Avery Moss Return in 2015 Still On the Table

The sentiments of Avery Moss, the talented young defensive end for Nebraska who was banned through December for public indecency, still seem to be favoring a return to the school.  Within a week of the ban that was his stance, but now more than 3 months later that appears to remain his inclination according to AP reporter Eric Olson.  That would be very good news for 2015 and beyond.


Moss shared an end position with Randy Gregory, starting three games and finishing as the top reserve at the position.  With Jason Ankrah graduating, he'd have been in line to start opposite Gregory in 2014.  Now Greg McMullen appears to be in line for a starting end spot.  Defensive tackle Maliek Collins has been getting long looks to help provide depth at end.  At 6'2" and 300 lbs., Collins certainly seems built for the tackle spot though.  Newcomer Joe Keels will likely be a two-deep player.  There a number of freshman that may have been called on early as well including 2014 redshirt A.J. Natter and true freshmen Peyton Newell, Deandre Wills, or Mick Stoltenberg.

The advantage Moss has at this point is experience and production along with a knack for making big plays at critical times.  Moss was second on the team in sacks and quarterback hurries in 2014 ahead of even regular starter Ankrah.  His interception return for a touchdown against Northwestern was critical to the outcome.  His fourth-down sack ended a drive into Nebraska territory in the close win over Michigan.  He broke up a third down pass against Penn State while Nebraska was holding onto a 1-point lead.  He stymied an early drive as NU clung to a 17-14 lead versus Wyoming and helped stall the Cowboys on the game's final drive.  He was a difference maker in a number of close games.

Since Moss hasn't been enrolled in school, he presumably will retain his three remaining years of eligibility.  That will certainly help the defensive line, particularly if Gregory were to leave early for the NFL after the 2014 season.  A lot can happen between now and January, but it's good to hear that Moss still hopes to return to the Huskers.  Both Moss and the team would surely benefit.  

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Can anyone describe what the underlying offense was Moss committed that got him into trouble to begin with?

I think he pulled it out in front of a coed and urinated in public.  That is what I heard.

He pulled it out in front of a female cashier at one of the university convience stores twice.. No public urination to my knowledge .. Just a horny kid acting foolish, that apparently is happy with what momma gave him.. Stupid on him, but its considered a sexual misconduct in the student code of ethics so he is banned by the university due to not following through on probation .. Its meant to keep the sexual offender away from the offende .. Essentially if he would have waited til January to return to campus dorms he would have been ok.. He was caught in the dorms in late Dec i believe.. He thought his punishment was done at the end of the semester.. ( mid dec) instead he was suppose to remain out til the end of the year not the academic year.. ( Like 10 days later).. So bad timing and screw up on his part

That will most likely follow him for the rest of his life.  Sad

Ask red,
He’s the resident ‘expert’.

I think it would be a huge show of character if he tuffed it out and came back. It would be the best route for him to take. Most of these guys who transfer, you never hear from them again. Look at Aaron Green for example. He rushed for only 2-300 yards last year at TCU. He scored a few TD’s but that’s about it. He was a consensus 5 star. The only one I can think of off the top of my head that has done well is Tyler Moore who is now an offensive lineman for Florida and starting for a higher ranked team. Other than that, who has transferred recently where it’s been a good thing for them to do so? Whatever happened to Braylen Heard?Most are probably better off staying and making it work. If there is any place where a guy like that can learn how not to be a complete screw up in life is Nebraska.

Uh, Braylon had to sit a year…

Your missing the point…most of the guys who transfer, you usually never hear from them again. At other schools too. Gunner Keil is a prime example…transferred a couple times if memory serves, and is now at Cincinnati of all places…he was a top recruit a couple years ago.

Why would any university allow a “flasher” back on campus and to re-enroll later on?  Because he is a football player?  If Moss was the average student, he’d be kicked out and told never to return again.

Even though NU could conceivably use him on the team, BOP should simply tell him its over, find another university.

Why would a school let a student who was accused of rape, steal from a store back in school.  Why would a school with a history of a predator higher a coach that has been included in talk of covering up a rape by his players.  There is a ton of these situations out there, not saying they are right or wrong but they are there.  I would imagine you could look at most Universities and find similiar instances for all kinds of students and athletes that have done similiar or worse things that are still on campus.  Rape is one of the biggest problems in the schools and I am sure it is not just athletes performing these.  Reason for the 50+ schools under investigation

For one Tyler Moore is at Florida they won 4 games last year and got beat by Georgia Southern who didnt complete a pass in that game.. So Florida, though a bigger name was not ranked above Neb so your point of transfer players is validated..

