Austin Rose Adds Size to Backfield

As recruiting season winds up, Nebraska is in the hunt for a number of smaller running backs.  No doubt, the positive experience with Ameer Abdullah has made the Huskers willing to embrace players at the position that are under 6 feet tall and below 200 lbs.  Still, there are times when it's nice to have a big body that can move the pile.  At 225 lbs., Imani Cross thrived in short yardage situations.  He tallied 10 touchdowns in 2013, most from inside the five yard line.  Walk-on Austin Rose of Lincoln North Star, who's listed at 6 feet and 220 pounds, appears likely to play for his hometown team and could play a Cross-like role in the future.


While Rose didn't have scholarship offers from FBS schools, some of that may have been due to an injury-plagued senior campaign.  His Rivals ranking puts him as a high two-star prospect.  That's on par with a couple of players that did receive scholarship offers at Nebraska (along with other FBS schools).

Rose's size could allow him to contribute at other positions as well like fullback, linebacker, or H-back.  He might also make an impact on special teams.  Those are positions where quality walk-ons have frequently been able to contribute in the past.  

Wyoming could decide that they are willing to offer him a scholarship, which could be tempting.  If not, Nebraska will have added a high-caliber walk-on to the mix that fans are likely to see on the field in the future.

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With Bohl coaching at Wyoming, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of our walk-on talent go out west with a scholarship in hand, just saying.  He’s been around the program, he’s been successful up at NDSU, he appears to be a down-to-earth, straight forward guy that people tend to gravitate towards, and the Wyoming border is only 6 hours from Lincoln.

Some of our walk-on talent has been going east since Frank Solich went to Ohio.  A lot of walk-on talent has gone to Iowa State for a long time.

Exactly my point, with another school so close by ready to snatch up what talent is left, our walk-on program is going to continue to take a hit

Other than the Solich connection, I don’t see that much effect.
It’s not like NU kids did not know Wyoming existed pre-Bohls.  Or thought Iowa State was on another planet.  If a kid has talent, they have choices.

But with the success Bohl has had recently I think he will pull more recruits than a has been Christensen would have and did

Maybe, or perhaps the opposite. 
Bohls will be looking for FBS recruits now - NU walk-on kids are great for FCS, I’m sure Wyoming and Bohls want to do better, just like NU and other FBS schools.

Let me clarify that I am NOT saying NU walkons are necessarily a level below our schollies - too many examples to show that walkons can contribute a great deal.  I am just saying that Bohls will want to trend upward, and should be no more likely to offer a scholly than NU or ISU etc.

Hey man, this is AWESOME, 6’0”, 220 LBs walk-on, what his name again?  Oh yea, King Frazier…

Frazier is transferring.
Rumored to be going to N. Dakota State.
I just saw that linked to cornnation.


Yea, hence my clothed sarcasm.

And what about the Polish kid and German walk ons, hmmm, oh yea, Jano and Zimmerer—how many carries betwixt ‘em in ‘13 again…?

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