Battered Nebraska a Three Point Favorite Hosting Iowa

If there's an argument for keeping a head coach after a few disappointing seasons, this year's Iowa team could be it.  Back in September, head coach Kirk Ferentz seemed to be leading a program in decline.  He'd gone three straight seasons without a winning conference record, each worse than the last.  His 4-8 record in 2012 had people openly wondering if the money could be raised to buy out his long and pricey contract.  Now he's got  his team sitting at 7-4 with a chance to go 5-3 in the Big Ten.  The four losses have been to teams with a combined 41-3 record.  If those results were produced by a new hire, Hawkeye fans would be over the moon.


One Man's Treasure
Contrast that with Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini, whose "disappointments" have been a winning conference record in every season and three conference championship game appearances.  Despite his 8-3 overall record this season and 5-2 conference mark, people openly wonder about his longevity at Nebraska.  Clearly, it's much easier to coach in the shadow of Hayden Fry than Tom Osborne.  

Brick by Brick
The rebuilding job at Iowa has been nothing fancy.  Ferentz has built a sound team that wins with physical football.  The offensive line is a strength as the Hawkeyes don't give up sacks nor commit many penalties.  They've also helped Iowa become on of the better rushing teams in the conference. The offense features a straight ahead running attack using big plowhorse back Mark Weisman.  Their top receiving threat, Kevonte Martin-Manley, has done much of his damage in the punt return game returning two punts for scores.  Six foot seven tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz has been something of a favorite target in the red zone.  

Not Great, But Effective
Quarterback Jake Rudock has been fairly accurate, completing 60% of his passes.  But his 16-12 touchdown to interception ratio has made him one of the weaker starting quarterbacks in the Big Ten for pass efficiency.  He manages to compensate for that at least somewhat with his running ability.  He's managed to move the chains and be a threat to score in the red zone with his legs.  

Stout Defense
Iowa has one of the better defenses in the country, and does well both against the run and pass.  Another low-scoring contest against Nebraska, as we've seen the last two years, should probably be the expectation.

Rested and Ready
Perhaps the most frightening element of this Iowa team is that they are rested and healthy after a bye week just two weekends ago.  The Huskers will be playing their sixth straight game without a break after a short week.  Nebraska has had to rely on a third-string walk-on at quarterback and a largely second-string offensive line.  Speedy wideout Jamal Turners has been out for much of the season and defensive tackle Thad Randle missed time versus Penn State.  

The Huskers will have to dig deep one more time to get a win on Senior day.  This should be another hard hitting game.  The betting public seems to think that the Huskers will do just enough to prevail.  Let's hope they're right.

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As long as we don’t turn the ball over more than 5 times we should be ok.  I’ve been wanting to watch Weisman for a while now, should be interesting. 

“Iowa has one of the better defenses in the country, and does well both against the run and pass.”

Hmmm, where did I hear that again…. Oh yah, that over-hyped MSU team we should have killed.  I don’t see their defense stopping our ground game much.  Hopefully Ron Kellogg III starts because we will need a fatherly hand at the helm directing this battered team.  Good clock management, not giving up the ball and stopping the run game are the keys to victory.  NU 27, IOWA 17. GBR

Okay, so Shatel in the OWH has come to BOP’s defense.  I am happy NU beat PS.  I hope and pray they defeat Iowa.  I hope NU wins the Taco Bowl and somehow is rated in the top 25 by the end of the bowl season.  I am glad BOP put in Kellog when it was apparent TA wasn’t working out.  Special “K” exhibits that intangible desire to win TA is not.  Don’t get me wrong, TA wants to win, but Special “K” has something else to compensate for his lack of mobility.  NU should have defeated PS.  PS is on NCAA probation, plays a true freshman Q, is not deep due to scholarship limitations.  PS is a team capable of only beating the Purdue’s of the conference.  Unfortunately, NU squeaked by.  We gage our likelihood of success upon the marginable turnover rate.  We needed a 99 yard kickoff return to get back into the game.  I understand NU clawed its way back and hung in there.  Cudos for such tenacity.  At the same time, PS is a team NU should beat by at least two TDs.  A win is a win; however, expectations must be higher than razor thin victories or Hail Mary passes on the last play of the game.  Realistically, NU is probably the 5th best team in the league.  I give Minnesota the nod since they beat NU heads up.