As far as Realists comment.. It is actually the same process they go through for all students.. It is not official even after the year that he can come back he has to go through the student judicial system, he still has to be OKed for following the rules.. The truth is that flashing is much less then some of the people that are allowed on campus have done .. Right or wrong..  Actually in this case I think the fact he was a football player actually hurt him, he was made an example of.. As far as Bo he has no say in the matter.. He was punished by the University so if the University re instates him he will be good to go.. And frankly losing a year of Football in this case is pretty big punishment.. He has not been a multiple screw up guy so he should and will get a second chance as should everyone if they put in the time for retribution and gets the rehab he is suppose to.. They will put him on a zero tolerance policy and he will either prove he was worth the second chance or get kicked out.. I’m hoping for the first

Out yonder thar’ in ‘White Corn Nation’, them Corn folk like they mandingo slaves working for ‘em ONLY on the football field and NOT shwoing they ‘madinga’ to purdy white girls in a dadgum university store.  It skers the bejeebus outta ‘em.  She probably from a farm, naive, innocent farm girl, doncha kno’. 

Of course, any entitled frat boy from the burbs with a rich daddy can run around drunk on campus like a golldang fool, half naked in a dadgum toga, his junk flip flopping out thar in the breeze and they all think it’s funny’—‘haha, funny white boy in a toga’, that’s what they say

Yeah, part of this is racist, probably most of it, the penalty is far too draconian for the alleged ‘crime’—victimless crime, I might add, most are these days.

Anyway, we want Moss back, absolutely.

Also, to PE, Cody green did pretty well for himself @ Tulsa, was a good move for him—better than sitting behind Tater.

I doubt race had anything to do with this, and to suggest that to me is racist. I think when people pull out the race card does more harm than good and draws attention to a problem that still exists just not in this instance in a non productive way.  His punishment results more for him going back into the dorms before he was allowed, had he been just an ordinary student most would have not even known he was there.

c’mon larr-ster, because someone suggests something is or might be racist, it does not necessarily follow that they are racist, that’s just using poor logic, that is, no logic.  Awhile back, this guy tried to tell me I was racist and homophobic, then I introduced him to my gay, black friend—and that’s the truth.

Of course, of COURSE, racism enters into it when any predominantly white community makes a ‘leagl’ or soaicl decision about any black person, including the Avery Moss situation.  But the socalled ‘legal’ system has gotten so ridiculously stupid and unjust, that it really don’t matter what pigment you are anymore.

*legal, social*


It’s funny, the po po spend the majority of their time busting heads in the black ghettos as part of the completely fictitious ‘war on drugs’ when everybody knows most of the drugs are on the by and large white college campuses and burbs in the vicinity—just by shear numbers.

No, whats really going on—whats always been going on—is there is a war on black people, in the USA, always has been, just ask Thom Jefferson or Geo Washington, JC Calhoun, just ask J Ed Hoover.

The FBI puts the drugs there in the 1st place as part of their chem warfare on black ghettos.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO).  Why, because Africans and African American MEN represent THE #1 THREAT to the White Power Status Quo.  Always been that way, know your history, bro’.  Why do you think African peoples represent the #1 to White Power Status Quo—globally?  I dont need to explain that one, do I larr?

So, no, the White establishment of the UNL cannot allow a very large black man to, you know, do what he allegedly did—so as not to create a major shit storm.  White frat boy naked in toga, no problem, large black man…...  No.

Ok, well, here you go.  Here’s some of the broader, social FACTS related to the AM ‘case’, here’s what SYSTEMATIC(still alive and well in ‘Murica) racism looks like:

1)—While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States’ population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned.

2)—1 in every 15 African American MEN are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men.

3)—According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three BLACK MEN can expect to go to prison in their lifetime.

4)—African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.

***5)—Students of color face harsher punishments in school than their white peers, leading to a higher number of youth of color incarcerated.***

6)—African American youth have higher rates of juvenile incarceration and are more likely to be sentenced to adult prison.

