A New Chapter in a Rich History with the Hurricanes

For a team that Nebraska's only played 10 times, Miami has sure been a memorable opponent.  In fact, it might be fair to call it the most significant rivalry for the Huskers not involving a team that it's shared a conference with.  The two teams will meet in Lincoln in September.


After a 1950's home and home saw each host claim victory, the two teams next met in the 1962 Gotham Bowl.  NU eked out a 36-34 victory in their first ever bowl win  (and only their third bowl appearance) in their first season under head coach Bob Devaney in a back and forth contest.  A pair of games took place in Lincoln in 1975-1976 seasons that the Huskers won over an unranked Hurricane squad.

The fireworks really started when the two teams met with the national championship on the line in the 1984 Orange Bowl (which happened to be Miami's home stadium).  Nebraska head coach Tom Osborne opted to attempt a 2-point conversion as the game ended for an outright victory when a near certain PAT kick would have delivered him a national championship .  A rematch in that stadium five years later went solidly in favor of the 'Canes, as did one three years after that which produced another national title for Miami.  The Huskers finally turned the tables as the visiting team in 1995, claiming Tom Osborne's first national championship.  The schools met one final time in the Rose Bowl (again for the nation's crown) only to see the Hurricanes cruise to an easy win.

Neither program appears anywhere near a title contender.  Both schools finished 9-4 a year ago and will be breaking in young quarterbacks.  They also each have a standout running back and kick returner coming back.  If we look at computer ratings for the teams a year ago, we see the Huskers might have been a touchdown favorite at home.  That's in part due to a bad 2-4 finish for Miami after winning 7 games to start the season.  As usual, the Hurricanes recruit well so they'll bring a good amount of talent to Lincoln.

Hard to say this far out whether this game will be a gem or one of the more forgettable outings in the storied series.  At this point, it appears to be the most attractive home game on the schedule.  Who wouldn't prefer a ticket to this one over Florida Atlantic, McNeese State, Illinois, Rutgers, Purdue, or Minnesota?

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“...will be breaking in young quarterbacks.”

I think we broke in TA last year.

My school mate Jeff Smith was the back who had the failed 2 point pass play go off his fingertips. Wichita Southeast High Buffalo product. He was a slashing tailback, and one of NU’s best ever.

@ou7turds I bet your pom poms Jeff Smith does’nt know you. yuk yuk

Hey, it’s red a-hole, everybody!

Did I say that Jeff Smith knew me. No, I didn’t.

What I did say was that he was one of NU’s best tailbacks ever.

Next time I post I’ll use pictures (just for you) so you can at least get a general idea.

Too bad you’re not as good at reading as you are window peeking.

Smith was a great back!!!  OU7 ~ never mind the NU meth heads!  Their brains are fried on paranoid delusions of football fantasies - apparently a common NU addiction trait.
I can predict that if Pelini should lose against Miami at home, that will be a bad omen for things to come in the 2014 season, AND fans will see BOP begin the process of emotional unraveling we unfortunately witnessed during and after the Iowa game in Lincoln last season.  Fresno away is no gimmie game either.  it could get ugly early on this fall unless BOP gets his act together.

Glad to see BOP is tweeting now.  That will surely make a world of difference come this fall!@#$%^&*

Realilty avoidance at NU.  La, la la, la la!!!  They’re coming to take him away, ha ha!!!

Gonna be a tough game w dem Sugar Canes.  They arent the greatest rushing team, 72nd last year.  As a whole they can be maybe more inconsistent than the Skers.  Fast and athletic, though, as per usual.

I sez toss up.

That’s all I got.

Dem Sugar Canes also were about 90th in total defense last year.  So, on paper, we should beat these guys based on advantage in rushing(Ameer #9 w 1690 last year) and defense(improved).

One would also assume a home field advantage for us, but ya never know.

I think Dem Canes should be more sker’d of us than the other way around.




Thanks for history lesson about Jeff Smith coming from Wichita South East. I live in Wichita. Moved here in ‘97. Did not know that and thats pretty cool.

For sure Eric, Thanks.

Jeff Smith was a very down to earth guy. We knew, and he knew that he was headed for stardom and it never got into his head. Nothing but pure talent.

As Falls Wichita, so Falls Wichita Falls…

I went back and watched the NU vs UCLA game where Jeff Smith scored a couple of touchdowns. The offensive line back then was opening holes big enough to drive a semi truck through. Tom Osborne had these guys wired and ready to play while beating very good teams by decisive margins.

Yea, his teams may have fumbled more times than Pelini teams (I am told by dkdevine), but they ran a heck of a lot more running plays than Pelini led teams, I would bet. And Osborne’s teams were crazy fast at tailback (4-5 deep) with slashing runners and fullbacks who knocked people on their butts. The defenses that Coach Osborne had just flat knocked people down and they stayed knocked down too, and Osborne was not known as a defensive ‘guru’ like someone else we know is touted to be.

I miss the days of slashers and tear away jerzeys. That was Husker football, man.

BTW, Jeff Smith is still a probation officer in Wichita.

Homefield advantage at NU?  You have to be kidding!  That only exists against teams like South Dakota State whose players only appear in front of 90,000 fans in their dreams until arriving in Lincoln.  I can tell NW, MS and Iowa were sure intimidated.  If Miami loses to NU, it won’t be because of homefield advantage.

Miami’s projected starting QB has torn his ACL in the last couple of days.

He is fini for the season.

Miami injury helps NU for sure.  Let’s hope the football Gods shine their eternal light onto Lincoln and that Miami loses by 21 points.
This game and season will be BOP’s big chance to produce or leave town.  Which shall it be?

NU Realista,

His contract has already been extended to 2018.  So no, this will not be his last year.  However, I do expect production from this team this year.

Trust those who suggest BOP will be gone if he pulls another 4 loss season for 2014.  If people thought the natives were restless after the Iowa game last year, just wait and see what happens if BOP continues to produce another disappointing season.  History is the best predictor of the future.  Remember, Miami, MS, NW, Wisc and Iowa are challenging.  Frezz could be problematic away.  Does anyone really believe BOP would keep his job if he lost 6 games this fall?  Not really.  What if he loses 5?  He’s gone!  Lose 4 games?  Iffy at best.  3 losses or fewer, he keeps his job for the following year.  In order to please the Bugeaters, BOP really has to lose no more than 2 games.  Those two could be B10 losses and keep Skers from B10 title game, but simply breaking the mediocre 4 losses per year record would be welcomed relief.

I guess I’m running out of excuses for NU’s losses, so I’m predicting a “Breakout” year in 2014, just like T-Dogg.  I may hedge my 10-2 or 11-1 expectations after I watch the Spring game Saturday, but I doubt if I will.  Heck…we can’t lose the spring game no matter what happens, so I predict a win. GBR

I think it’s going to be a good year. Especially on defense. We’re gonna be fine.

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