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Virginia Tech Post-Mortem 25 comments

It was my impression that the players did exactly what the coaches asked of them on Saturday, except for maybe a small handful of plays. But perfection in any college football game is unattainable. So my question this week would be, what were the coaches asking of our players against Virginia Tech? It seems to me that Bo Pelini is trying so hard to play to our opponents perceived weaknesses, that our strengths like running the football, passing to the tight ends in the middle of the field, or pressuring the quarterback with our front four, seemed to go slightly by the wayside this past weekend.

Despite the Loss, is Nebraska Back? 23 comments

Usually I go into a game week writing about the upcoming game for Nebraska. This week in particular, I expected to write about how the Huskers needed to be looking forward rather than backward, because they'd be playing a team with more wins over Big 12 conference teams this year than Nebraska. To get a sense of how the two teams match-up, I often take a look at the Sagarin ratings that come out weekly. Sagarin computes ratings in two ways. One is the "politically correct" rating system, favored by the BCS (called "ELO-Chess"), which looks only at wins and losses (and where a game is played) to discourage running up the score. The other looks at margin of victory (and where the game is played) and is the best predictor of future games and scores. I've been using the latter (called "the Predictor") to dominate my college pick 'em league this year where we pick a bunch of college games against the point spread.

Notable Quotes from Nebraska vs Virginia Tech 2 comments


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Football is a game of inches and the Huskers came up a few short against the Virginia Tech Hokies. Here is what the coaches and media said after the game.

We Are Who We Thought We Were 19 comments

Not to make too much of Dennis Green’s now fairly famous rant after getting beaten by the Chicago Bears…but, it is a testament to the power of advanced scouting. To a large degree, Saturday’s performance against Virginia Tech revealed that Nebraska is who we thought they were – the good and the bad. The question now becomes - what will they do about it?

Huskers Lose a Heartbreaker 18 comments

You could taste it. Nebraska had the game in hand and it slipped away. It's hard to fault the players, they played hard and they played well for much of the game. It's hard to fault the coaches, they did a lot right and kept their team in the game when it got off to a bad start. There will be plenty of Sunday Morning Quarterbacking by the NU faithful, but know this: the Huskers showed they belonged on the field with one of only three programs with 10 or more wins each of the last five seasons. If anything, they looked like the better team.

Plan of Attack: Virginia Tech Hokies 8 comments

I don't know what you've found, but personally I've been mighty impressed with the class and knowledge the Virginia Tech fanbase has shown online in regards to Nebraska and there's no doubt in my mind that those of you heading to Blacksburg this Saturday will come back gushing about the experiences you had with the Hokie faithful.

I'm hoping that the Huskers will come home with equally high spirits but the fact is Lane Stadium ain't a nice place to visit for the opposition. The last 10 nonconference opponents Virginia Tech has played have lost by an average of 20 points and the last one to beat them there was #1 ranked USC in 2004. Phil Steele lists the Hokies homefield edge as -6, about as high as you're going to see, so it was with some surprise that I noticed the opening line for NU-VT was only -3.5.

Do the wiseguys know something we don't? Let's try to plan this out.

Every Streak Has An End 2 comments

Husker fans know all too well. Just because your team had 40 winning seasons in a row, doesn't guarantee the 41st. Thirty-five straight bowls won't get you a ticket to the 36th. You can beat Kansas thirty-seven straight times and it won't mean they lose thirty-eight. You can win every game in your home stadium for close to seven years and it won't buy you an eighth. So what does 31 straight non-conference wins do for Virginia Tech? Not a blessed thing.

Going Deep: Virginia Tech 25 comments

Nebraska has a tough game Saturday. Some would even say that playing on the road at Virginia Tech can be intimidating. Nebraska hasn't beaten a top 15 opponent on the road since Osborne was the Head Coach. The Hokies are the two time defending ACC champions. They return a slew of starters from a team that beat Nebraska last year. Lane Stadium gets very loud. Their defense is fast. Their quarterback is explosive. It's enough to make a Husker fan lose sleep. But, Big Red Network flatly refuses to be intimidated. In order to help you take some of the shine off of VT and get you ready to square off with them on Saturday, we're...going deep.