7)—African American women are three times more likely than white women to be incarcerated.

8)—According to recent data by the Department of Education, African American students are arrested far more often than their white classmates.  Black and Hispanic students made up more than 70 percent of arrested or referred students.

9)—The war on drugs has been waged primarily in communities of color where people of color are more likely to receive higher offenses. According to the Human Rights Watch, people of color are no more likely to use or sell illegal drugs than whites, but they have higher rate of arrests.

10)—Once convicted, black offenders receive longer sentences compared to white offenders.

11)—Voter laws that prohibit people with felony convictions to vote disproportionately impact men of color.

12)—Studies have shown that people of color face disparities in wage trajectory following release from prison.


Dog,  what I am saying had four white boys and him pulled out their tools and only he got punished than I would look at this as a race issue.  When people say that when a black person gets in trouble it must be race related, I than lose interest in it being valid.  Only because that has been over used in to many instances.  Why is it that the black wealthy athletes, actors , musicians, businessmen and women don’t get more involved in reaching out to these communities of poverty?  Could it be the values of life in these communities doesn’t exists for to many of them.  If people of any race want to pursue change for them and their “people” they have to actively pursue that in a civilized manner, and quit blaming things that happened in the past.  Let the rich blacks go in to these neighborhoods and start businesses, so there would be jobs.  Go into the schools and dump so money into them so these kids can get a better education.  The communities need to take it back themselves and get rid of the gangs, drug dealers, and take pride in themselves.  It isn’t going to be easy but it has to start somewhere and quit relying on a government that you believe is the problem.

When hiring guys on drilling rigs I got to the point that I would always choose the white or Mexican guy over the large black guy that looked like he could do the work. I got burned every time I hired one. They couldn’t handle the work and in about 2 weeks stop showing up. It that being a racist? Why is it when a black guy kills a white person he is just labeled as a thug, but when a white person murders a black person then its a hate crime.


That is the 9th wonder of the world.


What I’m saying is the white boys get away with things the black guy wouldn’t, plain and simple, plus the penalties for the black guy are worse, cuz, black.  Personally, I thinking kicking anybody outta school for showing their schlong is far too much punishment for the alleged ‘crime’.  Aren’t colleges supposed to be about helping young folk get a leg up in the world?  Well, if it was rape,  yeah, outta there, but ‘flashing’, unless habitual, pathological, c’mon, you dont ruin a kid’s life for such a smallsih ‘transgression’.  Jusat sit down with the guy and see what’s going on, most likely, it wont happen again.

I still stand behind my claim that, in the bigger picture, racism is, in part, why they kicked AM to the curb, otherwise, potential uproar in the community(white).


The black man did the heavy lifting, to help build the white man’s wealth in the good ol’ USA for, oh, bout 4-500 years—free labor.  Maybe the Black Man kind wants to take a break, ya thinLet the white guy do some work(well, dont get me started on Irish/Scottish/Chinese slave labor either, thats a whole nother ball o wax).  The holocaust conducted on the African slaves during the TransAtlantic Slave Trade also exceeds the Jewish holocaust of WWII by a factor of 100+.

Tell you what, go live in a black urban ghetto in the USA and get back to me with your observations.  But, I will say, there is no hard evidence that white and Mexican workers are better than blacks.  I’ve met all sorts.  Hard to out work a good Mexican though, plus they work for cheap, The White Man loves that fact.

So TDawwg,
You think the black man still needs a break from something that ended in 1865. Come on man. Many of the people that live in the ghetto chose that life style. They complain when they cant keep the heat on, but yet they can buy a pile of crap car for 200 bucks and then waste 1000 bucks on rims for it. What kind of sense does that make. Tell you what, go to some of the poor areas in Africa and get back to me with your observations. It will make the ghetto look like paradise.

Oh, ok, slavery ended in 1865, I guess thats why they needed the civil rights movement nearly 100 years later.  Prisons are the new slave labor, hadnt you heard?  Black men were still lynched within in my lifetime.  Huh, ‘chosing the ghetto “lifestyle”, seriously, I thought I’d heard everything, but sure enough, everyday I learn something new, no matter how insanely ridiculous it may be.

It’s clear from your remarks, well, why do I even bother with white folk, I’ll just leave it at that.

