Athlon Early Preseason Basketball Ranking Puts Nebraska 24th

Now that the 2014 basketball season is officially over, hoop enthusiasts can look ahead to the 2015 season.  It's not just Husker fans that have high expectations of Nebraska.  Athlon's early ranking of teams for next year puts NU 24th nationally.  If that were to hold up and became the consensus by season's end, then the Huskers could be looking at a 6-seed in the tournament and perhaps an end to their futility streak in the NCAA's.


The preseason 24th team in the AP poll this past season was Virginia.  By season's end they'd won both the ACC regular season crown as well as the ACC tournament championship.  That netted them a 1-seed in the NCAA's which propelled them into the Sweet 16.  The preseason 24th team in the coaches' poll was Indiana.  Their season didn't go nearly as well as they finished 7-11 in the Big Ten and were bounced immediately from the conference tournament.  The Hoosiers declined to participate in any other postseason tourney.

By the end of the regular season, VCU and Ohio State had claimed the 24th spot in the AP and coaches' polls, respectively .  Both schools were seeded among the top 6 in their region but lost their opening round game in the NCAA's.  The final coaches' poll puts Stanford at #24 after a Sweet 16 run, while the AP poll has yet to be released.

So #24 can mean a lot of things, but all of them are loftier than the season that netted head coach Tim Miles national coach of the year honors.  The expectations are rising for Nebraska and that's a good thing.

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Finally, good competent BB coaching and player development for the program!!!  It will be interesting to see if NU can meet this next season’s expectations on the court.

Wowsa, thats unbelievable!

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