Pass Protection Key to Beating Hokies 7 comments

Nebraska must do at lot right in order to defeat Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Among the more obvious things you'll hear this week is not to give up the big plays on special teams that V-Tech is so famous for. Don't beat yourself with turnovers. Run the ball well. While it's important for the Huskers to at least be competitive on special teams, to limit turnovers and to at least mount a credible rushing attack, the game will really come down to how well NU can protect Zac Lee.

Q&A With a Gobbler Blog 4 comments

Nebraska plays at Virginia Tech this weekend. Maybe you had already heard. Well, we think that is kind of a big deal. So, to get the straight skinny from the Virginia Tech side of things, we turned to the very fine blog, Gobbler Country. I spoke with their founder - who goes by the handle furrer4heisman - about several VT v. NU related items. We cover his view of the match ups, some key players to watch, fans sentiment about Nebraska, and some of the places for visiting Husker fans to go for good grub and refreshment while in Blacksburg. He was even nice enough to put up with a few slightly insulting questions that I had on my mind.

Game Planning…For Now and Later 9 comments

Today, much of the buzz about NU revolves around Niles Paul and Mike McNeill. This is for good reason, considering the "breakout" performances both had Saturday against Arkansas State. No doubt, the talent of each player was a major factor. Winning means you get your best players the ball. But it also comes down to match ups. The Husker coaches put those players in situations to exploit ASU's perceived weakness. The coaches might just have been showing this week's opponent - Virginia Tech - a few things on film to help with the game plan for this coming Saturday.

Hurt Hokie: Virginia Tech’s Evans Out for the Season 4 comments

Nebraska's impending trip to Blacksburg, Virginia just got a little less daunting. When the Huskers play Virginia Tech this September, the Hokies will be without Darren Evans, their leading rusher from last season. The sophomore tailback has a torn ACL in his knee and will miss the 2009 season. While the Hokies will undoubtedly miss Evans this season, they do have other talented players waiting in the wings to carry the football.

What to do with Virginia Tech? 58 comments

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For a game that ultimately has no bearing on any of the most immediate goals for this year’s Nebraska football team—in order, win the Big 12 North, win the Big 12, go to a BCS bowl—I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about that September 19th trip to Virginia Tech.

As Nebraska’s first big glossy nonconference road game since the unsatisfying “batten down the hatches” trip to USC in 2006, you can expect all of the television promos and mid-week prognostication afforded the increasingly rare meeting of two top programs. But national interest aside, this game is intriguing on a number of levels for the Husker affiliated.

On one hand, this is almost assuredly a better Tech team than the one that won in Lincoln last year. Regardless of the Huskers own improvements, that alone makes winning seem like an unlikely prospect. Another part of me--a hand, I suppose just to keep the clichés consistent—thinks there are a few reasons to believe that, as far as intersectional games go, the Hokies might represent the perfect match-up.

Saturday Afternoon Thoughts Before the Virginia Tech Game 5 comments


Jason and I and a few other folks are holding down some tables at Brewsky's in Lincoln. It's a dang fine location, if I say so myself. We're watching some possible upsets in the making, chatting up Husker and Hokie fans, and generally enjoying an afternoon in the epicenter of Husker Nation. As we move closer to mid afternoon, here are my impressions, observations and thoughts about the game. These may be the most coherent things I write today, so enjoy.

Join us for a Virginia Tech pregame party 9 comments

ErinAndrews.jpg*Erin Andrews probably won't be there. Or will she?

You are cordially invited to join us for the first official BRN Husker Pregame Party. We'll be gathering at Brewsky's Food and Spirits at 201 N 8th Street in the Lincoln Haymarket to attend to proper pregame preparation.

There will be special guest appearances by Erin Andrews*, Steve Hanway, Darren Carlson, Brandon Vogel and myself. We'll be playing a little Husker trivia, giving away a couple books by Jason Peter and Mike Minter and everyone will leave with a pocket guide in hand.

Out-of-towners, don't sweat. We've got something planned for you too.

Plan of Attack: Virginia Tech 7 comments

You can call the Virginia Tech offense a lot of things--anemic, opportune, underwhelming--but I prefer parasitic. The Hokies' offense lives off their defense and special teams, they need them to survive and so far, at 3-1 against a much tougher schedule than Nebraska has faced, the VT defensecial teams (that's BeamerBabble for defense + special teams= 20-17 wins) has been the happy host.