What I said was the facts. If they wanted to get out of the ghetto they could. I know plenty of blacks that have left the ghetto to live and work in Sioux Falls due to the job demands here. The ones that stay in the ghetto want to be there. They can live off the tax payers if they stay in the ghetto and make extra cash by selling drugs and prostitution. That is why the prisons are over ran by blacks. Once again TDawwg go to Africa, and then get back to me. My bet is that you have know idea what goes on in that country and that’s pretty sad since you claim to know so much about your history.

Do you want to know what race I am?

I’m white and like a quality football product.

Shame on me.

You are right OU7. Football is what this site is about. I am sorry if I got out of line.

I like your style, Admiral.

You get your point across in a couple of sentences.

There have been slaves since the dawn of time. In every part of the world. Admiral is right…it is a choice to get off your ass and to at least try to make something of yourself. By not choosing to do so, you have chosen to remain where you are, in a place or a condition.

I judge people individually, by what they are made of inside, and that always comes out in time with people. Martin Luther King was right…you judge a person on their character and integrity, not by their skin color. I do find it ironic however that the black race completely abandoned this way of thinking as soon as a black guy was running for President. They could care less that some things from his past were very troubling and amiss. Situational ethics. This is why I judge races as a whole and what they’ve contributed to the benefit of mankind, or how they run their own country and what they have achieved on their own or how have they taken care of their own people. Or have they always been a drag to mankind? Do they add to, or take from? Most races except the white race haven’t accomplished much frankly in all this time on this planet, and seek to take from instead of add to and contribute. And frankly, they’ve had every opportunity to do so. I am a white guy living in basically a decent house right in or very near ghetto like conditions of a small town in Oklahoma, chok full of really trashy people. It’s primarily Hispanics, but white trash and black trash abound as well (and they’re all the exact same btw - trash is trash), but at least the black people are smart enough to realize that in the end they need white people, or they wouldn’t have much of a country. The Hispanics and Muslims are a different story, they are so incredibly stupid they are literally trying to take over and replace us. Which is funny, because it doesn’t take that many smarts to realize that if you didn’t create this incredibly complex system in the first place, how can you possibly maintain it?

Cancer is a very stupid organism because it kills it’s host, thereby killing itself. These races are basically the same. They are here in our country that we built enjoying what everyone else has built…standing on the shoulders of giants trying to take it instead of putting in the hard work and earning it themselves and integrating into our society, all the while not realizing they would turn place this into where they ran from in the first place. If you look at what they’ve accomplished in their own countries and how they manage them and what they do for their people, some with unlimited resources (rain forests for example), they are all absolute cesspools and nothing short of it. Some of these races haven’t done a thing on their own that’s worth a plug nickel and they have the audacity to criticize us? Please. They say the white American male is the most prejudiced against race on the planet and I think they’re right. How funny. What would this world be without whites and our brains? The answer is an absolute cesspool, just like it is in their homelands.

Make no mistake about it, brown skinned people are here to take over our way of life and our country; they want the power we have and they are bringing everything we hold dear down to their level to achieve it. And we’re so stupid we’re letting them. They had little to nothing to do with the formation or building of our great country, but they are trying to take over. In Mexico, they are taught from childhood to just keep pouring over the border, keep coming no matter what. Invade. I predict in another 30-50 years, because anyone can get the vote by sheer numbers, this country will be nothing but a third world cesspool like all their home countries.

Take a step back and look at the overall grand picture and see what’s happening. White people seemingly do not have the will anymore to protect what we have made and our way of life, and we’re going to pay for it. We’re too divided between the PC crowd and the conservatives to be united. Anytime someone stands up and tells the truth like I am doing, they are attacked like this will be. Don’t make me start naming things the white people have brought to this world that we all enjoy. If you are a non white, you won’t like it.

If the Muslims take over, and they could…we have the vote here remember…it’s theorized that they will change the name of our country and eliminate things like Christmas, and everything Christian. Don’t laugh…take a look what’s happening world wide with the Muslim encroachment, especially in Europe in places like the UK and the Netherlands. It aint pretty. Stores can’t even say Merry Christmas anymore for God sakes because of them! We are as surely loosing our country as we are divided between the left and right and don’t have the huckspa to do anything about it.  When did we white people loose our ability to reason? And protect our way of life? Are we really this stupid to be jaded from the truth because of what some left winger says is too PC to even mention?

