Another Reason to Loathe Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer is still a relatively recent addition to the head coaching ranks of the Big Ten.  Nevertheless, he seems adept at finding ways to make other fan bases dislike him.  Surely, winning is a big part of that.  Barry Switzer would not have been so hard to stomach if his shady behavior wasn't paying off on the field.  But now he has the audacity to repeat his claim that his 2008 Florida Gator squad was as good or better than any team to ever play college football.  He's not just a little wrong about that, he's very wrong.


The Back Door National Championship
In the long history of college football, there are basically two kinds of national champions.  Those that went through their season undefeated and those that lost a game along the way but won a beauty contest of one-loss teams.  The 2008 Florida Gators are in the latter category.  There are dozens of teams over the years in the former category.  Yet, for some reason he thinks a team that was beaten is as good or better than all of these great teams that were never beaten.  In fact, the 2008 season saw Utah go 13-0 with a win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  That Utes squad won by a greater margin over the Crimson Tide than Florida did.  A handful of computers give Utah the nod as the better team for the 2008 season.  Are we really going to argue a team that's not even definitively the strongest in its own time is the best of all time?

A Slap In the Face to His Current Employer
Among those undefeated teams is a 14-0 Ohio State squad that defeated another unbeaten team in defending champion Miami.  You could also point to three of Woody Hayes' Buckeye teams that did not lose a game that he's pushing aside.  Never mind that OSU gave Meyer his start in college coaching, making it possible for him to win titles at Florida in the first place.  This guy shows so little respect for his school, you expect to spot him in a Michigan hoodie one of these days.  

Some of those Undefeated Teams are WAY Better
If you want to make the claim that one of these back door national champions might be better than an undefeated team, that might be reasonable.  But ignoring all of the great undefeated teams is just nonsense.  Take the 1995 Nebraska team that steamrolled four top-ten teams, didn't play a game closer than two touchdowns and sat smack dab in the middle of an unprecedented (and yet to be duplicated) 60-3 five year run.  Those who prefer teams of a more recent vintage could point to a 2001 Miami team that featured 17 NFL first round draft picks, a number of whom became Pro Bowl or even Hall of Fame caliber talents.  The 2005 Texas squad also set an NCAA record for points scored and the only close game was a win over a USC team that people were ready to anoint as the greatest of all time.  Even the defending champion Florida State squad managed 14 wins with a quarterback every bit as potent as Tim Tebow.  

Only Meyer or a Florida fan would ever suggest that that Gator team could be among the all-time greatest.  And most UF fans are probably intellectually honest enough to admit that Meyer has it wrong.

By no means is this the only reason to loathe Meyer (he did recruit a future serial killer while at Florida).  Still, it's one that's going to offend anyone with any genuine sense of college football history.

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C’mon.  Seriously?  Are you sure you want to make, say, Tom Osborne, responsible for every player he ever recruited?  Seems like I remember a guy named Lawrence Phillips who was a congenital screw up.  I don’t remember thinking the Nebraska coach was the reason he was a screw up.

As for Meyer thinking his Florida team was the greatest, OK.  That’s understandable.  He was emotionally invested.  I don’t worry about where the 2002 OSU team ranks.  The fact is that they won the title.  If I force myself to compare them to other great national champions, I would definitely rank them behind several dominant squads from Alabama, Okla, Nebraska, Miami (and the 1968 Buckeyes) among others.

All I can do is look at Urban and consider what he has done at Ohio State.  He has dealt out harsh suspensions for misbehavior. sent some troubled fellows away, has won 24 out of 26 games, and there’s never been a sniff of cheating or scandal.

As noted, any coach who wins more than his fair share will be hated by the people he is beating.  That’s just human nature.  It’s the accusation of sleaze, slime, corruption that I don’t get.  There is little to substantiate that accusation at BG, Utah, and Florida, and nothing to substantiate it at Ohio State. 

I guess a reasonable measure of hate is good for developing a rivalry, but personally, I won’t exaggerate or distrort the truth, or certainly flat out lie, in order to create the justification for it.  But that’s just me.

Before I get the “But what about this…”, just understand that I’ve been down this road before with hostile fan bases.  My response is that no one wants to be judged by results that were out of control or solely by their worst moments and choices.  It’s fair to point out obvious mistakes, but when you start making a CFB coach responsible for every single thing every player they have ever had does or will do, you are placing a responsibility on the coach that you, yourself, would consider horribly unfair if someone placed that responsibility on you.

WinOSU said:

“As noted, any coach who wins more than his fair share will be hated by the people he is beating”.


Any time you get a coach who beats up other coaches up and takes their lunch money on a consistent basis, you will get those people who will be making sour grapes comments.

One thing that Barry Switzer didn’t like was what he called the “Fiction writers”, a term he used for the media

Speaking of fiction writers while also showing “no respect”:

Steve Hanway wrote:

“Take the 1995 Nebraska team that steamrolled four top-ten teams, didn’t play a game closer than two touchdowns and sat smack dab in the middle of an unprecedented (and yet to be duplicated) 60-3 five year run”.