Now we begin the annual ritual of talking ourselves into believing “next year” will be the “coming out” year of a special NU team in development this year.  Even Shatel is desperate enough for a resurgent NU team to ignore the truth.  NU is razor thin to being a 6-5 team, with Iowa left in regular season.  Wins and losses, as we now know are not a true predictor of what the team will be next year.  Lord knows, BOP’s 4 losses per season is now the substitute chant for “Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!!!”  Shatel needs to remove his pink saphron robe, quit eating wet weeds out of 5 gallon bucket, and get real.

If NU should lose to Iowa (I know, that just won’t happen in Lincoln!!!), we’ll need to win the Taco Bowl (Hotwings Bowl - whatever!!!), to avoid becoming a 5-loss team.  My, it sure is nice to be in the national hunt for the “hors d’oeuvres” bowl We can lick our fingers waiting for the real bowl games to commence.  I assume Shatel and fellow devotees will be using some barbeque sauce on those yummy weeds!!!

that was stooopid, 7/real. at least tdoggpoo can rhyme without reason.

Great game in true football weather. Dedicated fans and a great atmosphere.
I held my breath on each and every punt return, hoping it would not be fumbled away. Why doesnt the punt return team attack the kicker- why send 5 up the gut to have them stand infront of 3 blockers and the punter??? Special teams or special needs??
Ok off the soap bpx- true grit showed from the boys, RK made a few mistakes and some great plays.
This will be a fun game to watch.
Ia   :17

Some times you need a little luck (hailmary)!  If it wasn’t for a little luck TO would not have won the national title in 97.  Missed catch and than it kicked in the air only to be grabbed inches from the ground.  Against a team NU should have rolled over that year, all you Bo bashers want to compare him to win loss record but don’t forget that he had some luck at times also.  We also played against those same teams for about forty years.  We knew them about as well as we knew our own team as to what they could or couldn’t do.  Give these guys the time needed to get this right.  IF we fire coaches for players fumbling the ball maybe our next hire will be Bill Bilichek, his team fumbled the first 3 possesions for 17 pts last night that doesn’t mean the coachs don’t train them right, or talk about it.  Players know how to hold, and carry the ball or should know since they were 14 -15 yrs old.  Can’t waste all your time teaching them what they should already know.  I don’t think the coaches are teaching them how to fumble so don’t put that on them!

Nobody thinks the coaches are teaching players how to fumble, we’re just not teaching them how not to fumble.  There has to be a reason that NU fumbles, mis-handles, and turns over footballs a lot, to the point we breath a sigh of relief when we don’t fumble or toss a pick on almost every play.  The reason NU is only picked to win by 3, is that thst’s how much we win by, if we win, and even that takes some sort of a miracle play, a last minute hail mary, or a 80 yd kick return, or a 40 yard field goal.  I hope we do better in the ” Sloppy Joe” bowl or whatever we get, which might at least be on TV…. if we play an opponent that’s in the top 25, that is.

larr - don’t believe me.  Read McKewon’s article a week ago Sunday.  He suggested being ranked 106th in the nation in turnover ratio has something to do with coaching.  Only NU BOP kool aide drinkers think otherwise.  DennisR, you are honest with the facts and assessment.  If only more “Fans” were honest in what the facts are, or have been with BOP, we’d have a new coach with a chance at regaining some national prominence.  larr ~ TO never came close to the number of BOP’s lucky call and Hail Mary wins.  Trying to prove otherwise by citing the Missouri game is, once again, pulling one instance out of a hat rather than looking at the big picture of how and when NU has won games.