Most of the inventions, medical breakthroughs and technological breakthroughs that have shaped our world and impacted mankind positively, and created this lifestyle we all enjoy on this planet, have all come from cold, or somewhat cold whether climates, or, in short, from white people. How can you not look at the overwhelming body of evidence of what we’ve done and accomplished and not conclude we have accomplished far more? Everything we do is better. Have you ever been to a third world? I have. No one wants to move there. Everyone wants to come here. Thomas Jefferson even said that. You’d think there would be a huge thanks. But no. Not much in the way of good things has come from the tropics, or the people who have lived there. Except for rubber I guess.

We white people have been kicking ass for well over 200 years in this country because of who we started with…the people that stayed behind and didn’t risk coming here to the new world were the more timid, less aggressive persons. We’re cut from the cloth of the brave souls that risked it all in coming here in the first place. So, as they say in “America, the Story of Us” (youtube - awesome) we are “Pioneers and Trailblazers - we fight for freedom, we transform our dreams into the truth, and our struggles became a nation”. I rest.

Heard is in Kentucky. I watched the Blue and White game and noticed he is a backup. He was recruited by Coach Vince Marrow that left Nebraska and went to Kentucky. He followed Marrow to UK and looks like he will play some there.

IDing an individual involved in a crime as being Black is not being Racist.  A Racist is someone who believes that his race is inherently superior over all others.  That person is also a Bigot, however all bigots are not racist, they’re equal opportunity hater type folks and typically hate everybody different than themselves regardless of their race.
I think Mr Moss got what he deserved.  That being said, I also think he deserves a second chance just like “Carlos Danger” and that other character dipstick that exposed himself on his facebook page, not to even mention Slick Willy.  What Moss did was stupid, but he shouldn’t be branded for life because of it.

Excuse me?  He is an adult male who exposes himself in a public place and society is to consider giving this person a second chance to hang around campus?  That is the trouble with society.  Too many people get too many second chances.  Moss is an embarrassment to the University and to himself.  Don’t let the door hit him in the back on the way out!!!  He knew better but chose to commit a crime.

Chuck Barry’s song My Ding-a-Ling:

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Now this here song it ain’t so bad
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‘Racism’, by definition, that is, the GOOD, accurate definition, IS:  prejudice PLUS POWER.  That is, you have to have the POWER to back it up, that is, to oppress the other group in REAL ways.


Yeah, maybe one day the white, privileged, paper pushin’ bourgeoisie will get of his ass and actually do some productive work, rather tha relying of those various people of color.

Dawg, you’re correct, The 13th amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery per se in 1865, bought and paid for by largely by White blood, but did not appropriately address Racism in and of itself.  That began to happen during the Civil Rights era as you said, 100 years or so later and is still a work in progress.  I don’t think it’s illegal to be a Racist even today, though it’s not much tolerated by either White or Black people these days who have become much more enlightened.


To characterize, ‘abolition was bought and paid for by White blood’ is by and large a fairy tale-like mischaracterization as the Civil War wasn’t really about ‘freeing the slaves’ out of the ‘kindness of the White Man’s heart’.  No, it was economically driven, mainly facets to it, but one main thing is the northern industrialists wanted to get the slaves off the land in the South so they could make them do their wage slave work in the rather new industiral factories—in the North.  Much like what occurred in the transition of feudal Europe to industrial Europe—had to get the serfs off the land and into the factories.

  All wars are economically driven—‘bankster wars’, as they say—corporate wars, imperialist wars, industrialist wars for…PROFIT.  Got nothing to do with ‘freeing people’(since the opposite always occurs) or ‘establishing democracy’(oldest propaganda line in the book, plus the USSA has never really had much democracy to export, just ask any black man).

I will also add, in further reply to Mr. Admiral-able up yonder there, that the reason why Africa is in the dire straits that it is and has been for 100s of years as far as the African people and their land go, well, the Euro/Amero West has basically been raping, pillaging plundering all available resources there, including the people, for well over a 1000 years now—France alone had about 14 major colonies at one point which they later name the various countries—Senegal, Algeria, etc.  Portugues, Brits, same deal.  Before that the A-Rabs were doing about the same for the previous 1000+ years.  Trans Saharan slave trade, ever heard of it?  Was actually worse than the TransAtlantic slave trade.  (Yale, Harvard, and others, were basically started and funded by Indian and African slave trader $, do your homework, peeps).