Unduplicated? Really?

If we want to use that mentality then I would go out on a limb and bet 47-0 (NCAA record) beats 60-3 any day of the week.

Bob Stoops 87-5 home record in 16 full seasons ain’t too shabby either!

I’m sure we all have our own opinions who the best all time football team is.  I have yet to see more talent on the field since the 95 Huskers, but the 97 team I feel is the best. OU7 I bet you remember that year. Last year Meyer’s team was the most disappointing team in the BIG.

Aint that the year FL lost to Ol Miss and Tebow started crying on natty TV sayin’ they was gonna try harder than anybody ever tried ever in the history of everything so help him Heysus?

I aint never seen Touchdown Tommie cry.

If that’s the 73 point beat down, then yes, I remember. OUCH!

I do feel 1995 was top 3 best of all time, but that’s always going to be a subjective subject, and sometimes the best teams don’t win it all.

Be forewarned: If anyone says statistics prove the best of anything, this will come full circle and end up being about Bo Pelini and some of his ‘awesome’ stats.

tOSU and sweatervest ttly thru Clarrette under thus bus that year even though he single handedly win them the natty champ over the bad bad ol Canes.

They F’d him hard.  Sweatervest finally got his though.


I meant to say that 1997 Nebraska was in my top 3.

‘95 Skerz best ever, its already been proven and voted upon many times over.  The most complete, dominant team EVER.

Those years Siete’s boys were coached by Schnelly, Blake, and that other guy, Gibbs or something, dont even count.  I felt sorry for em.

The reason peeps dont like Urbz is hes got that Chucky thing going on and generally comes off snooty.  If DAntonio was beating everyone all the time do you think peeps would hate him?  No, because hes a regular kinda nice guy.

Yea, and that’s why the University of Oklahoma never let the dust settle on their head coaches during that decade because OU believes in winning championships and anything less is a BFWOT.

Thank god for Bobby Stoops.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

‘Winston Churchill’


It’s about making positive changes, or continue getting clubbed over the head.

Ou7, I hear you about Bo and his stats, and Tbagg I sill have no idea what you are talking about. I bet you think that the reason that I rate the 97 team over the 95 team is because in 97 the Skers had a white QB, and you b right bout that. Don’t forget this, Spiders is good they eats the cockroaches. Does that make any sense. Just about as much of the crap you post on here.

Funny thing about a coach bragging about how great his team was, you would never hear Tom Osborn bragging to the media about we were the best.  That is one reason I don’t really respect what Meyers is saying.  He is too full of himself and his opinions.  He has nothing to really back up his claim and no one agrees with him either.


@OUclown – Just a little off again! Believe the history observation should be attributed to George Santayana, who wrote it in 1905, (a little earlier than Churchill). But then you have been a little off in most of your observations about the Huskers – especially your disparaging of coach Pelini.

@ kimcheebreath,

Did I say that Winston Churchill authored that phrase?

I did not.

That is why I didn’t put ‘author’ next to his name, snot.
Winston Churchill did utter that phrase. Crack open a history book once and study your grammar and English some while you are at it.

Let’s take a quick I.Q. test, shall we?

I bet if I said ‘fuck you’ to you, you might be offended (although I do wonder, now).

Bo Pelini can tell you “Fuck You” (and every other NU fan) every day of the week and twice on Sunday’s,  and you think he’s great!

I’m sorry, what were you mumbling about who disparaging who?

Good freakin’ lord!

I do feel sorry for your children. They must really be extremely confused.

Please, your frustration has more to do with your ‘hardship tour’ (no family allowed) in land of poo smell than it does an OU fan setting you straight.

It just dawned on me! You DO like getting clubbed in the head, don’t you?

Haa haaaaa, my bad.

@OUclown -  Well ‘both-both’ it would appear from your grammatically inept blather that you are probably one of those ‘White Corn Nation peeps’ limited to, at most, a “glorified tech and business school” degree that TDogg so adamantly disparaged in earlier rant vilifying PE.  Yours are just the type of comments NOT needed - more negative anti-Bo drivel. Have long considered putting you on the HUA nattering nabob list along with Ridiculous RC Rick, White Trash, Halcyon Dazed, and now will certainly do so. In fact, in your case, a deeeeply embedded HUA - to the degree your eyeballs are firmly wedged against back of your tonsils, thereby obstructing your view of… well, just about everything Husker-related!

Uh, no.

I respect Nebraska football. Had many tough battles against them as a fan.

I just hate seeing Bo Pelini drag the university ‘s once proud program through the hog shit puddle. You evidently like being made fun of and the current national perception of the Nebraska football program in the news for all of the wrong reasons, don’t you?

Maybe you should re-evaluate which of us is the true fan?

@OUclown – OK, ENOUGH. Check the sports articles, blogs and comments to see how the Huskers are doing.  Do not intend to engage in an on-line pissing contest with some Okie Redneck Trailer-Trash.  No longer bother to read any comments by Ridiculous RC Rick, White Trash, Halcyon Dazed or others of that ilk. Certainly will no longer bother reading any of your drivel.

