Another Day, Another Defensive Line Commitment

Defensive end Darius Slade made his verbal pledge to Nebraska just a day after the word came in about juco standout Joe Keels.  Slade comes from New Jersey, becoming the second recruit in as many years from the Garden State.  New Jersey was once very fertile territory for the Huskers, supplying All-American talent like Irving Fryar, Mike Rozier, and the Peter brothers.  Re-establishing connections there, especially as Rutgers joins the Big Ten could pay dividends down the road. 


Slade comes directly from a state high school champion, the kind of program Nebraska likes to recruit from.  He was among eight official visitors for the Iowa game, all of whom are currently committed to Nebraska.  At 6'5", he's got the prototypical frame for a defensive end.  He could use a redshirt year to add weight, however which is probably why he's currently listed as three star recruit.  Still, he was sought after by both Michigan State and Penn State, among other teams.

Slade's commitment cushions the loss of two defensive ends from NU's 2013 recruiting class.  Dimarya Mixon failed to qualify and Ernest Suttles was kicked off the team after an off-the-field  altercation prior to the season.  He joins Mick Stoltenberg and Peyton Newell as four-to-play five defensive linemen. 

With as many as eight additional slots in this recruiting, Nebraska now appears more focused on receivers, cornerbacks and running backs but there's probably room for (and the coaches would probably welcome) another defensive lineman or two. 

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Rest assured as the discussion re open coaching positions proliferates, we won’t have to worry about our beloved Bo being lured away by another school.  In fact, Pearlman will probably give him another huge raise just to insure that we can keep him.  Our national recognition and respect are eroding very quickly and it was never so evident as in the bowl selection committee’s actions.  In short, NU got dissed!!!  All of us can have different opinions about Pelini’s competency or lack there of, but it’s the actions of people outside NU where you get the best perspectives.  Fortunately, he is picking up some recruits that identify with his ‘us against the world’ mentality.  Hopefully, these players will help the next coach return NU to national prominence.

@Petey - national recognition and respect will be regained by winning.

also…what’s a four-to-play five defensive lineman?  is that a fancy way of saying they’ll probably redshirt?

Whiny ass bitches feel the need to spew their hate and discontent.  I feel sorry that you people are so unhappy in your lives that you feel the need to whine and bitch about every aspect of something you have no control over.  Sad.


HusskerFan4Life,  we’re just stating the obvious.  Bo Pelini will not get a ‘sniff’ for another position although North Dakota is open.  When you have a coach at a school like Nebraska and no one else even considers him, that’s a message.  And the bowl selection committee sent a very clear and obvious message if you care to accept and understand it.

You can chose to whine and bitch or you can chose to support the program.  All you haters do is damage the program and nothing positive comes from it.  Don’t like it, don’t watch it.  I could care less who the coach is because I have no control over it.  I will cheer for Nebraska, win or lose.


Look, the decision came down to weather or not they wanted to pit Kansas St vs Michigan (Michigan being the draw) or Kansas St vs Nebraska (A team that is 77 - 15 - 3 against Kansas St.  They chose to go with Michigan.  Personally, I am thankful, I wanted another crack at Georgia anyway.

No, folks outside of Lincoln aren’t any better at discerning things than folks inside Lincoln.  This condescending attitude people have about Bo and Nebraska is misplaced angst because thier own teams suck so much.  Minnesota beat Penn St.  Nebraska beat Penn St.  Penn St beat Wisconsin and Minnesota be Nebraska and yet Minnesota is going to the lowest ranking bowl there is (Texas Bowl).  It’s about drawing in a crowd and eyeballs on TV sets. 

Kansas St. Vs Nebraska 2013 would be about as exciting a game to watch as well…  Kansas St. Vs Nebraska 2009.  Big fripping Whoop.  The Whiney McWhinersons will whine anyway they can at the drop of a freaking hat.  Or, in our particular case, if our coach takes his off and waves it around.  Michigan and Ohio St. players actually get into a fight on the freaking field, get ejected and flip off the crowd as they leave, and the idiots outside of Lincoln don’t fine their schools?  Please…

As for those who don’t like Bo, freaking grow a pair will ya, this is football.

Johnny and HuskerFan, “What Peter tells you about Paul tells you more about Peter than it does Paul.”  Your choice of words and/or your logic (or lack there of) tells everyone much about you.  If you’re representative of Bo’s supporters, then he should be very worried.  And when you say that we have no control over it, you’re wrong.  Just let the sale of Big Red clothing and memorabilia drop off, or contributions go down or the unthinkable,  the end of the sell out record (or half the stadium leaves at half-time).  Individuals don’t have much power or control, but when they join together, they can move mountains. Everyone is giving Bo one more year.  But if he can’t do it 7 years, then he can’t do it.

Johnny and HuskerFan, “What Peter tells you about Paul tells you more about Peter than it does Paul.”  Your choice of words and/or your logic (or lack there of) tells everyone much about you.

That would only be a problem if I gave a rat’s backside about either Peter or Paul, Petey.

Besides, Kansas St. has never played Michigan and we have only played Georgia twice before.  So, the Anti-Bo folks are sadly lacking in anything I would remotely call logic or thought.  They are like Stalin without the charm.

For the Anti-Bo idiots out there complaining about missing out on a chance to play Kansas St.  Please see the following all time record of Nebraska vs Kansas St.