It goes like this: When the defensecial teams put VT in a good position to score, they generally do. When they don't, they generally don't. When the defensecial teams scores on their own, the offense heaves a sigh of relief.

Of course, you could say the same, more or less, for just about any team in any game but few schools have ever made it their calling card like Tech has. So how does Nebraska beat the Hokies?

They kill the host.

The Bye Benefit 1 comment

The fact that Nebraska is coming off of a bye week on their schedule before playing Virginia Tech is important. I realize this may be more of a topic from last week when NU was actually idle. But, I'm kind of surprised it isn't being discussed more. You can make a lot of valid arguments for why it may be better to have a bye week later in the season. But, in the case of the 2008 season I think this one is perfectly timed for the Huskers, and provides three potential advantages to NU on Saturday.

Inconclusive Evidence - Carlfense, Punting and the Impressive E.A. 5 comments

Q: What do you do as a writer/blogger when you have a number of assorted ideas none of which is meaty enough to warrant an entire column/post?

A: You come up with a vaguely witty (or not) name based on some snippet of football terminology that probably doesn't accurately describe the body to follow but it does say to the reader: "Hey! We've got random thoughts happening here. Just try to stay with me because I'm all over the place."

That's me this week. We'll call it "inconclusive evidence" not because I'm going to give an "overturned" or "stands as called" assessment of the random bits to follow, but rather because I quite like that phrase. I doubt that even the brainy-brawny student athletes at Princeton or Rutgers thought you'd hear it used on a football field when they started bludgeoning the crap out of each other 139 years ago in a melee that we now call football.

Thank you, television.

Signature Semantics 5 comments

Talk this week and next will be about whether or not a victory over Virginia Tech would constitute a “signature win�. You can find the term thrown around a lot but there doesn't appear to be a consistent definition applied.

The Game within the Game 1 comment

When the Huskers take on the Hokies a week from Saturday, it won't just be a battle to see whether Nebraska is better than Virginia Tech or whether a Big 12 team is better than an ACC school. It will also be a chance for two of the most gifted defensive minds of the past five years to face off.

Nebraska-Virginia Tech History Brief but Growing 1 comment

Nebraska and Virginia Tech have only met once on the field and once more in a face-off in the polls (1999), but the potential exists for the kind of rivalry that Nebraska enjoyed with Miami or Florida State. Maybe not an every year affair, but a high stakes game between two proud programs – one a traditional power the other a “new money� modern power.

Depth at Running Back Now a Concern for Hokies 12 comments

Unlike the departure of Branden Ore, the 4-6 month injury to running back Kenny Lewis coupled with a broken fibula by Jahre Cheeseman in a recent scrimmage is cause for concern for Virginia Tech. While the Hokies should still have at least three scholarship players available at the position in the fall without Lewis, they now lack experience at the position.

Ore Out, So What 2 comments

When it was announced that Virginia Tech running back Branden Ore would not be returning in the fall, it would be easy to take that as a positive in terms of what it means for the Huskers when the teams face off in Lincoln. But if the DeAngelo Evans saga taught us anything back in 1999, it's that sometimes you can improve your team by removing a talented but troublesome player.

Recruiting Roundup:  Virginia Tech 0 comments

The Hokies brought in a class somewhat like Nebraska's. It's big, but not particularly beefy (i.e. not a ton of linemen). They've got some four-star players in defensive end Leon Mackey, running back Ryan Williams, guard Vinston Painter, receiver D.J. Coles, linebackers Quillie Odom and Bruce Taylor, and “athlete� Dyrell Roberts. There are a couple of two-star recruits, but it's mostly solid prospects.

These Things Are Going to Happen 23 comments

vt.jpg After the Blacksburg shootings, it's easy for any and every web site or media outlet of any flavor to drop everything to comment on what transpired. This being a site devoted to Nebraska football, that's a stretch. We can draw parallels to the">near-tragedy at UNL in 1992 (where a graduate student in Actuarial Science attempted to murder his classmates), but all that tells us (as if we didn't know) is that this is neither the first nor the last time something like this will happen on a college campus. It can happen most anywhere at most any time, and it is going to happen again somewhere at some point.

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