But no one could expect Mr. Admirable to have that kind of breadth of education or depth of perception for the same reason most White ‘Muricans don’t, which I have elaborated at length upon here on this very blog, in the past—as usual, an exercise in futility.  Education in history in ‘Murica is an absolute joke, mostly fabricated falsehoods and absentee information.  There’s a reason for that…

White folk benefit from the economic advantages that are part and parcel from the oppression and institutionalized racism of blacks and all people of color.  So no, it isnt going away anytime soon.

Victimhood is getting to be an old tireless excuse for failure.  Women in America claim they are victims.  Go to Nigeria and you will see real female victims of radical Muslim ingornance.  Government programs keep minorities down.  Free the ‘victims’ of racism by forcing them to assume responsibiliy starting with their own lives.  No more welfare, food stamps, government cheese (constipuation) and minimum wage.  it is time for folks to grow up, quick suck’n off the government teet, and be responsible. 

Oh, excuse me.  I forgot.  I’m a bigot and we are in ‘Murica.

Like I said, it’s an exercise in futility to try and explain racism and the African Peoples situation to White ‘Muricans.  They used to sell tickets to lynchings and sell off body parts—ears, nose, fingers, etc—afterwards as souveniers—yeah, in lilly White Murica.  Same like they did to the Native Peoples on this continent.

  It’s like that smart guy way back said, ‘you can’t make somebody understand something when their living depends on them not understanding it.’  It’s just like that.

I have prospected areas in Africa where the aids rate is 95 percent of the population, women are raped on a daily basis in the villages, and at night the children have to use the dirt floor in there huts to go to the bathroom because they don’t want to be a lions dinner. Are you saying the ghetto is worse.

Ahhhhh…..has everybody been picking on you for thousands of years? Why didn’t you do anything about it? Why didn’t you change? It’s everybody else’s fault huh? How tragically typical.

All wars have been about economics huh. Interesting how you see it. Yes there were other issues and it’s complex, and certainly economics plays into it, as well as power, but the Civil war was about slavery mainly, weather you ungrateful blacks want to admit it or not. Thousands of white people died freeing your worthless asses, and the blacks are free now, so shut the hell up. I’m not going to kick those freedom fighters in the gut while they’re at eternal peace. You might want to thank them for dying for you. But you won’t.

So I ask you…what have the blacks ever came up with besides entertainment? Come on, what clever ideas have your people ever came up with that have made any kind of difference what-so-ever to anyone? Even yourselves? Learn how to feed yourselves yet? Fact is, there have been none. No contributions to anything past your own selfish noses. Except for maybe the spatula (I’ll give you that one) your people have been extreme failures for thousands of years and have accomplished nothing. If it wasn’t for us, you’d still be in mud huts. You’ve landed in the best country the world has ever seen and all you can do is take advantage and bitch while you sit on your asses and take our money for doing absolutely nothing. And your actually proud of that. That is your accomplishment? Wow. That is spitting in our face and you wonder why everyone thinks your worthless. It’s because you are. You have not improved anything, not even yourselves in all this time. NO my friend, the white race has been everything to humanity because we face the truth, work hard, have brains and tenacity and are not hypocritical like you - again, back to Obama…you KNEW he had character issues yet you flat out turned the other cheek in order to get the monkey elected. Just because he’s black. And look what he’s done to our great country. Are you better off? I don’t think so. Our country isn’t either. You basically turned your backs on Martin Luther King who crammed it down our throats for decades - judge a man based on character rather than skin color. Remember that line? That went about as far as was convenient for you didn’t it? Do you even have a concept of what character is?

The owner of the Clippers is in trouble now for saying the blacks don’t help out their own kind, especially when compared to the Jewish people, when one of you is successful…I watched that and I totally agreed with him because it’s absolutely true. Your not even a generous people even to yourselves! Your the most racist, bigoted people on earth. And you’re horrible tippers…ask any waitress.