10/7/2010 @ *Kansas State (7-6) W 48 13
11/21/2009 vs. *Kansas State (6-6) W 17 3
11/15/2008 @ *Kansas State (5-7) W 56 28
11/10/2007 vs. *Kansas State (5-7) W 73 31
10/14/2006 @ *Kansas State (7-6) W 21 3
11/12/2005 vs. *Kansas State (5-6) W 27 25
10/23/2004 @ *Kansas State (4-7) L 21 45
11/15/2003 vs. *Kansas State (11-4) L 9 38
11/16/2002 @ *Kansas State (11-2) L 13 49
11/10/2001 vs. *Kansas State (6-6) W 31 21
11/11/2000 @ *Kansas State (11-3) L 28 29
11/13/1999 vs. *Kansas State (11-1) W 41 15
11/14/1998 @ *Kansas State (11-2) L 30 40
10/4/1997 vs. *Kansas State (11-1) W 56 26
10/5/1996 @ *Kansas State (9-3) W 39 3
10/21/1995 vs. *Kansas State (10-2) W 49 25
10/15/1994 @ *Kansas State (9-3) W 17 6
10/16/1993 vs. *Kansas State (9-2-1) W 45 28
12/6/1992 vs. *Kansas State (5-6) W 38 24 @ Tokyo, Japan Coca-Cola Classic
10/19/1991 vs. *Kansas State (7-4) W 38 31
10/6/1990 @ *Kansas State (5-6) W 45 8
10/7/1989 vs. *Kansas State (1-10) W 58 7
10/22/1988 @ *Kansas State (0-11) W 48 3
10/24/1987 vs. *Kansas State (0-10-1) W 56 3
11/1/1986 vs. *Kansas State (2-9) W 38 0
11/2/1985 @ *Kansas State (1-10) W 41 3
10/27/1984 vs. *Kansas State (3-7-1) W 62 14
10/29/1983 @ *Kansas State (3-8) W 51 25
10/16/1982 vs. *Kansas State (6-5-1) W 42 13
10/17/1981 @ *Kansas State (2-9) W 49 3
11/8/1980 vs. *Kansas State (3-8) W 55 8
11/10/1979 @ *Kansas State (3-8) W 21 12
10/14/1978 vs. *Kansas State (4-7) W 48 14
10/8/1977 @ *Kansas State (1-10) W 26 9
10/16/1976 vs. *Kansas State (1-10) W 51 0
11/8/1975 @ *Kansas State (3-8) W 12 0
11/16/1974 vs. *Kansas State (4-7) W 35 7
11/17/1973 @ *Kansas State (5-6) W 50 21
11/18/1972 vs. *Kansas State (3-8) W 59 7
11/13/1971 @ *Kansas State (5-6) W 44 17
11/14/1970 vs. *Kansas State (6-5) W 51 13
11/15/1969 @ *Kansas State (5-5) W 10 7
11/9/1968 vs. *Kansas State (4-6) L 0 12
10/7/1967 @ *Kansas State (1-9) W 16 14
10/15/1966 vs. *Kansas State (0-9-1) W 21 10
10/16/1965 @ *Kansas State (0-10) W 41 0
10/17/1964 vs. *Kansas State (3-7) W 47 0
10/19/1963 @ *Kansas State (2-7) W 28 6
10/20/1962 vs. *Kansas State (0-10) W 26 6
10/7/1961 @ *Kansas State (2-8) W 24 0
10/8/1960 vs. *Kansas State (1-9) W 17 7
11/21/1959 @ *Kansas State (2-8) L 14 29
10/11/1958 vs. *Kansas State (3-7) L 6 23
10/5/1957 @ *Kansas State (3-6-1) W 14 7
10/13/1956 vs. *Kansas State (3-7) L 7 10
10/1/1955 @ *Kansas State (4-6) W 16 0
10/9/1954 vs. *Kansas State (7-3) L 3 7
10/3/1953 @ *Kansas State (6-3-1) L 0 27
10/11/1952 vs. *Kansas State (1-9) W 27 14
10/6/1951 @ *Kansas State (1-7-1) T 6 6
11/11/1950 vs. *Kansas State (1-9-1) W 49 21
10/8/1949 @ *Kansas State (2-8) W 13 6
11/6/1948 vs. *Kansas State (1-9) W 32 0
10/25/1947 @ *Kansas State (0-10) W 14 7
10/5/1946 vs. *Kansas State (0-9) W 31 0
11/10/1945 @ *Kansas State (1-7) W 24 0
11/25/1944 vs. *Kansas State (2-5-2) W 35 0
11/6/1943 @ *Kansas State (1-7) W 13 7
11/28/1942 vs. *Kansas State (3-8) L 0 19
11/1/1941 @ *Kansas State (2-5-2) L 6 12
11/30/1940 vs. *Kansas State (2-7) W 20 0
10/28/1939 @ *Kansas State (4-5) W 25 9
11/24/1938 vs. *Kansas State (4-4-1) W 14 7
11/27/1937 @ *Kansas State (4-5) W 3 0
11/21/1936 vs. *Kansas State (4-3-2) W 40 0
10/19/1935 @ *Kansas State (2-4-3) T 0 0
11/29/1934 vs. *Kansas State (7-2-1) L 7 19
10/21/1933 @ *Kansas State (6-2-1) W 9 0
10/29/1932 vs. *Kansas State (4-4) W 6 0
11/14/1931 @ *Kansas State (8-2) W 6 3
11/27/1930 vs. *Kansas State (5-3) L 9 10
11/23/1929 @ *Kansas State (3-5) W 10 6
11/29/1928 vs. *Kansas State (3-5) W 8 0
11/19/1927 @ *Kansas State (3-5) W 33 0
11/13/1926 vs. *Kansas State (5-3) W 3 0
11/14/1925 @ *Kansas State (5-2-1) T 0 0
11/22/1924 @ *Kansas State (3-4-1) W 24 0
11/29/1923 vs. *Kansas State (4-2-2) W 34 12
11/18/1922 vs. *Kansas State (5-1-2) W 21 0
10/14/1916 vs. *Kansas State (6-1-1) W 14 0
10/9/1915 vs. *Kansas State (3-4-1) W 31 0
10/17/1914 @ *Kansas State (1-5-1) W 31 0
10/11/1913 vs. *Kansas State (3-4-1) W 24 6
10/12/1912 vs. Kansas State (8-2) W 30 6
10/14/1911 vs. Kansas State (non-IA) W 59 0

Yeah, you can say we’ve met.  Nebraska is 77 - 15 - 3
against Kansas St and one third of those victories
were shutouts!  I think it is pretty safe to say we know

Now Johnny,

Let’s be careful about likening disgruntled Nebraska fans (Pelini non-believers) to Stalin.