Wake up and smell the roses.  Oh, excuse me.  I forgot.  NU isn’t coming close to going to the Rose Bowl this year or any other year.  Please excuse me.

NU Realist, why don’t you take your coaching DR’S degree, (which I am sure you have because you know everything about football) and apply for a coaching job somewhere and prove to us how great you are. I have read thread after thread over the past 2 or 3 months and you have done nothing but run this program in the ground and anybody associated with it. Until you have walked in the shoes of being a Division 1 coach and experience what it all takes to run a football program quit bashing the program and the TRUE Husker supporters who really support this team through the good and the bad. These young men have played their GUTS out the last few games and I am proud of them for the way they have fought against the adversity they have. A lesser team could have given up, but they play hard to the end. I am sick and tired of the bashing this team gets, what kind of fans are we presenting to the world outside of Husker Nation. Nothing is going to be done, if anything, until the end of the season anyway. Let’s get behind this team and encourage them. Go Big Red!

RacnHusker ~ are you an Obama supporter?  There are people who can walk and chew gum at the same time.  Of course, people support the team, but there are those without blinders on.  I don’t have to do illegal drugs to know doing drugs is bad for your health.  I don’t have to coach to know there apparently are plenty of coaches out there who do know how to coach.  Unfortunately, you illustrate the soft bigotry of low expectations.  Trust me, by the end of the Taco Bowl, NU will have lost 4 games, and lucky to have won two of the 8 or 9 wins this season.  We’ll sit back and listen to the ‘next season’ talk and how much better the team will be.  “Why, we’ll be playing for the B10 conference championship in Indie, By God!”  Am I hearing a broken record, or what???  Please.  Would you or anyone else worth their salt, please respond to MdKewon’s article published in the OWH over a week ago, suggesting coaching is the problem at NU.  Bypass the rah, rah, rah chants and show some football maturity, like McKewon and others are attempting to demonstrate.

Face the truth, NU Hare Krishna Devotees.  Read from the words of sanity.  Read McKewon:

Then, tell us where an honest assessment of BOP and his coaching minions is wrong.

NU Realist, there is absolutely no way you can carry on a positive conversation on anything good in life is there? You probably get up in the morning and kick your dog, throw rocks at kids in your front yard. I don’t know what misery life has brought you to be so negative but I hope you get help someday. I have looked at most of the stories on hear and for the life of me can not find a positive post you have put on here. So if I was an Obama supporter that makes me what? Terrible person, convict, rapist-what?  No I don’t support Obama. I can walk and chew gum. There are plenty of supporters without blinders can see what’s going on. This is what we have as a staff, players and administration. Do you think Shawn Eichorst or Harvey Perlman really care about what you have to say? They will make a informed and unbiased decision at the end of the year.  I can tell you have a poor life, I didn’t criticize you just noted that until anyone that has been a coach and been through the experience, we don’t know what is all involved. You had to bash me in the first 3 sentences so I guess that explains ALOT about you.

I’m not a Pelini supporter by any means, but realist your attitude is a drag man. You use the same lines over and over dude. We get it! Lets have a discussion instead of banging our head against a wall. For one that Penn state game should not have been close, but maybe a few holding and offensive pass interference calls would have helped. When you have the zebra men on your side it’ll make things a lot closer than they should be.

I respect your opinion and the fact that you believe in Bo Pelini.
I get it and that’s cool. I think you make good points, and i don’t want you to think that i think you don’t want good things from this program. Only time will tell what’s going to happen.

Nothing else can be said that has not already been covered, so I will focus on what goes on from here on.

