Add the 2007 Husker Football Schedule to your Calendar


You're at work filling out your TPS report when your boss calls. He wants to know if you can go ahead and come in on September 15th. M'kay?

The fifteenth. The fifteenth. You know something is going on that day but Outlook says your day is clear. Before you can think of an excuse you tell him, "Sure Bob. I'll be there." You hang up the phone. And then it hits you.

The Huskers play USC on September 15th! Oh, the humanity!

First of all, you should never work for a company that makes you work on Husker football game days. Second, just to be safe, you should download our 2007 Husker Football Schedule and add it to your calendar.

2007 Husker Football Schedule

The 2007 Husker Football Schedule can be downloaded for free and added to almost any calendar: Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Calendar... You get the idea. Here's how.

Instructions for Outlook Users

1) If you use Outlook, just right-click on this link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As."

2) In Outlook, go to File -> Import -> "Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file" and select the .ics file you just downloaded.

You should see an appointment in your calendar for every Husker game.

Warning: If you click the link above instead of right-clicking, Outlook will probably only add an appointment for one game instead of all of the games. Don't ask me why.

Instructions for iCal Users

1) If you use iCal, just click on this link and open the file in iCal. The appointments should be automatically added to your calendar.

2) There is no step 2.

Instructions for Google Calendar Users

1) Click this button to add this schedule to your Google Calendar

Your calendar will automatically be updated when game times are announced for future games.

2) There is no step 2.

If you have any questions or would like to add this schedule to a calendar that is not listed here, just file a report in the comments below and we'll help you out. Just make sure you use the new cover letter. M'kay?

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Jason - you are a super geek. And, I mean that in the best way possible.

This is just another reason why BRN is *the* place for Husker fans.

When was the last time the Journal Star or gave you cool tech advice? I’m gonna go with never.

Hey there,

Are these links dynamically updated?  (In other words, will game times, once known, automatically appear in our calendar.) The google calendar is a great tool.  I wish more people would publish calendars like this.  Thanks for providing a great service. 

Hi Maury,

Thanks! I’m glad you find this useful.

The calendar is *not* dynamic, so unfortunately game times will not dynamically appear in your Outlook or iCal calendar.

It would be possible to setup the Google Calendar to automatically update for folks. Instead of downloading this file you’d just subscribe to my Husker Schedule calendar and it would automatically appear in your online calendar.

If there is enough interest in this, I’d be happy to set it up.

Hey there,

I currently use Google Calendars.  It is an incredibly useful tool.  My question is this:

This link doesn’t appear to be dynamically updated?  (In other words, game times, once known, won’t automatically appear in our calendar.)  It appears though as you are sending a stand-alone calendar that can only be imported into an existing calendar.  I could be wrong, but I believe there is a way to publish a link to a “public” calendar.  This way, us google users can add it to our “Other Calendars” and anytime the creator of the original calendar makes a change it will be automatically shown in everyone’s calendar that points to the link. (For example including an updated game time, or listing who we will be playing in the National Championship… : )

Thanks for providing a great service!  BRN is   a great Husker Blog! 

You’re right Maury. I just updated the instructions and added a button to dynamically subscribe to the Husker schedule.

If you use Google Calendar, your calendar will be automatically updated when future game times are announced.

Not sure why I didn’t do that to begin with. :)

I saw that movie, Jennifer Anniston was in it—pretty cool.

I work in the carpenter’s union, we normally don’t work weekends.  If we do, it’s either time and 1/2 or double time, period.

Our slogan:  Union, the organization that gives you back THE WEEKEND!

I predict at least 9 BR regular season games will be televised one way or the other.  Sign up for ESPN Gameplan, ya’ll.

Great Work!

That is even easier than I expected! (From the end users point of view at least. : )

One Snag, it appears all game times may be EST… not sure if that was intentional.  I like the fact you included the photo day as well.  Any chance of putting in the date of the B12 Championship, (Dec 1)? I can’t have my wife looking at my calendar thinking that day is free!

Thanks again!


I just double checked that the schedule calendar is set to CDT. (The Nevada game shows kickoff at 2:30 CDT which should be right.) I’m not sure why it would be off by an hour for you.

Oh, and I just added the Big 12 Championship Game. I like to see that optimism! :)

I’m a Mac user and I couldn’t get the file to open in iCal. That is until I deleted the .ifb from the end of the file name. Then it worked fine.

Thanks for the calendar!

Thanks for the schedule, it’s nice. Since I live in Chicago, even the most basic BR info is hard to come by, let alone seeing a game on TV.

BTW, All my times are loading into Outlook 2 hours later than game time.  (my PC is set to Central Time)?

Jason- Do you have a new calendar download for the 2008 season.  I loved having last years in front of me everytime I checked my calendar.  PRICELESS!!!!

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