That could easily lead to unmentionable parallels to Pelini followers.


Are you only addressing the idiots complaining about not getting the chance to play K-State or all the idiots? The ones lacking the ability to think logically? I don’t think the Bo-Leavers are any different genetically than the Bo-Keepers. Probably all level headed people. Most of us Bo-Leavers don’t hate Bo. We just have higher standards.

I would agree that Nebraska playing K-State would not be in Nebraska’s best interest. There is the distinct possibility that NU might lose that game.

However, the fact that Bill Snyder is coach at K-State would most likely make it a really entertaining time.

Folks, don’t get me wrong there are some good people down there in Kansas.  But the idea that Nebraska got “dissed” by the committee not choosing to pit Nebraska vs. Kansas St. is so flawed a piece of logic, it’s like the Democrats taking all of the popular Republican ideas about healthcare, passing a bill without a single Republican voting for it, not consulting with Republicans on how to implement it, having it blow up in your face and then trying to blame Republicans for it.  It’s stupidville out there right now.

Michigan will get a shot at playing Kansas St.  Personally I think K st. is going to get smeared but I could be wrong.  I like the Georgia Nebraska matchup better I just wish it would have been another year before we played them.  I mean, you all remember a few years ago when we played Washington like three times in two years?

Or when we played Wisconsin twice in one year.

Johnny, you’ve got too much time on your hands.  The little woman has me busy painting the kitchen, so I have a few opportunities to break free and write a little.  I can’t believe how ardent a supporter you are for Bo.  Coaches know that if they don’t meet expectations, they are gone.  Texas cutting Mack Brown loose is another message for you.  That man was a god down there, but now he’s done.  If TX can get rid of Mack, then surely NU can get rid of Bo.  One is a gentleman, articulate,  a fine representative of his school and won a national championship. I won’t get in to all the descriptors that have been used to describe Bo.  Aw,  it just hit me.  With your fine choice of words, your logic, and your hostility,  you must be related to Bo.  Now I understand!

“I would agree that Nebraska playing K-State would not be in Nebraska’s best interest. There is the distinct possibility that NU might lose that game.

However, the fact that Bill Snyder is coach at K-State would most likely make it a really entertaining time.

Eh, doubtfull we would lose.  The last time Nebraska lost to K St. Callahan was the head coach at Nebraska.  Kansas St. was 4-7 that year.  Eesh.  Man am I thankful for Pelini.

“Aw,  it just hit me.  With your fine choice of words, your logic, and your hostility,  you must be related to Bo.  Now I understand! “

ROFL.  I have to admit that was funny.  But no.  Mack Brown God in Texas?  Hardly.  Since Nebraska left the B12 Texas has been in a tail spin.  Not only in the win loss record but in the fact that a lot of their athletes were drug trafficking thugs.  Defending Bo isn’t just about the W/L collumn.  It’s about defending our University and it’s students from the type of crud that goes on at these other schools.

Miami boosters hiring hookers and strippers for their recruits.  Oklahoma St opting for, shall I say, the “Sandra Fluke” recruiting doctrine on their welcoming committee.  I don’t want that to be us.  I think Bo gets how special this place is and I am very appreciative of his efforts to keep the program clean and excelling academically.

Unlike Mr. Heady in the Journalism department who appearently thinks the committee scored a 16 on thier SATs when it came to the matchup.  I mean really, when Nebraska last played Kansas St.  Mr. Heady was probably taking his SAT.

I stated that MB ‘was’ a god in TX.  The worm has turned on him, and the worm has started to turn on Bo.  If Bo has a transformation over the summer and has a good fall campaign,  I will support him.  With his passion and intensity, he can be successful.  But he has to understand the emotional side of coaching, and how to manage it both for himself and the team.  And he is not there yet.  I started out many years ago as a young 22 year old class A basketball coach in Iowa, and I should have been fired.  But I see Bo making the same mistakes I made as a 22 year old.  Where’s the growth and maturity?  One thing for sure, it’s going to be an interesting 2014.  And unless he goes crazy, most of us will give him a pass on the bowl game, win or lose.  I hope he actually uses it as an extension of spring practice…  Little woman’s coming back down the stairs, got to get back to painting.


You have to understand that he had turned the corner over two years ago.  The audio tape was something some gutless punk in the media hung on to and waited until a deflating loss to spring it on him.  It was a character assasination attempt.  Punk move if you ask me.  But the media is what it is. 

They are simply out to railroad the guy.  Well, they failed.  As far as Bo’s sideline demeanor this year goes, you have to factor that tape into it.  We lose a game, and then someone pulls that cr@p out of the drawer?  Personally I agreed with him about the fans that night.  You don’t leave early and you don’t “boo” your own players while their fighting to win a game. 

He told those guys about togetherness and sticking together through it all and they came back and beat Ohio St.  So, a game that defined the guy’s coaching style winds up being presented as a weapon against the guys coaching style.  It’s just the kind of stupid stuff the left does to cloud everyone’s judgment.

The Cumulative GPA of the squad is higher than any before it dating all the way back to at least 1987.  The team is winning and showing signs of resiliency that some of Osborn’s teams lacked.  Coming from behind by double digits to win ball games, yet all the left want’s to talk about is his “tantrums.”

Heck Joe Pa got a broken leg during a practice.  It’s called football, but the refs and the lefts want to pansify it.

“Oh no, look, he’s waiving his hat around, hide the children.”  Oh please. (rolls eyes) 

You coach these kids up and mold them into fine young men, some of the finest there are and the refs try to take the game away.  I completely understood him losing his temper at Penn St.  Or the “Chicken$hit call” comment.  They may hate the way he acts, or they may hate him personally I don’t care.  The point is, he is getting results both on the field and in the classroom.  You said you were a coach so I know you get what I am saying.  You may not agree with it, but you do understand it.