Racnhusker….You should never criticize someone until you’ve stolen their moccasins and walked at least a mile away from his tent….lest they catch you and wreak havoc upon your head and shoulders.  (That’s an old Indian adage.)  I agree with the idea that we should all hope that somehow during the next year everybody learns how to not fumble, QBs all figure out how to find receivers and actually throw a catchable football, AA stays another year and actually gets some help, young Mr Stanton is as talented as advertised, and we stay healthy enough to field both an Offense and defense on the same days.  Unfortunately, this is the next year we all hoped for last year and hope springs eternal while reality is only for those who can’t handle their drugs.

DennisR…Them must be some mean injuns…love it!!!  Hey pardner, you left out something Bo and his boys still haven’t figured out…a little trick called the Punt Return Game!  Of course, it’s only been six years, right?  Have you ever seen anything so pathetic in your life?  Also, it’s worth mention, our illustrious Mr. Beck and his ridiculous penchant for throwing the ball in the flat where Bell (or whoever)  g ets hammered for no gain or a loss…Bottom line…yes, this is the year we all heard the same old BS…“I really like where we’re at right now”  blah   blah   blah.  However, I’m going to join OU and just sit back and let what will be, be.  Good luck everyone.

Do you see any possibility the Nebraska and Oklahoma would meet in a bowl game?
I’ thinking that it’s a better than even chance since neither team is going to a conference CC game. Both will most likely end up with 3 losses at seasons end. I would think that a bowl committee would jump on that pairing.
Depending on location, I would go to that bowl game.

DennisR-That’s basically what I said in a previous post but you put in a old Indian saying. Good one! Haven’t heard that one before. lol I agree that we have a lot of things to work on-punt teams especially, but with the youth we have, it will be a work in progress. It can’t be changed overnight, we have seen improvement in areas and that is positive. Biggest problem is that most of our staff is learning as well. One mistake I agree with most is Bo should have hired coordinators with experience.  WE get a solid foundation built with a good work ethnic and the willingness to learn, we will have a solid football program.

Now Captain, don’t be negative.  They only allow positive thoughts on this blogger page!!!  Ouch!!!  The truth hurts.  I attended NU games every years since 1967 until 2011.  I have been loyal to the core.  I still want the best team we can field.  To suggest after Callie, and now BOP, that the University is on tract in that regard is simply not true.  It would be refreshing for you “fans” to support the effort but truly admit that coaching has been, and continues to be a problem.  With that admission, one then is forced to ask, “Can we do better from a coaching standpoint?”  Perhaps so, is the the answer.  If so, then why isn’t the University, after BOP’s 6 years, trying to do better in that regard?  The sign of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, with disappointing results.  Get with the program, demand better, and quit making excuses if you are truly ardent fans!!!


Thanks, hang-in-there, because as usual those with all the answers have no answers.

Hell, Racn,  I’ve been a hopeful wait ‘til we get you next year sort of fan for more years than I can count.  There’s a lot of reasons to hope that next year will see some real improvement, but I don’t think what I’m seeing in certain skill & finesse positions is going to be one of them.  Some things can’t be taught, coolness under pressure is one of them, leadership, critical decision making, judgement, etc are a few others.  I know good judgement comes through experience, and experience comes through bad judgement, but I’m seeing the same bad judgement over and over again despite the bad experience from the last time.  Do you recall the power I formation with a fullback carrying a ball with both arms around the football as he ran through, or over , a D line and emerging running full ahead looking for the next guy to smash into?  Ahhh, but I lost myself in reminiscence of past glories haven’t I?...oh well..back to the future and reality, of course.

IM guessing that NU Realist is Scott Frost, Trying to get a head coaching gig, because if he isn’t he’s a troll.. Spending your waking moments trying to get a guy fired is not the characteristic of a sane man.//

Otherwise , IF you are so damn positive there are better coaches out there who would come to NEB after firing a coach with 6 season of 9 plus wins , let me hear who they are..

