Bad News Season Hits Miami

Unless you've received an oral commitment from a recruit, July is the portion of the college football calendar where you generally hear more bad news than good.  For Miami, that meant that yesterday two linebackers were permanently dismissed from the team for sexual battery.  Alexander Figueroa was expected to become the starting strongside linebacker for the Hurricanes and JaWand Blue was expected to be a backup at middle linebacker.


From a purely football standpoint, the loss is not going to help their run defense.  The 'Canes finished 77th nationally in rushing yards per game yielded.  Meanwhile, its early opponent Nebraska finished in the top 20 in rushing and returns its top four rushers from a year ago.

On a more serious note, you have to commend the University of Miami for swift and decisive action in the wake of these charges.  The complaints against Florida State's Jameis Winston that failed to result in criminal charges certainly made his celebration as a Heisman trophy winner and national championship MVP seem somewhere between uncomfortable, insensitive, and inappropriate.  Winston's subsequent arrest for shoplifting did little to make him seem like a high character individual caught in a bad situation.  While the two Hurricanes weren't expected to produce like Winston, it is commendable to see the interests of the victim in this case come before football.

Miami has been described in the past as a lawless program that allowed it's players to run wild.  The school's response makes this one case where it appears that's no longer true.

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I thought there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty?  Miami players dismissed before convictions or pleas of guilty?

NU R, participation on the team is a coach’s and/or school’s decision, not a jury’s.
The U obviously believed they had sufficient information to make their decision, regardless of how their legal case pans out.

They admitted to the rape….

The two players were dismissed from the team Tuesday.

According to the Miami Herald, the players admitted to Coral Gables police that they gave a 17-year-old girl alcoholic drinks, then performed sexual acts on her without her consent at Blue’s dorm room over the Fourth of July weekend. According to the police report, the victim was given something that physically or mentally incapacitated her, rendering her incapable of physically resisting the two players.

Rut roh 4 dem Canes.

Fuhball and misogeny ramble on….


There is no longer a presumption of innocence when the young men admitted to performing sexual acts to her without consent…

Stop trying to cry injustice on everything…

Even if not convicted the student code of ethics at most Universities would have them banned from campus until the process sees itself out..  That is in order to protect the victims.. Lets just hope she can some how get over this incident and that it dosnt haunt her for the rest of her life..

My, aren’t you folks sensitive!  My two questions were posed for an answer.  Instead, you all in typical fashion do a knee jerk reaction.  Banderas admitted his bike thefts with some lame excuse to justify stealing, yet many of you think he should return to the team.  Where do you draw the line?  Rape yes, theft no?

Hum?  Planet of the Apes.

NU Realista,

You had a fine point.  However, the rebuttals are also accurate.

Miami used to be a credible institution.  Now it just as well be
called Thug U.  I mean really?  You are a starting defensive college football player at a MAJOR University football program and you have
to use drugs to get a woman to have sex with you?  WOW.

NU are you drawing a comparison between stealing a few 90.00 bikes and raping a young women that you drugged?  I don’t think any of the responses were knee jerk, they answered your questions with information from the Miami Herald.  Start to cut a few testicles and this crap would stop in a hurry.  We allow these athletes to get away with to much.  If they are in class all day and putting in so much time practicing and watching film where do they find the time to get in so much trouble?

I played 1AA CFB for 1 year (wasn’t really good enough).  Football teams are made up of all kinds of guys.  Some you want to marry your sister, others you would murder for asking to date your sister, and everything in between.

I played with some very angry young men - and that helped those guys play well.  They didn’t care about their opponents’ health or theirs.  They were playing with bad intentions - to knock people out, or knock themselves out trying.  Some of those guys had learned to let out their anger on the field only, but the guys who took it around campus with them, tended to be the ones who got into heap big trouble.

Trust me, every CFB team in the country has those angry dudes who aren’t disciplined enough to stay out of trouble.  Intimidation and coercion becomes a way of interacting with other people, and they commit crimes of all varieties, including rape.  What you hope is that their coaches know who they are, and try to put some structure into their lives and surround them with good people.

But as long as society keeps cranking out boys from broken homes, no dads, angry, poor, etc. - those boys will find football, and some of them will end up on college teams.  Some of them will grow into good men, but others will give us headlines like these 2 from Miami.

Things had been quiet on the arrest front at Ohio State, but I just knew some dumbass would step forward to prove how stupid he was.  Over July 4th weekend Soph DE Tracy Sprinkle was in Lorain, Ohio at - get this - The Grown and Sexy Lounge.  There was, of course, a lot of drunk people, and, of course, a fight broke out.  Tracy had several opportunities to walk away, but he didn’t, and ended up getting arrested for rioting and cocain possession.  He was immediately suspended pending the outcome of his legal situation (which doesn’t look good) and has most likely thrown away his college career.

How hard is it to not get arrested?  It reminds me of Jim Carey in “Liar, Liar” when a frequent client wanted to know what to do about his latest arrest.  Carey grabs the phone and yells, “Stop committing crimes, asshole!”