Black on black violence abounds everywhere and that is the reason so many of you are in prison. It’s because you can’t breed the tribal aspects out of yourselves. Your a very violent people. Why is it so hard for your people to see the truth and take responsibility for yourselves? We do, have, and always will. That is why we rule. We do what’s right, not just what’s easy or convenient at the moment. You’ll never be successful by not doing so, but again, concepts are hard for you.

Remember that old line…“this is our tree and your just a squirrel in it”? Well pal, we made that tree. Out of blood sweat and tears baby. You haven’t. Yet you have the audacity to criticize the United States of America and what we stand for and tear it down to the point that even white people feel negative about our country that we have so much to be proud of.  That takes balls. How in the world are you not just another drag on our society! I honestly don’t believe greatness is in you.

Notice if you go to any other country that is primarily white, like say Germany or Switzerland, or even a state like Idaho where there is not a large population of blacks, everything seems to run well? I wonder why that is…? Hmmm…...

100% spot on.

Senhor Realistinha,

Nigerian women an girls, suddenly and out of nowhere, ‘Muricans feign temporary ‘concern’ about the plight of exploited Nigerian women—and girls—UNTIL next week when they roll out the next propaganda hype on the MSM.

Do you know why the Big Doggs, the Power structure wants to bring the Murican Publix attention to Nigeria at the present time?

China.  As in, China is kickin’ ass and taking names in Africa, economically speaking(have already established the Yuan as the currency in Kenya, Zimbabwe and some other African countries) and making serious moves in Nigeria as we speak, such that, the Euro/Amero Western imperialist colonialists no likey that they are losing comtrol to the Chinese and gotta rev up the Murican and Euro publix heart strings so they will support actions in Nigeria—and Syria, and Ukraine, and Iran, and Pakistan, and and and…  (Didnt they roll out some hot Ukraine babe all crying and stuff over the plight of the Ukrainians just a few weeks back?  Yeah.  Babes, they help sell stuff—and agendas.  More exploitation of women—and girls.)

It’s the same old shit.  “Chemical weapons in Syria.”  Really?  C’mon, thats the same thing they said about Iraq, blah blah blah, and they just rolling it out again because they know the Murican Publix is too f’ing uneducated, stupid, delusionary, and short attention spanned to remember when they was duped the last time, and the last time and the time before that.

Do you military loving folk really want to send your precious sons and daughters over to Africa and the Mideast to fight and get killed for the vested interests of the global banksters and imperialist corporations in the name of ‘defending freedom’.  You just can’t allow yourselves to be that stupid(even though you do) and what it means is you do not love your own sons and daughters, nor yourself, FTM.

Muricans are a progagandist’s wet dream, seriously.  Do you really think The Power structure gives a rat’s ass about exploited Nigerian women—and girls?  For the love of god, no, never.  In fact, they’ve been running the sex trafficing along with the slave trade for millenia now.

China’s kicking the USD’s ass, like globally, and have the USA/Euros shaking in their shoes, and it’s real.  The USD is going down and they are scrambling all over the globe, especially in Africa—the wealthiest resource continent on the planet—to keep the thing afloat, but believe you me, the USD will go down, it’s inevitable, just a matter of when, within 10 years is very likely, very.

My sis in law—oh wait, she’s from Shanghai—works for the USDA(gov’t branch of Monsanto and ConAgra) and actually believes the program she’s in that is ‘working globally to end hunger’.  She writes scholarly papers about it, therefore hunger must be ending, right?  People can eat paper, right?  OMG, she has the fattest gov’t cheese job on the planet, ‘ending hunger’ while billions across the planet starve on a daily basis.  FAIL!  What absolute bullshit, but she’s getting paid, big time, and so why should she not be totally delusional—she’s getting paid to be delusional.

So, whenever the MSM hypes something, like always, don’t believe it.  They are doing it for an underlying real agenda, and thats what you have to dig the find out, if you are interested in the realisma, as your moniker would imply.


You’re so full of shit, so dont even talk to me.  You dont have a clue, white man.  I dont even know why I bother with all the f’ing white corn crackers here and in racist white corn nation.  In fact, I’m done.

T Dogg out.


Did I say that the Murican ghetto is worse than Africa?  No, you did, and of course one would have to be a delusional fool like PE not to get that.  But, you, obviously, like all the white crackers on this blog, dont have any clue as to WHY Africa is like it is and WHY the Murican ghettos are like they are.