Now Siete claims to have battled the Skers himself, evidently got knocked up side the head too much.

Churchill was a p.o.s.


97 tied for 1st w Meechicken, remember?  Uh, took a miracle to win @ Mizzou.  95 won by an average of 30+ per game, was uncontested the whole year.  97 Skers are in nobody’s conversation except the one going on in your own head.

That’s odd.
Is the ‘hate whitey’ meeting out already?

@OUclown – OK, one last deprecatory zinger. Am insulted by your ‘hate-whitey’ racial slur. This will undoubtedly come as a shock to you, but I am white (ethnic heritage is Welsh, English and German). And, unlike you, I was born and raised in Nebraska; as were both my parents and both sets of grandparents – they were also all ‘white’. Unfortunate that I find it necessary to have to debunk your racial slur (which is probably to be expected from someone of your ilk), but your comments are really lowering the standards on this board - About on par with TDogg’s political rants or the idiotic crap spewing from Ridiculous RC Rick, White Trash, Halcyon Dazed, OK, finished with that – can we now just concentrate on football?

p.s. Just came across an excellent post by a J.P. Scott on, titled ‘Nebraska Cornhusker Fan Expectations…Here We Go Again’. (Know It All Football for B1G Fans) – his take on Nebraska football, especially Nebraska football ‘fans’.  Think he pretty much nailed it. I know it certainly coincides with my views – except for the 2014 season 9-4 expectation.

Hey genius, that comment was for T-Dogg.

It’s not always about you.

I suspect that there will be a lot very surprised BIG fans this year when NU comes to their town and whups up on their teams. 
( “Hope springs eternal” :Alex Pope ).  This should be a great year for NU football IF TA plays up to his potential, if not, than we need to get some new talent into the position.  Time will tell, but Football is a sport and in sports the tale of the tape is in points scored and wins.  There is no logical reason for any position to be considered a “Hobson’s Choice” (Guess who wrote that.) and no position is sacred to any player.  GBR

I’m with WinOSU—Silly reasons to loathe Meyers. It’s making a mountain out of molehill.

I read my Bible this morning, and it said to be kind, just, and tenderhearted toward others - except for Brady Hoke and Michigan who should be reviled and cursed.  OK, well, perhaps that wasn’t in the text, but was in my hand-written notes in the margin.  :)

Ha ha! Back in the day it was Barry Switzer but even him I had some respect for. I don’t see the Huskers developing any kind of a rivalry with tOSU. Maybe UM if we’d stayed in the same division and most definitely PSU if the cross division rivalry had been kept. But not tOSU. No reason for Huskers to dislike the Buckeyes. Back in the day when the Wolverines were dominating the Buckeyes and OU was dominating NU I used to pull for the Buck’s. Some similarities with the Huskers.


Thanks for the hatin, just means you have no debating points, I guess.

I think the teams I hate most in the B1G is Wiscy, and then maybe IA, PSU and MI I guess.  Oh yeah, NW, not fond of them either.  tOSU is my sub for OU, respect em, just wanna beat em, though not a fan if Urbz.

Sparta is about the only B1G team I actually like besides GBR.

Actually, Brax’s effort in their loss to Clemson is maybe the single most courageous effort Ive ever seen.  Guy was getting pummeled severely all game, just kept getting back up and making plays.

IDK, maybe the “hate” is what makes CFB great.  It depends on whether it’s kept in perspective.  Resenting some team or coach because they beat you in a football game is normal and natural.  But when it comes to real, genuine hate, I have to reserve that for child molesters, murderers, rapists, and the like.  When it gets applied to a school, football team, a coach, etc. it seems to me to be an insult to the real victims of real evil.

But saying Michigan or whoever is evil, corrupt, worthy of hate, etc. is OK if it’s just a joke vs. a competitor I respect.  But if you read forums you see genuine hate centering on sports.  Just a little perspective please and let’s reserve the real hate for those who have truly earned it.

But in the context of CFB I hope you guys “hate” Ohio State a lot in 10 years - in the sporting sense of the word - because it will mean the Buckeyes would have won a lot of games with Nebraska.  :)

About the only team I ever really disliked was Oklahoma state and that was because their fans in stillwater were the biggest bunch of nasty a-holes you could imagine when NU played them in 1988.

Well, im too old to hate.  Howsa bout ‘vehemently dislike’?  K, maybe thats too strong.  Uhm, ’ am uncomfy with’.  Naw, too weak

‘They suck!’  Im stickin w that.

Naw, as long as we arent being owned by somebody year in year out, I’m more or less ok with it.  Except Wiscy, IA, NW, MI, and PSU whom I hate because they suck!

I gotta admit, though that Bucky is the hippest mascot on the planet, even though hes a critter.

Not to break up all the interesting dialog here, but if we have a relatively bad season, which is a distinct possibility, and Pelini is fired, who does everyone think would be the next great, historic coach for Nebraska? Who could we get? A no name or a proven commodity?

I think that’s a conversation that will develop if Nebraska has 2-3 losses before November.  I think it’s very possible that they will have 0-1.

Urban Meyer.

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