misses, 16year(old)no-no, Ridiculous RC Rick, Carny’sker, and others of their ilk.  No longer bother reading their overly negative diatribes, but still have to spend time bypassing their postings while looking for informative positive input. Understand they are probably unable to contribute anything useful, since they all suffer from the same debilitating vision impairment, but wish that they would go pollute some other message boards instead of clogging up the Husker boards with their repetitious drivel. 

    Of course I want a better outcome for the program, titles and championships, no lop-sided losses, fewer turnovers, and better special teams play, but believe the current coaching staff will be able to accomplish this. Think a coaching change at this time would be a major setback for the program.  Sorry for the overly hostile tone of this rant, but find it impossible to be nice when expressing my frustration regarding the meager amount of meaningful information and the excessive amount of negativity found on these boards. Realize many of those who are posting have nothing better to do with their lives than exchange rancorous insults, but Good Lord is it irritating!


Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Good post.

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