- Because no major coach is coming here after that, you get a guy that didn’t pan out somewhere else, a guy that’s won a few games as a mid major head coach, or taking a total flier on a guy like Frost with no real coaching experience… ( SORRY BUT FROST WAS NOT CALLING PLAYS WHEN CHIP KELLY WAS THERE, AND PROBABLY STILL ISNT, EVEN IF HE IS , DID YOU WATCH OREGONS LAST GAME?)


The only way that OU- NU plays is if its at the BWW bowl in Tempe.. Wouldn’t mind that game myself..  More than likely its an Outback bowl appearance against South Carolina, Missouri , or AM if we win Friday.. Even with a loss we still might be heading back towards Florida.. But best chance for that match up is an NU loss Friday.. So as much as I’ld like to see OU vs NEb , I hope it dosnt happen this year.. But we all have 2020 or whatever it is to look forward too.

Nu Realist,

The Taco Bowl?


Ok, that was funny.


Agreed.  OU7Times, we have our disagreements and I am not much on Boomer Sooner but I would say Boomer Sooner rather than later….for old time’s sake.

At this point I’m interested in a bowl game that the Huskers can win so not sure I’d be happy with an OU vs NU game. But the match is intriguing. A bad OU team vs a bad NU team. In the absence of anything interesting on TV yesterday afternoon I popped in the ‘82 OU vs NU game played here in Linc. I happened to be at that game. The most interesting feature in the game was a comment by one of the announcers. Somewhere late in the 3rd quarter after Marcus Dupree had worn himself out running up and down the field, the OU back, Fred Sims got a good run going but was hit by such force in the chin straps by a head 1st NU safety named Bret Clark that his helmet popped off. The announcer mentioned that that folks was how a tackle was supposed to be done. My have times changed. It was a great rivalry and that day it was to be a contest between the Husker offense and the OU defense. Turned out to be quite even. If you could guarantee that I would be interested.


Well, I have similar thoughts but I hate to say it, that is not how they plan these things.  However, our two teams do have something in common.  If any bowl pits NU vs OU against one another, the one thing they can count on is….  That bowl game is going to be sold the freak out.  Man, woman and child, will be standing in the isles.

But alas, should that not come to pass…
If New Jersey needed a shot in the arm come bowl season, may I suggest Nebraska vs Notre Dame?  That would be another filled stadium.  Catholics vs Cornhuskers.

Haa haa, Johnny_Nebraska,

Fact of the day, we take this shit waaaay to serious!

For the most part, there are a bunch of real good guys on this site. It took mesquite a long while to get over being pissed that Nebraska left the Big 12, but you gotta do what you gotta do, brother. Many people on here told me that but I was toooo stubborn to listen. Thank god for college football, and other things.


Oklahoma Vs. Nebraska the rumble in East Rutherford.
Brought to you buy the N.S.A.

  NSA:  When America speaks, we’re listening!

‘Me’ not mesquite.

Auto correct stinks.


Nebraska vs. Oklahoma in East Rutherford….

A big game for an even Bigger Governor.
Brought to you by, the N.S.A.

N.S.A. We KNOW what Willis was talking about!
No seriously we have the tape to prove it!


Nebraska vs. Notre Dame the rumble amongst the rubble!

Brought to you by the N.S.A.

N.S.A—Quite possibly the only part of this government which still listens to the American People.


Nebraska vs Texas in East Rutherford NJ.

The Interim Coaches Bowl!

Brought to you buy, the N.S.A.

N.S.A:  And you thought the FBI where the only ones who recorded phone calls!


You got anything?  I’m spent.

Ha, I can’t top those.

Yuk yuk.

Ha, I can’t top those,

Say, speaking of the large governor (NJ), what do you suppose the over/under is on a washer load of his underwear?

Yuk yuk.


Well, you take care, bud.  My girls are calling for me, which means either of two things, one we are out of left over spagetti, or two, we are out of Bagels.  See you on the flip my brother!


Oh and P.s.  (looks around)

Boomer Sooner, buddy!

You too, brother.

Got a bud captain?

twauto, realist and ou7 are one and the same.