Johnny,  What you are failing to understand is that Bo lacks emotional maturity and his team reflects it.  Granted, he had every right to be upset with that bad call on the block, but if he handles it correctly it can work in his favor.  Our AD needed to take that tape to the BIG administrators and ask for an explanation of that call (he can do that with that call and a few others too).  But when Bo goes ballistic it takes the focus off the bad call, and it puts the focus on him.  That ref should never call another NU game in the BIG, but I doubt that any discussion like that ever occurred because of Bo’s behavior.  There are ways for coaches and AD’s to address bad officiating, but going postal on the sidelines is not one of them.  Again, it makes Bo the center of attention and not the bad call.  Sometimes if a coach handles it correctly, you’ll get a make up call, but that will never happen with Bo and the team because he turns the whole crew against him.


Again, I get what you are saying but I don’t agree with it.  It’s the same failed logic that people use to go after Senator Cruz.  They say things like, well if he didn’t shut the government down over how bad he though Obamacare was going to be, then all we would be talking about now is how bad Obamacare’s roll out was. 

So the “logic” of the liberal left is, if the guy who told us how bad the situation is didn’t tell us about how bad the situation was we would only be talking about how bad the situation is.  It’s nothing but a bunch of liberal BS that tries to skewer anyone who tries to point out corruption.  That is exactly the kind of thinking we have to get rid of in our government and other offices of authority.  No, when someone gets ticked off at a situation, look at the situation, not the guy getting ticked off by it.  He is simply drawing attention to it. 

Unfortunately that kind of keen intellectual insight does not appear to be something the media or the left in general can quite wrap their tiny “me” minded minds around.

Anyone else see the irony in these comments?:

“What Peter tells you about Paul tells you more about Peter than it does Paul.” 

“And the bowl selection committee sent a very clear and obvious message if you care to accept and understand it. ”


together these support exactly what Johnny is saying about the bowl selection:

“What the bowl selection committee says about Nebraska tells you more about the bowl selection committee than it does about Nebraska”

The committee wants the biggest draw for their respective bowl that they can get.  Period.  Records are secondary to $$.

I guess the fact that I found it ironic says more about me than it does Petey!


ROFL.  Good on ya buddy.


I’m not sure but was the ‘coach’ formerly known as Ron Prince the coach?

I’m sure Georgia will prove to be entertaining. More so than OU vs Alabama.

You know, I’ve reversed my opinion of Bo Pelini. You have to get away from the emotion of the moment and review things from more of a broad stroke. His defense showed up and kicked ass. They did. They played awesome down the stretch. Someones doing their job obviously. It’s the QB’s that sucked! He showed he can coach and develop players, and furthermore, he has just shown he and his staff can recruit. Look at the beasts they are bringing in in this class alone! Not even mentioning Gregory, the new defensive star of the league from last year.
Look, if our defense was what it was like at the beginning of the season like it was at the end, and if we hadn’t been hit so severely by injuries, especially to Taylor Martinez, what would have our season looked like? With a healthy Martinez, a healthy O line and healthy receivers and backs it would have been a MUCH different season. Remember, before the injuries, it was being said we might have the best offense in the country. Granted, there is room for improvement, the turnovers HAVE TO STOP, and we need a punting game for the edge we need. But if we eliminate those 2 issues, we are a far better team and don’t loose those games to Minn and Iowa. And UCLA. Now we’re an 11 win team. How does BO look then? Pretty darn good.

They are ranking Michigan State nationally from #2 to #4 in the country right now and that’s a joke. A real joke. If we hadn’t turned it over so much, we could have easily beat them and Iowa. Now, Dantonio is an excellent coach, but they don’t have the talent like we do. They are Mich. State for goodness sakes! And now I think we’ve got just as much defensive talent as they do and they are the best D in the country.
No, I think with all the pressure this coaching staff have been under, changes will be made and we’ve already seen improvements. We are close. Very close. I think we give him another year or two and see what happens. If after 2 more years (8 total for Pelini) nothing has changed, it will be obvious. But I say give him another chance. We have to; Texas might be looking for a new coach!


hehe, you guys are cracking me up left and right today.
As for the OU Alabama game, I think you guys can take them.  It will be difficult but if anyone can get it done, it will be OU.  If they line up for a 50+ yard field goal, call a time out and ask them if they really think that would be a good idea?

There is also the case of the conservative ‘right’ that doesn’t condone emotional outbreaks. The logical ‘right’ holds their emotions under control. Your analygy of this being an attack from the ‘left’ doesn’t hold water.

Oh man, don’t bring up Ron Prince.  Now there was a terrible head coach.  I wrote a post saying he was going to get fired before that 2008 season was over and had three pages of posted responses from KSU fans touting his credentials and how good he was and how much of an idiot I was.  It was probably my most accurate college football prediction to date.  2009 was when Snyder came back and we beat them again and again.  To tie this back to the Big Ten, I’m looking forward to the fact that of all the people Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood fired from his staff this week, Offensive Coordinator Ron Prince was not one of them.  2014 is going to be like an all new conference again.

OK Johnny now we’re talking politics.  Cruz would have been smart to back away from the budget deal and advise people that we’re going to let Obamacare go it’s course and crash and burn.  As the way it worked out, Republicans got the blame for the gov. shutdown as they always do.  Cruz would have looked like a prophet (a very wise one) by pursuing that course of action.  When working with the democrats you have to out smart them and the media, Cruz and some other conservatives have yet to learn that just like Pelini has yet to learn that his sideline tantrums only dig his hole deeper.

I agree with Petey on sideline behavior. Officiating as we all know is very subjective. Much as the zebras try to be neutral they are still human beings and continually being berated and yelled at by a coach must be very tiring. You yourself have pointed out the poor officiating many times on these comment boards. How many of them are the result of refs tired of Bo? It’s a valid question. Bo must learn to control himself. He needs every break he can get and having the refs against him isn’t a good thing.

