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Nebraska Big Plays Put Broncos Away 8 comments

For the Huskers, big plays were the name of the game on Saturday. On offense, it was Joe Ganz piling on the passing numbers and making plays with his feet. On special teams, it was Alex Henery hitting all four of his 44 yard attempts and all of his extra points to continue his perfect kicking record. On defense, it was Cody Glenn. Period. End of Sentence. 12 tackles, 3 for loss, 3 pass breakups, 1 forced fumble, and a lot of fist pumping were what he brought to the table against Western Michigan. We in the blogging business call that “Bringing Your A-Game.�

Lingering Labor Day Thoughts 3 comments

As I write this, I know that Nebraska played two days ago. Maybe it is the holiday weekend or the unique weekend football schedule (ISU played Thursday, CU on Sunday). But for some reason, I still feel the need to offer a few of my lingering thoughts on Week 1 for 2008. Some are related to NU, others the Big 12 and some to the national picture. To stay on top of the current NU discussion, consider Steve's take on expectations, Brandon's Gladiator theme and especially Steve's uncanny ability to turn the page and move to the next week. For my part, here's some random caffeine-fueled input for my fellow over-thinkers.

Were You Not Entertained?: Nebraska kicks things off perfectly. 4 comments

Personally, I thought the season opener was perfect.

We got a win.

We got a feel-good story in Cody Glenn.

We got another game next week.

Did Huskers Deliver on High Expectations? 7 comments

It's hard to walk out of a game that your team won 47-24 after the kind of season the Huskers had in 2007 and feel too badly, even if you'd hoped for a more dominant performance. Nevertheless, the sky-high expectations among the NU faithful may or may not have been met depending on what you thought you'd see.

Nebraska Defeats Western Michigan, 47-24 4 comments

Quarterback Joe Ganz led the way for Nebraska with 345 yards passing and four touchdowns, as they beat Western Michigan 47-24. The win was the 23rd straight season opening win for the Cornhuskers, extending the nation's longest such streak. Perhaps more importantly, the win was the first of the Bo Pelini era of Nebraska football.

Live Coverage of Nebraska vs. Western Michigan 1 comment

We're close now. Just a few hours away and you can already taste it. Go ahead, try it. Lick your screen. It tastes like football.

Just a reminder, tonight marks the dawning of a new era. Yes, the non-interim Pelini era but also the first ever Big Red Network Live Blog Event. I'll be here live throughout the game starting around 5:30 pm CST and you should be too.

There will be fight songs. There will be motivational video clips. There will be commentary.

Drink it up!

Nebraska Vs. Western Michigan: Gameday Thoughts 4 comments

Yesterday, I was looking forward to the game. Last night, I was excited about it. Today, I'm downright anxious. To try to organize my thoughts and get my head right before the game, I like talk through the random football-related ideas on my mind. I usually end up inflicting my Husker obsession on my wife, my friends, my brother-in-law or anybody who will listen. Fellow BRN contributor Steve Hanway and I also had one of our marathon phone calls to discuss the minutia of today's contest. These gameday thoughts are the outcome of those conversations. I'm writing them as much for my mental health as your enjoyment.

Plan of Attack: Western Michigan 7 comments

One of my favorite ways to examine a prospective opponent is by looking at how they won and lost game previously. That's not ideal with the first few games of the season as you're left looking at what happened last year and that's not necessarily a good indicator of what this year's squad will look or act like. That said, after looking at the Broncos' 2007 campaign there's good reason to be optimistic about the result on Saturday.

Husker Haiku: Western Michigan 7 comments

As loyal readers know, I love to preview football games. This season, I'm feeling just bit more pretentious or artistic for some reason. Maybe it's too much coffee or because I started reading articles in The New Yorker. Or maybe it is just my liberal arts education rearing its head. In any case, I'm going to take a swing at previewing this season's games using haiku.

What? You're not in to Japanese poetry forms? That's shocking. Well, if you follow the punctuation, you can read them like sentences. Hey, you might just enjoy the merger of football and poetry. If not, we'll be providing plenty of paragraph-style analysis too. Now, on to this week's Husker Haiku...

Western Michigan Breakdown: Just Average 5 comments

Let me tell you what is so weird about this team. There was an aura of strangeness around this team in 2007. They beat an Iowa team to which they were supposed to lose by two touchdowns. The lost to Eastern Michigan 19-2, strange considering they have averaged 31 points/game against them in the last 11 years. Central Michigan ended up scoring the game winner with 12 seconds left.

The icing on the cake was the Akron game. They took an intentional safety to give them the surefire win with 15 seconds left on the clock. The ensuing kick return then goes 89 yards, handing the Broncos a 38-39 loss.

A Very Important Announcement from the Big Red Network 2 comments

I was reading through Dave Zirin's excellent new book A People's History of Sports in the United States the other day and came across what has to be the best quote of the 17th century.

It comes from the noted Puritan Thomas Gouge and is particularly poignant as we approach Saturday. He wrote in his 1672 bestseller (presumably) the Young Man's Guide Through the Wilderness of This World to the Heavenly Canaan:

[Games] should be as Sauces to your Meat, to sharpen your appetite onto the duties of your Calling, and not to glut yourselves with them.

Yeah, well, screw that.

A Quick Note to Londen Fryar 3 comments

Dear Londen,

Allow me, for a moment, to speak on the behalf of Nebraska fans the world over: We wanted you here.

Many of us have been asking ourselves all week "Why is Irving Fryar's son playing against us?" Thanks to the recent story on, we now have our answer: It was all Bill Callahan's fault.

None of us are really surprised, blaming Bill Callahan was named Nebraskan's second favorite sedentary pasttime in a recent Gallup poll, trailing only watching football. I mean, your father had delivered not a grainy game film but a DVD right into the hands of the former head coach and, at least figuratively, he said "Meh." Perhaps it was too technical for him, but I digress.

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