Look, there’s an easy formula for trouble: bar/club + mind-altering substances + 12:01-5:00 AM = arrest, death, injury, rape, etc.  Don’t go to your local Grown and Sexy, or if you do, don’t drink too much (or do any drugs).  If you want to drink to excess, do it behind closed doors with people you know well.  Have your ass home or in a safe place by midnight.

Rioting and cocaine possession. Lol. That’s a hell of a night.

What would happen if the NCAA set a rule that charges against athletes of a certain kind must result in automatic suspension pending determination of guilt or innocence.  One question would be which kind of charges should result in automatic suspension.  I am tired of discrepancies between programs on tolerance for players’ criminal activities.

I would say any non infraction charge should result in suspension pending guilt or innocence.

NUR, I don’t think there’s too much difference school to school.  The Jameis Winston thing might be what you are referring to, but remember, he was never charged.  I think almost every coach will suspend until further notice if a player is arrested and charged for anything - and convictions for serious offenses will force a coach to part ways with a player.  Otherwise, they will get killed in the sports and social media.

Length of suspension, reinstatement, etc. will vary because every kid and case is different, and every school culture is different.  I believe in second chances, but coaches have to balance trying to help a kid grow up with protecting the image of the program.  If a kid did something that contradicts his history and character, then you probably bring him back with conditions.  If a guy had trouble in HS, continues it in college, and doesn’t respect the coaches or player leaders - better send him home.

Urban has been consistent at Ohio State: if you are charged with anything (underage consumption) you are suspended until the legal conclusion comes, and then he hands out whatever additional punishment or conditions of reinstatement.

He also punishes them (harshly in my view) for a violation of the program’s core values.  One of those values is “Respect Women”.  Carlos Hyde was in A CLUB AFTER MIDNIGHT last summer.  A girl took a swing at him, he swatted back at her, but didn’t make contact.  There were no charges, but Urban suspended him for 4 games for being at the wrong place at the wrong time and for even acting like he was going to slap a female.  Ouch.  But Meyer sent the whole team some good messages: Don’t be in a place like that at that time of night and do not violate our core values.  And most importantly, it doesn’t matter if you are the star RB. 

Too bad Tracy Sprinkle didn’t get the message.  And there will probably be a couple more dumbasses step forward before fall practice starts.

I’m still trying to figure out the ‘rioting’ in a strip club thing.  Was this a politcal act?  Was a ’ free speech zone’ provided?

Improved pre screening practices during the recruiting process are in order.  I propsr a mandatory questionaire be included in ALL fuhball recruits along eithbthe free pizza coupons and such they send out to recruits.

For example:

“Dear recuit, have you ever,”(Y or N)

A) Raped somebody
B) Stole a buncha bicycles in broad daylight
C) Exposed yourself in public
D) Rioted or otherwise protested a strip club
E) Ordered food at a strip club
F) Beaten an undersized civilian to a bloody pulp
G) Bought or sold cocaine at a strip club
H) Punched a girl
I) Smashed your daddy’s car while drunk
J) Tried to put a square peg in a round hole on a job application
K) Think reality tv is ‘cool’.
L) All of the above

I’m sure I’ve left something out.

*with the*

Hey TDogg,

Suggest changing “Have you ever” to
“Have you ever, or do you ever fantasize about”

I guess the legal definition of rioting is participated in a fight with multiple people involved.  Back in the hills where I’m from, we called it a melee.  Got in the middle of a few of those.  Not good.  You tend to get hit by your friends because they are swinging at anyone near them - or missing their target and landing it on your head.

But forget that, the cocaine possession is the big one.  Illegal and violates the core values of the program.  He’s gone unless he has some really good explanation - or can sell the court and Urban on a bad one.  I bet he’ll say, “Uh, yeah, that wasn’t mine.  It was, uh, my homeboy’s stuff I waz jus holdin for him.”

Deny everything, thats what the big boys do.

So, you all are suggesting the university programs throughout the country are in sinc and consistent establishing what circumstances warrant suspension, for how long, and dismissal from the team?  That may be true for major offenses, but I don’t believe that is true for property crimes, mere possession of controlled substances, etc.

Well, if they is in jail, they cant play, right?


What I said was there are some crimes/circumstances where the coach really doesn’t have any descretion.  The shitstorm the coach would get if he didn’t suspend/kick off one of these kids would be bad for the program and for the coach, so they do what you expect.

I also said that for something less than a situation like the above, coaches will vary because every kid, situation, risk, etc. is different, and I think most coaches want to extend second chances to kids when they can.

I think the problem CFB fans have is we tend to be incredibly biased against other programs/coaches, we often don’t know much of any detail about these cases, but we automatically poo poo whatever the discipline is.  If a guy is suspended 6 games, it should have been the whole season.  If it’s the whole season, it should have been an absolute explulsion.  If it was an expulsion, it should have been a castration, tar and feathering, etc.

I look at it this way: if Bo Pelini wants to give a kid a second chance, he knows the kid and all the circumstances, the risk in keeping him around, and it’s Bo’s program, job, reputation that are on the line.  So, if he extends that kid a second chance, then I have to assume he has some good reasons.

If the kid screws up again, then the question becomes: Do you believe in 3rd chances?  I think most fans would say, “Nope.”  But again, it depends on the kid and the circumstances.

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