Prince is an offensive coordinator with some college team.  I don’t recall.  He was a jerk.  I am afraid Snyder will be coaching at KSU until he has a heart attack on the sideslines during a game and dies. 
I have been critical of Pelini for quite some time.  I am trying to change my attitude about his continued viability as NU’s HC.  I guess he definitely has his weak points.  I won’t bother listing them.  What we need to see out of BO is growth in majurity and how he projects himself during games.  First and foremost, don’t hurt the team by causing ref to throw a flag on you, the coach.  Second, don’t pull no-brainers, like fake punt in 3rd Q on our own 32 yd. line when we are rebounding and only 7 points down.  BO needs to demand more from his assistant coaches that equates into results.  If BO quits acting irratically, and stops wearing his emotions on his sleeve, the team will respond with less chaotic football play, fewer mistakes, penalties, etc.  It flows from the top down.  Let’s hope BO is mature enough to understand that fact.  He can do it.  He just needs to figure it out, and in his case, the sooner the better.


Admittedly, it is not wise to alienate the refs.  Yes, they are human and make mistakes but that is why we have instant replay.  If instant replay isn’t solving these issues then what good is it?  It’s not the ineptitude of the officials that really bothers me.  It’s the ineptitude of the entire officiating process.  If you can clearly see one of our players getting pushed out of bounds into a Michigan State player, I don’t see why it is we should get flagged for a late hit, but their player isn’t flagged for an illegal block in the back.  But, the reasoning is simple.  The flag was for the late hit, and you cannot use instant replay to create a penalty.

Bo isn’t the problem.  It’s the officials.

Calls like that, at that particular time in the game can decide games.  Perhaps that is why the player chose that play to perform the push?  Stuff like that.  If you think there isn’t politics in play on the officiating side of the house, I would love for some of you to sit down with a good friend of mine who is a B12 official.


Would-a-should-a-could-a.  The point is, he was right to call the administration and Harry Reid out on the debacle the law was.  It’s affects, and the ineptitude with which the left railroaded it through the legislatures with lies and deceit.  He was right to point out that they changed their argument to Congress’s ability to tax and not Penalize a person for not having healthcare.  He was right. 

Yes, the Republicans got blamed for shutting down the government but I think most knowledgeable people realize it was actually the democrats not willing to negotiate that really shut it down.  “We want a clean continuing resolution, no negotiations.  The house sent budget matter after budget matter to the Senate, but Harry Reid simply didn’t want to play ball.  He wanted what he wanted and threw a tantrum until he got it.

Now he deploys the “nuclear option” because even he knows he can’t keep the dems together on this abomination of a law.  Nor do they seem to get much clarity on anything else amongst their own party.  But blaming Republicans for tying up the appointments was a convenient way to draw the attention away from his parties own idiocy.

Heck I heard the other day the Dems were blaming Fox News for the debacle.  Really?  The next thing we are going to hear is that the Computer Servers are racists.

It really is stupidville out there, and folks think that others who call them on it are out of touch, throwing tantrums, lack demeanor?  We need to throw these do nothing, know nothing democratic bums out on their rears.

Kathleen Sebilius (sp) pointing her finger and talking condescendingly about the people who are calling for her resignation, saying she doesn’t work for them.  The last time I saw a woman do that to the camera she at least had the dubious distinction of recently having a house fall out of the sky and land on her sister.

Now she says she wasn’t in charge of it.  No one knows who was in charge of the site.  (rolls eyes)  Please!  I am sick of all these lies and idiots who tell them.  At this point I would be willing to throw a bucket of water on her to see if she melts.

@Johnny_Nebraska - I admire your undying support for Bo…but your cracks at ‘the left’ and the Affordable Care Act are lame.  While I will concede that the rollout of the ACA website was a complete and total f*ck up…I would like to point out that the Democrats DID consult the Republicans about the language of the bill…and the law is mostly conservative ideas anyway…developed from a blueprint designed by Republicans in Congress and the Heritage Foundation (conservative think tank).  Hell, Tricky Dick Nixon advocated the same type of health care law back in the early 70’s…sans website screw up.  The reason no Republicans voted for the ACA is the same reason Republicans haven’t voted in favor of ANY of President Obama’s initiatives OR appointees: they are obstructionists (most obstructionist Congress in HISTORY…as a matter of fact) who can’t stand to see him get anything done because they can’t stand the fact that they lost to him - pure and simple.  Also…I didn’t hear any right wing chirping when Dubya’s medicare prescription drug expansion became law in 2004.  That roll out was as big a failure as the ACA website…and yet today that law is overwhelmingly popular with seniors.  Let the bugs get worked out of the ACA website…and let’s see how popular it is.  Anyways…your argument that the ACA was designed wholly by ‘the left’ is a common right wing talking point…and its garbage.

And as long as we’re talking about the ‘the failures’ of a Presidential administration and political party…I’m still waiting for someone…ANYONE to find some WMDs in Iraq (besides the few empty chemical shells they found from the 1980’s).  THREE TRILLION DOLLARS wasted on that little escapade (that has nearly bankrupted our country)...but more importantly…over 4400 American lives lost…and up near 50,000 injured (plus 100,000’s of Iraqi civilians dead).  But where is the outrage about all of that?  As opposed to the FAKE outrage we see from the ‘right’ on a daily basis about Benghazi.

But I digress…this is not a political message board…this is a Nebraska Cornhusker message board…and I am with you on your support for Bo.  Like I posted above…all Bo has to do to shut up his whiny detractors is WIN.  Winning takes care of everything.  If Nebraska was undefeated and ranked in the top 5 in the country…and Bo has that little sideline tirade and postgame meltdown…almost all of these ‘Bo detractors’ would be in support of him.  As long as you’re winning (and winning the right way…w/out cheating, paying players, etc) fans can put up with a lot of stuff from their coaching staff.

I just had to call you out on that other crap.


