A Salute to Nebraska’s Seniors

Saturday's game against Minnesota may not generate a ton of enthusiasm around the state or around the nation but it will be the final home game for the seniors. This group has the chance to be the first to go through a season undefeated at home and to play in a BCS bowl in eleven years, and the first to be conference champions in thirteen. That's worth a tip of the cap.


The seniors include Bo Pelini favorite in safety Daimion Stafford, wideout and return man Tim Marlowe, defensive ends Eric Martin, Joseph Carter and Cameron Meredith, safeties Courtney Osborne and P.J. Smith, receiver Stephen Osborne, running back Rex Burkhead, tight ends Kyler Reed and Ben Cotton, cornerback Jase Dean, defensive back Justin Blatchford, linebackers Sean Fisher (though Fisher could get another season), Alonzo Whaley, and Will Compton, defensive tackle Baker Steinkuhler, center Justin Jackson, guard Seung Hoon Choi, long snapper P.J. Mangieri and kicker/punter Brett Maher.

The group is a mix of fifth-year seniors, walk-ons, junior college transfers, and four-year players. Burkhead might be the most beloved but he's one of many that have made important contributions. Every senior has spent their entire NU career under coach Pelini. Nebraska hasn't seen a class of seniors spend their Husker careers under a single head coach since 2003.

They won't go down in history as the best group of seniors we've ever seen at Nebraska, but they could be the best in more than a decade. It's a group that may have finally restored the order by delivering a conference championship.

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Except Antonio Bell won’t be there.  Any offical word, other than “team rules”, why he was released from the team?  The various “media” was implying by text association (i.e., gossip) that it had something to do with a blowup between him and Bo.  If true, will Stafford be dismissed as well?  The sideline camera seemed to show Bo giving Stafford love pats a few plays after their blow up.

What I mean by text association and gossip is that in every instance where it was reported Bell had been dismissed, it was immediately followed by the recount of the sideline blowup, without actually stating they were connected, only implying by association.  (I think this is sometimes called yellow journalism? or perhaps there’s a better term?)

Better term- first time iam realizing this but thears obvious conflict between players and coaches, tried to be kept behind closed doors. And it showed Saturday its not wat they make it out to be. Sad

Gentlemen…ever see Nick Saban tear into one of his players???  how about the honorable Mike Leach?  Steve Spurrier?  What about the scholarly-looking coach who recently slapped one of his own coaches(yeah, on national TV)?  For many of us who really want Bo to succeed, I really wish the media could focus on some of the other coaches out there that desperately want to win and get sick and tired of seeing their players making the same stupid mistakes over and over and ........did anyone see Muschamp and his rididulous attempt to intimidate one of his players with a stare that even scared me???  Point here is simply this my fellow husker fans…I am very weary of the media focusing on our coach with the hope he will rip someone’s head off and spit in the stump when there is a real live game going on…Bo is Bo…ask yourselves this:  after watc hing the games this year, and seeing the litanny of ridiculous mistakes. fumbles, dropped passes, watching average runners gaff our defensive line,  seeing our QB run for his life due to a line that will never be confused with the Pipeline, can you really blame him for losing it once in a while?  Hell, I don’t dare wear my shoes when I watch this team play for fear of putting my foot through the TV…Let us hope next year things will look up…half-full, guys, half-full.

Any word on Burkheads status? Will he get to see the field this year?

Well put Cpt. Bly. Lets see if its put to rest, doubtful.
As far as the heated exchange between Bo and Stafford, you didn’t see much of Bo right after the blow up talking to both Compton and Stafford right after. Not many paid attention to the fact that Bo mentioned I think twice about how HE and the coaches put the defense in horrible positions that caused PSU to take advantage. Like Saban, Kelly, Spurier, etc. Bo expects perfection out of his players AND himself. When you think about it, Staffords expectation and passion are what Bo wants from this team. We definatly saw a tighter unit after the half. Lets see if the press can get a follow up today at the presser.

All football coaches are like Bo…to a degree. Captain Bly is right…half full people. Look at what our team has accomplished this year and look at how many improvements have been made…the players AND coaches have really stepped it up. Sure they still shoot themselves in the foot too much but they’re working on it. These guys are MUCH better, even the defense which has no big names on it at all - probably no NFL players. But the offense is the best we’ve had in a long, long time; the receiving corps is the best at Nebraska ever I think, and our rushing is one of the best in the country. We are in the top 10 in scoring and total offense. We are a three headed monster that ever the best defenses in the country can’t stop. And Taylor Martinez REALLY has stepped it up and his passing is a true threat now…we can beat you through the air if we have to and have many times. Besides Ohio State, we’re the best team in the B1G. And we did it this year without our best player, a rusher, and we’re still tops in rushing. We are ranked in or near the top 15 in the country at the moment and are no longer the laughing stock.
In our 2 years in the B1G, we’ve beaten Michigan, Wisconsin (both avenging blowout losses the year before), Ohio State, Penn State (2ce), Michigan State (2ce), and Iowa. All the big boys.
Bo wants to win so bad that when they guys aren’t doing it on the field like they were taught, it’s gotta be frustrating. Sometimes I think Bo needs MORE discipline, and he ought to put the fear of God in these guys…‘mess up like that again and your going to find my foot right up your ass’ type of thing. Too much coddling but what do I know. We’re not inside.
Take the positives when you can!

The walkons, immediately come to mind. The outsanding Choi, who probably goes back to Korea, after all this. Equally impressive Justin Jackson and Blactchford and the indispensable duo of Maher and Mangieri. Shoot, all 5 are indispensable and were a major part of restoring the intangible of local pride, inside the program.

A few guys on the overall list, you thought might’ve finished out better, but, there’s no accounting for all the injuries you don’t know about. They commited to Nebraska, coming off of, in terms of expectations, the most disappointing season, ever.
Now, they’re soon to take part in Nebraska’s 3rd conference title game, in 5 years.

Good lord, Football without passion is like pizza without meats.  Yeah, it’s technically still pizza, but COME ON!!!

Note to the “media:”  We are keeping Pelini so go find something else to whine about—okay?

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