Red’s Riled up,

Well, I have heard of one heart having two different minds, but three different minds?  Not too sure about that.

I will discuss faith with you at a later date—I have to leave now for the task at hand getting my in-laws junk moved & sorted. I am a man of faith so hang on.

I remembered.  But if the string should start again tomorrow know this.  I hope all is well with your relatives.

When your feet fall upon this earth, may the ground always come up to meet them.  When the sun shines, may it always gently warm your shoulders, and when the wind blows, may it always be at your back.  When the rain falls, may it do so only gently upon your fields.  And, until such time, as we shall see each other again, may God himself hold you…in the very palm… of his hand.


Because that is how we roll, out in God’s country!

Bleacher Report has NEBRASKA VS K-ST in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. If so maybe I’ll see the switch hitters there.

There once was a guy named “riled up”
who claimed Da Judge f’d his trial up
He says, “innocent I am”,
of the charge ‘voyeur cam’
As he sits behind bars
dreamin’ of files, yuk yuk…

Yea, Lolwa’s offense has been doin’ a bit better this year since Forensic decided to stop punting on 3rd and 2—from the opponent’s 35 yd line and what not…

I guess after this week 7-5 will be ‘gud ‘nuff’ for Lolwa fan this year, corn-siderin’ what Forensic has been putting them through the last 3.  They was near dead on arrival, yuk yuk, c wut I did thar’...

Hey, they got their ‘standard’.

Manley’s gonna be cryin’ like a l’il ol’ girl who got her lollipop stole after The New Improved Blackshirts is dun wittim.

Yo, Realista,

Uh, MANY peeps had the ol’ “L” penciled in, preseason, for the MI and or PSU games, and that was cornsiderin’ a healthy Tater at the wheel.  We got thru it with a patched tire team.  Youse and OU7, well, your socalled ‘facts based analyses, hate to tell y’all this,is laden with opine of late.  You’re better than that.  A true realist’s outlook changes over time with new data, i.e., it’s possible we are witnessing the rebirth of El Blackshirts and they don’t look happy.  We gotta hobble thru another dubya this Friday and most indicators, sans TO margin, say we will take it to the next level in ‘14.

Ya feelin’ me here?

Triumph, given how many underclassmen are playing on the defense right now in the front seven, only a mentally deficient individual would disagree with you.  I can see them pulling a MSU thing where the defense has been playing together for a few years and play lights out together, except without the over-hyping b.s. Iowa fans are so beat down that this year has been a decent one for them (after talking with the hundreds of Iowa fans I work with)  They cling to hope, hoping someone will donate money to the university and buy out Ferentz lol.  They know what they’re stuck with for the next few years.

I’m going to get to be home this Fri to watch the game on my own TV for the 1st time in a month. Might get to be home Sat too. Life is good!

Copy.  Frentz’s offensive strategery, “3rd down, maybe take a knee here, hmmm…”


I suspect I’ll get up for ANY bowl NU manages to get invited to, but I’m sort of hoping for NU vs Purdue in the Fruit Salad bowl and that’s contingent on us somehow getting past the ‘eyes this weekend. 
I wish I could conjur up some real fact based enthusiasm, but I’m becoming increasingly convinced that we need some Truthy and Changey to go along with the Hopey Dopey stuff.  No Offense intended of course.  Hmmmm…I guess that could be considered a double entendre.

I think that should have said-

Nebraska Vs. Kansas St.
Armegeddon II: The Wrath of Tom!
Brought to by, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA:  According to the last government shutdown only 6.6% of our employees are considered essential.  It’s like my momma always used to say, “a government only needs so much money, the rest is just for showing off.”

Funny, I was yappin’ about the NSA and the fusion centers, and many other ‘things’ years ago and all the peeps were calling me a corn-spiracy theorist.:  how ya like me now?

Sky net is here, make no mistake about it, the Stassi’s could only dream of what the NSA has goin’ on today.

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