First off the recruiting is going great this year.  Second I am not saying his behavior on the sidelines was good for the Iowa game but considering he probably felt he just lost his job over this game I can see this happening.  Under all the preasure he was under (some self induced, alot from the media and the fans) but up until that game his demeanor on the sidelines had improved.  All coaches get mad on the sidelines, I would imagine if cameras would have been on TO all game long there were times he was pissed off too.  I think this goes on SE shoulders had he talked to Bo privately (no cameras or microphones nearby) and told him that he liked where we were heading and not to worry about his job that explosion doesn’t happen.  When someone treats your family poorly I am sure you have had moments that were not always in the best taste or interest of the situation.  I think if you look at this team from the beginning of the year you have to know that the talent is coming, we just need to shore up a few areas and next year the board will be full of how great he is.  Think if MS fired Dantonio based on his record last year, sometimes people need to just relax and let the powers be that are spending the money on him make the decisions.  I feel bad for the players having to deal with this negative talk day in and day out.  We have so much to look forward to with this group, and I know they feel as bad about the turnovers as anyone.  It will get corrected this year, and so will the punt team.  GBR

Two quick comments:

Can we please not make this political? Republicans: Obama is not as bad of a president as you think he is. Democrats: Obama is not as good of a president as you think he is. Once you join a side you automatically become unconsciously biased, so no matter how much you think you’re being logical, there is still bias there. And yes, I realize now I’m making it political, so I’ll just leave and skip my second comment…



Once again you all were deceived by the left.  We found over 550 chemical weapon munitions in Iraq after the ground invasion, and over 500 metric tons of Uranium Yellow cake.  Scott Ritter did what he could but the Clinton way of doing things wasn’t getting the job done.

The left simply said that, they don’t count.  Well as a former artillery officer I can tell you how we can solve this issue.  Grab a lawn chair and a roll of duct tape and meet me at Daily Hill Ft. Sill Oklahoma.  We will load 4 or 5 of these rounds into a 105mm or 155mm howitzer and fire them at you.  We will wait for an hour, then we will send in an NBC team, that would be a Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare team not a National Broadcasting Company team, they will come later.  We will let the NBC crew use their M8 paper and other chemical detection devices to ensure the are is all clear, then we will let the journalists in so they can ask your twisted, blistered, oozing and twitching corpse whether or not you think those rounds should have counted?

Additionally, In June 2004, the United States removed 2 tons of low-enriched uranium from Iraq, sufficient raw material for a single nuclear weapon.

<i>“On July 2008, 550 metric tonnes of “yellowcake” the last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program, a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium, arrived in Montreal as part of a top-secret U.S. operation. This transport of the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment, included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a voyage across two oceans. The Iraqi government sold the yellowcake to a Canadian uranium producer, Cameco Corp., in a transaction the official described as worth “tens of millions of dollars.”<i>

The re-write of history now claims that the weapons were in a degraded state and most-likely would not have been usable.  So the simple question remained, “If these weapons were not useable why not get rid of them to lift the sanctions on Iraq.”  The answers strained reality ranging from “they don’t count because they were made prior to 1990,” to “Well they must have forgotten about them.”  Neither answer would have been deemed sufficient reason to let Hussein get away with murder.

But these types of stories are forgotten when the wusses get in power.



I agree.  I usually come here to get away from the political BS that is happening in my office.  But, sometimes when a know nothing lefty pops off about an actual government operation we had to coordinate with 5 different countries in an effort to get the danger out of the hands of the dangerous, it get’s under my skin a little.  There are operations we perform everyday that you all know nothing about to keep this country from harm.

BTW, Grendel, under George Bush we spent almost a trillion dollars on the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Barrack Obama spent 2.3 trillion dollars on a failed healthcare law and over 600 million on failed web-site.

I agree that we need to keep politics off this board.  My thinking is with our huge amount of debt, so many people on the dole and our poor leadership on both sides of the aisle, the whole thing is going to crash and burn anyway.  What they’re fighting about now is who is going to pick up the pieces and try to put it back together.  The average guy and our kids are screwed.


LOL agreed.  Sometimes watching these guys is like watching folks redecorate a room on a ship that is sinking.  I just wish they would stop lying to us about this stuff.  Republicans warned the Dems of what was going to happen and the Dems were in control of it all and didn’t listen.  Republicans told Harry Reid that the ACA would increase the healthcare costs not decrease them.  They warned him that people would lose their insurance and their doctor.  Reid accused them of “making up their own facts.”  Just abominable. 

You know, when you realize that the Republicans have been kicking this thing around for 30 years now, wouldn’t you think that the Dems just might want to ask their opinion on how to implement it?  I mean, why did they shut the republicans out of the meetings?  What was that all about?

Ok, honestly, that is the last of the stuff in my political junk drawer for now.  Let’s get back to talking football.

Back to football,  I wish someone would go through these rating services and see how many of the 5 star athletes actually were big contributors to there teams, how many transfered, how many graduated, how many are good standing citizens in there community, how many are successful business men, etc.  Once football is done are the stars important?  I will take a 3 or 4 star guy that wants his education paid for and is willing to work his butt off to make sure that happens, than goes on to play in the NFL if lucky enough to do so and if not is a good individual of high standards that represents this school for a long time.  I think there is to much said about all the four and five star athletes, ESPN 300, 100, 50.  Maybe someone needs to hold them accountable for there pressure they put on these young men.  I know it will never happen but does anyone know of anything like this out there now?

This is a positive thing our coaches are doing a great job righ t now in recruiting and instead of congratulate the kid and his family you bring up stupid bullshit again.. welcome to the family Mr Slade.. most of the husker fans arnt delusional ass bags but just like any family you always have a screwed up uncle or two and a couple of backwards cousins.. People are passionate about football here and sometimes they can’t realize when they are hurting the team and not helping.. Go Big Red!  Keep up the good work!

Larr & Twauto22,

Well said.

