Baylor in San Antonio a Tough Draw

On the one hand, Husker fans were elated to see their team return to the NCAA tournament after a 16-year hiatus.  Additionally, it was great to avoid having to participate in a play-in game like Iowa or NC State.  On the other hand, facing a team playing so close to home is hardly a "neutral" site.


Creighton could also fall victim to the setting if they face Baylor in the second round.  On a truly neutral site, Creighton would probably be a favorite. However, when you're a short drive from your own campus, the opportunity for an upset increase substantially.

Baylor is a six seed, but you could argue that playing in San Antonio, they are a tougher opponent than any of the 5 seeds.  Saint Louis is a poor offensive team.  So are VCU and Cincinnati and they also have to travel across the country.  Baylor just beat Oklahoma on a neutral site so they aren't very far behind OU, and the Sooners will play in Spokane.
NU could have done worse.  A play-in game against a good team like Tennessee would be a real bummer.  Still, trying to cook up an upset in your opponent's back yard is no picnic either.
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Cool, glad they made it.  Things have DEFINITELY turned around under Timmay:  now the team EXPECTS to win, against good teams.  That’s a big step.

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