You also proposed, earlier this year, that the joblessness problem in the U(police)SA can be solved by sending 300 million out of work Muricans to work on the various pipelines and oil digs in Murica.  That, in combo with your assertion that ‘ghettos are a lifestyle CHOICE’ just indicates how utterly insane you are, delusional, clueless, like PE there.  Comfortable in your stupidity.

You people are scary, real scary.

Seriously, I’m done w you crackers here, f’ing stupid.

You all fall for the liberal progressive ‘white wash’ that people must be viewed not as individual persons, but as being white or black, male or female,  tri, bi, gay, trey.  Add to that, the “I’m a victim too” buy in.  If I ask you your name, you answer, “I’m a woman entitled to subsidized birth control and a victim of historical discrimination.”  Until you begin to judge the individual as simply that - a single soul - rather than part of a group, you demean people.

People like Moss or Banderas must be judged by their actions and personal decisions.  Considerations for their race, skin color, etc., is useless jabber.

Good riddance Trump puppy. You won’t me missed.

Your still in the ghetto because you have not risen above it. Your circumstances don’t make you, they reveal you as we “lilly white” people say. You have not “pulled yourself up by your boot straps”, like so many others in bad circumstances have. Regardless of your past, you have no excuse. You simply haven’t risen to the challenge. All you’d have to do is say to yourselves “how can we get better, how can I take responsibility”, but you haven’t. It’s as simple as that. You say to us don’t judge us, yet you do everything to create divisions between us. You say to us judge a man by their character not color, yet you turn on that ideal when it’s convenient. Your hypocrites. I know that’s a 2 way street, it takes 2 to tango, white people aren’t perfect by any means, and I don’t know what it’s like to be a minority, but I do know the blacks or other races who view themselves as part of the whole as just people as opposed to viewing themselves as black people, do fine in this society. We act, others react. And yes, looking at all the facts objectively as to what each race or peoples have came up with, produced or achieved, one can only conclude that the whites are of a superior race overall. Especially the Germans in fact. Wow. Talking about sharp people. However, we as humans leave a lot to be desired, all races. We are the only animal on the planet that ruins it’s own planet it lives on - through deforestation, ignorance, massive agriculture and over grazing. Sorry if that offends anyone, but this is a free blog and if you can come on here and revel us with all your tripe, so can I.

I would other wise have no problems with the blacks…however, primarily because of blacks and other colors, the white man now is the most persecuted race on the planet and no one has contributed more to human kinds woes than whites. Like I said, you ended up in the greatest county ever conceived by mankind, all of which the benefits you have enjoyed immensely (electricity, cars, the list goes on and on), and you can do nothing as a race but try to tear us down. I have no sympathy for you individually or as a group anymore. People of color in this country are here to displace us, pure and simple. You’d all stab us in the backs and take over if you could. We weren’t born racists, you made us that way, and frankly, judging by your behavior, there is no other way someone could be after seeing you folks. I’ve never seen a black person take responsibility for anything really. And that’s why Nebraska football is so special…how many times have we seen black kids from the mean streets show up here and buy in to doing things right and admirably, and have made great lives for themselves? Take Ameer Abduhlla for example. One of the highest character people you could ever meet. HE takes responsibility! The black community does not embrace that because you want to stay in victim mode. As long as you stay in victim mode, and not take responsibility, you will never rise. I’m beginning to think some races just don’t have that gene I guess. Or, maybe it’s just not taught to your youth. Maybe your youth is taught to hate white people? Think?

I stated earlier that I do judge people individually, by their actions, by the character, and by their integrity. Certain groups though don’t seem to have much unfortunately. Unfortunately for us, and them. One of my good friends here is a black guy. Smartest dude in this little tow and someone I can actually talk concepts and ideas with.

7 out of 10 people who tried to found this country died trying. On the migration west, there were 10 graves per mile. We paid for this country with our blood and sweat. We’re not giving it up to a bunch of yeah hoos like you.

And there you have it folks….T Dawg on why we should welcome Black Weinnie Waggers back on the NU football team…now you know the Rest of the Story!

Awwww, C’mon back T Dawg, this site just ain’t the same without you posting your opinions, even the ones I don’t understand or agree with cause me to rethink my own version of reality.

All I got out all this crap was PE is ou7turd’s land lord.

and t-dogg gonna change its name…...again

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