And you guys need to stop reading the world herald like its scripture.. Sam is a dork along with those other herald writers.. They picked Michigan vs K State because. Karate fans will so up and Michigan is a big name.. If Oklahoma wouldn’t have moved into a B C S bowl it would have been us vs them.. They had no plan of us playing in that bowl against anyone other than OK or Texas.. The bowl said they didn’t want Texas because Baylor will be playing in their B C S Abowl.. Us vs Georgia is better than us vs K State.. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.. if we played K S U and didn’t win we look bad but if we play Georgia and win we have momentum into next year

Johnny_Nebraska - your expenditure numbers, both on Dubya’s wars and the ACA…are GARBAGE…plain and simple…and now you’re just making sh*t up.  Turn off the Faux ‘News’ propaganda and get a clue.

Also…I enjoyed the msnbc link you attached.  I couldn’t help but notice the paragraph that said “The territory of northern Iraq where the traces of ricin were detected IS NOT under the control of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.”...LOL.  Sooo…the U.S. simply couldn’t have bombed that terrorist site (as it sounds like they did) or deploy special forces to seize these weapons and kill or detain these terrorists?  Kind of like how the Obama administration deployed special forces into Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden?  Neat…clean (except for a lost Black Hawk helicopter) large scale war needed…a few trillion dollars saved.

Also, speaking of large scale ground invasions in Asia (I can attach links too)’s a link where former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates (the same Republican Robert Gates that was appointed by your boy Dubya…at the recommendation of his father, George H.W.)  talked to an audience of cadets at West Point…the next generation of the United States Army officer corp…about the wisdom of such large scale invasions like Iraq:

Finally…you don’t need to lecture me about ‘operations performed…to keep this country from harm.’  I served in the United States Army (31F with a secret clearance…and 88M)...and I know a thing or two about sacrifices made serving our country.

K…enough.  I’m done talking about all of that.


My other perception is that not everyone gets the BTN, Longhorn network, Fox Midwest so on and so forth, but everyone gets ESPN.  ESPN dumps ton of money into the SEC, so they are going to promote them like crazy, and that is why you see so many of the SEC ranked at the beginning of the year.  I am not saying that they don’t have good teams but a team that isn’t ranked will find a harder time getting up than they do coming down the polls.  When Nebraska and Oklahoma were in the Big 8 the perception in the nation was that was the best conference so who ever won that game was almost automatically go for national title or to one of the best bowls out there.  So comparing the bowls we are going to now with than in my opinion is not totally accurate.

The WMD’s got shipped from Iraq to Sudan. I have an eye witness. Press covered it up.


Again, trying to convince the irrational using rational arguments is simply a lesson in futility.  Grendel, congratulations on becoming a Network Switching specialist in the Army, but as we often say in the Combat Arms Battalions, there are two kinds of soldiers.  11B’s and 11 wana B’s.

The point being is that the left has difficulty dealing with the truth.  That is why we still have kids wondering around the country thinking we didn’t find any WMD’s in Iraq.  Heck even the President through his hands up and said if they can’t believe it when we find them, then fine, let them think we didn’t.  We know we made a difference and that is all that really matters.

Grendel, also you might want to take a look at the Interview in 1998 between Madeline Albright and a young journalist Leslie Shawl I think it was.  They talked about how Hussein was letting half a million Iraqi children under the age of 5 die of starvation while he continued to build palaces for himself and the glorious socialist government he was instituting.  More than half of the civilians you say died in the Iraq war actually died prior to combat operations.  We didn’t kill them the shoe shine boy did.

I was originally a 77-Wiskey (Water Purification) for a year, then a 77-Fox-Trot (Petroleum Pipeline Operations) before becoming a 95Bravo (Combat MP) for the last 4 years before moving on to Security Forces in the Air Force for the last 14 years.

We had 11B’s with us at Thumrait, Oman. We were the staging base for the bombing campaign in Afghanistan back in 2001-2002.

We had some B-1’s come in shot up several times and lost one of our bombers trying to divert to Diego Garcia, but it went down in the Arabian sea.

Pretty hairy over there.

Not as hairy as what you guys did, though. I felt that I needed to clarify that.

Dang, its like xmas before xmas on this recruit thing, wooohooo!


Well it really isn’t important what you did to serve. It really just is important that you served and did your job well.  We may chide one another about our jobs in good fun, but all that serve are needed. 

These kids are good hard working kids. These coaches are good hardworking coaches. It really is just a matter of time.

OMG I wish I could run the dive on 1st down, throw when it doesn’t make since, turn the ball over every game.. Way to go Tim Beck!

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges is the only other Big Ten assistant in the top 10 nationally in total pay ($709,300). Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck ($700,000) is next, followed by Ohio State defensive coordinators Luke Fickell ($610,000) and Everett Withers ($585,000), Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi ($558,908) and Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman ($555,000).

Here we go again talking about how much folks are getting paid.

That is a freaking awesome article.

look, we don’t hate him, we just want him gone…to like North Texas or something.

Gone, and hire who?  Seems to me there are very few coaches out there with his track record.

Johnny_Nebraska:  Ahh…so 11Bs have the market cornered when it comes to military service, sacrifice, bravery and honor.  I’ll remember that the next time I visit the graves of my Signal Corps/Motor Transport brethren who died in action in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other armed conflict involving the U.S. military.

And I see that you are now changing the conversation about the invasion of Iraq…from a mission for a search for WMDs to a humanitarian mission.  Okay…
While the treatment by Saddam towards his people was heinous, unconscionable and completely indefensible…this new line of reasoning that you are now purporting does beg the question:  If Dubya and ‘draft deferment Dick Cheney’ were so concerned about humanitarian missions and preventing atrocities against their fellow man…why didn’t their administration send any troops to Darfur, Sudan while in office?  I mean…since we’re talking mass killings and genocide…and you’re apparently proclaiming Dubya and ‘draft deferment Dick Cheney’ champions of human rights…why not any missions into Africa…areas that witnessed atrocities at least ten times worse than the oppression Iraqis faced under Saddam?  It couldn’t possibly be because there are NOT billion$ of gallon$ of oil reserve$ under the Darfur area of Sudan…like there are in Iraq…could it?

And please clarify who you are referring to by ‘shoe shine boy.’  I have an idea…but I’m thinking you do not have the TEMERITY (another word for BALLS…for you ‘bad ass’ 11Bs) to admit to the world what that comment meant.  We shall see…

Finally…Johnny_Nebraska…I will post these two links:


Read ‘em and weep.  Notice…no mention of finding your phantom ‘500 metric tons of Uranium Yellow cake’.  I guess at the end of the day we believe what we want to believe.  But when Bush’s own appointed inspector reports nothing was found (no nuclear, biological or chemical weapons…just some missile designs) looks pretty bad.  I guess the final question we must ask ourselves is…considering all the blood and treasure the U.S. sacrificed over there…was it worth it?

I am pleased to present my incredibly unpopular conviction regarding troops and their so-called ‘service’.

For the record: I DON’T support troops, never have, never will.  That is to say, I in no way advocate or will ever advocate trained and legalized genocidal murderers that defined and enforce the imperialistic interests and gain of the ruling classes(those who keep me enslaved) of the world, whether they be pharoanic, monarchic, or capitalistic/socialistic/communistic.  I also don’t support, national guard, or anyone wearing a stupid uniform and given legalized permission to harm or kill or engage anyone they see fit, again, in defense of my masters.

Unfortunately, and this is the clincher that really makes my blood boil:  I’m am forced by one set of troops, the local ones that went from blue uniforms to black signaling paid executioner status, I am forced by the one set to pay, through as certain large % of my income, that’s right, taxes, and therefore a certain % of my life, for ALL troops associated with the corporate/capitalistic state, whether they be previously or currently or future active troops.  I especially have a problem with retired troops living off pensions that, again, are part of the legalized extortion racket, again, enforced by one branch or various branched—and they a many and growing—of troops.

So, when all you blab on parroting the voice of 100% propagandized indoctrination of ‘troop supporting’ and ‘service’ and ‘freedom’, just remember, no armies of troops, whether they be Egyptian, Roman, medieval, or the current statist murderers, just remember it’s all one big, ugly, genocidal lie.  Troops have never, in all of civilized history, fought for or provided freedom or ‘liberty’ for any of the peoples of the world, in fact they have produced the opposite—more enslavement and death.

Isn’t just a tad bit morbidly ironic that thru all the decades of US state sponsored troops ‘defending our freedom’ that what has been the actual accomplishment is a US society that is rapidly collapsing economically and growing as rapidly into a fascist police and surveillence state, the likes of which the world has never scene before and which the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Stassi, Mao, Pol Pat, or any tyrant from any era would completely envy as to its depth and breadth.  Yea, thats what all your ‘service’ and ‘freedom fighting’ has gotten us, I know that’s a really hard one to swallow but just give it time to sink in, in may take the harder of thinking a decade or so.

And just a reminder, all you former, or current or future, or retired living off the statist’s and therefore taxpayer’s teet, you are NOT free market capitalists, you are at best socialists, and well, it’s actually closer to communism these days.  Yea, YOU Mr. USA Armyman and cop, YOU are a communist, just like your socalled capitalist/corporatist brethren, parasitiing off the rest of the rest of us that actually produce.

So, I have no respect or support for troops.  When I see them, I run the other way…

Truth’s a bitch.


Again, it’s like you can’t see the forest through the trees.  The reason why they don’t want to mention what we actually found is because it runs counter to their socialist communist interests.  In the very articles you site it is clearly stated that Saddam Hussein was waiting to start his WMD programs up again at a later date after the sanctions had been lifted.

The constant stupidity of the liberal left is in play here.  We know he killed 100,000’s of people, we know that he used chemical weapons on his own people and he himself was quoted as stating that if he had a nuclear weapon he would fire it at the United States. 

We found stockpiles of old weapons, so yes, we did find stockpiles.  They fit the legal description of chemical weapons and as such they were considered WMDs.  Yes, massive amounts of Uranium Yellowcake (500 metric tonnes) were transported to Canada. 

I really cannot believe you say there is no mention of the Yellowcake when I showed you the article that was originally reported by MSNBC—not exactly a friend of the Bush administration that clearly stated what happened to it.  You lefties have no freaking clue what it was we found over there or how quickly he could have re-constituted his arsenal had we not invaded.  Your mind set was that oh, they don’t count or he must have forgotten about them.  Neither insipid excuse is reason enough to allow that mass murderer to continue to live.  Nor, if accepting that stupidity on face value, would be reason enough to believe he would be compliant in the future.

Grendel, take a step back from the stupidity the left wants you to believe by making all these excuses for their poster child of middle-east socialism and simply ask yourself this.  If millions of your people are dying of starvation because you won’t get rid of a stock pile of what the liberal left is trying to convice us are worthless weapons, what kind of leader are you?  If you won’t allow the inspectors to inspect the areas they want to inspect to ensure you have destroyed ALL of your chemical weapons, what does that say about you?  If your country can instantaneously be back on sound footing with the International community if you simply destroy this stockpile of “WORTHLESS WEAPONS” and you don’t do it?  What does that tell them?

It tells them the moment you think you are able to do so, you will make these weapons again.  So to ballance out his supreme stupidity in grand fasion, simply put, he had to go.  One way, or another, he had to go.

So the left doesn’t want to admit they were wrong.  They just want to point to the things we found and say “WE CHOOSE NOT TO BELIEVE THIS MATTERS.”  Fine jerk offs, but that simply means you cannot be trusted with leadership as well.  And it just so happens that the left is proving it more and more with every passing day of this pittifull Presidency and Senate Democrat Majority.

So yes, to answer your question, it was worth it.
Now, do what your leaders tell you and “embrace the suck!”

Changing the subject back to football, got a new post today:


Sorry, yes, by all means, back to football.

That’s fine T-Dogg,

It’s your right. We just like your input on this website.

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