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HUSKER UP: WEEK 10 3 comments

Hey there, I'm back with another fairly random edition of Husker Up for you all. This time, the motivation struck me because NU fans need to gird themselves for a big stretch run in November. The Huskers' goals are intact and the opportunity is right there in front of them. That starts with a win in Lawrence, Kansas. It's something that has been hard to come by in recent trips. So, to help you Husker Up, I offer you a thought from the opposing quarterback, a basic economics lesson (nerd!) and a reminder of horrors past. From all this, you are likely to get fired up, and maybe want to make a quick trip south to Kansas.

Husker Up, Week 7 2009 5 comments

It's Saturday morning. Game day. You've no doubt had your morning coffee or bagel or breakfast caserole by now. The early games are just getting ready to kick off. The cars are filling the tailgate lots and coolers are opening up. These are the halcyon days of college football. It's beautiful.

Well, guess what? You are getting complacent! Now is no time to be soft.

Listen up, Husker fan. Texas Tech is in town. Their quarterback throws it all over the yard. Their defense is simple but relentless. They have cut the hearts out of Husker fans in the last three meetings. The team needs to win this game. You need to help them. You have to do better. It's time to HUSKER UP.

Husker Up, Week 6 5 comments

I have not filed a "Husker Up" post in a few weeks, partly due to laziness on my part, partly due to the lack of necessity. (Everyone was pretty fired up for the Virginia Tech game as well as the 300th sell out). But, I feel the need to post one today. Why, isn't everyone enormously fired up about the Missouri game tonight already? Well, sure they are. That's why this edition of Husker Up is not designed to stoke more emotion from Husker fans, but rather to temper their wills, steel their emotions, and prep them for a big night of football. Gird yourselves. It's not rah rah time. It's go time. Husker Up!

Husker Up: Week 2, 2009 2 comments

Hey there, Husker fans. I understand why some of you might be having a bit of a week 2 let down as fans. You might not have the buzz you did for the opening game of the season. And, maybe you are looking ahead one week to the clash with Virginia Tech. Or maybe you are just a lazy fan who doesn't fully appreciate the glory and the spectacle of college football. (oh, the shame...) In any case - I'm here to help snap you out of it. It's time to HUSKER UP for the second week of the season.

Husker Up: Week 1, 2009 4 comments

It's the Friday before the opening game. You are having a hard time thinking about anything but Husker football. You are less productive at work because you chat about your Saturday plans with co-workers. Your spouse is a little upset because you seem distracted all the time. Or maybe you are putting off studying for a quiz you have coming up. Well, guess what, I'm here to make all of that worse. It's time to HUSKER UP for the first week of the season.

HUSKER UP: Baylor (Or: Success is a Choice) 0 comments

The Baylor Bears come to town to face the 4-3 Huskers. Suddenly, things are looking up for NU. They have played well in their last two games and still hope to make some noise in the Big 12. But, that won't mean a hill of beans if they drop Saturday's game to Baylor. So, it's time to HUSKER UP. For motivation, we turn to NU's coach, a sneaky good opponent and (gasp!) recent highlights.

HUSKER UP: Iowa State (Or: Why I Love Road Games) 0 comments

As the Huskers venture down the road to Iowa State, I'm musing on what a wonderful experience road games are. Nothing can “Husker Up� a person like than pitching in with the brave minority in a crowd full of hostiles. And, it just feels like a more sportsmanlike topic than discussing how much Iowa State sucks. Instead it's time to HUSKER UP, road trip style.

HUSKER UP: Texas Tech (Or: Learning to Be a Horse Again) 3 comments

Normally, I offer a HUSKER UP posts as simple, fun and kind of snarky reasons why the Huskers can get a win on Saturday. The point is to fire fans up. This week, I'm making a pretty big departure from the usual routine. Following the gutting by the Missouri Tigers and facing the #7 Texas Tech Red Raiders, it's not the time to get lippy. Instead fans need to evaluate what success looks like for this 2008 edition of the Huskers.

HUSKER UP: Missouri 8 comments

Some loyal Big Red Network readers have come to expect these HUSKER UP posts on Friday afternoon. Sorry, I'm a bit late on this one, folks. If ever there was a need to Husker Up, it is this week. Missouri is in town and looking to beat NU in Lincoln for the first time in a generation. The kick off isn't until after 8:00 PM Central time, so don't get too Huskered Up too soon, okay. Have some staying power.

Fans will be rewarded for their waiting. This edition of Husker Up features Mike Ekeler, a conversation with the Lord, and Missouri Heisman propaganda. Seriously. Read on.

HUSKER UP: Virginia Tech 5 comments

Friends and neighbors, I know that our country is facing one of the most dire financial situations in a few generations. That's stressful. But thankfully, there is a refuge from that stress – college football. The Huskers have a big game with Virginia Tech tomorrow night. NU can't afford to have fans feeling down on their luck or sorry for themselves. Folks, it is time to HUSKER UP.

HUSKER UP: New Mexico State 5 comments

It's Friday afternoon. You've worked hard all week. You've been such a good boy (or girl), dutifully making your widgets and selling your cams. Now, don't you want some football? Sure you do. You want to bust out of your beige, florescent-lit cubicle and watch some pigskin. If the anticipation wasn't bad enough already, I'm hear to offer you a little more incentive to watch the Huskers take on New Mexico State. Friends and neighbors, it's time to Husker Up!

HUSKER UP: San Jose State 6 comments

Tomorrow is another Husker game day. If that alone isn't enough to get you fired up, I proudly present a few more reasons in this week's HUSKER UP. From an SJSU snub to some finely painted grass and even a motivational chant, I've got your juice all bottled up and ready to serve.

HUSKER UP: Western Michigan 2 comments

It's the Friday before the first game of the 2008 season. No way you are paying too much attention at work right now. You are surfing the web, looking for something (anything!) about the Huskers' upcoming tilt against Western Michigan that you haven't found already. You, my fine friend, are ready to HUSKER UP. This week's installment features a little something for everyone - thoughtful ideals from a legend, thoughts on football from a potential legend in the making and some video full of vicious hits. It's all designed to get you even more jacked for Saturday night. Good luck concentrating now.

33 Days Till Helmets Start Crackin’ 1 comment


Coundown: 40 Days 3 comments

Mother Nature has an attitude, especially on game days. Luckily, our weather guy is not easily intimidated.

Renny's Game Day video weathercasts will be back this fall.

Off Season Haiku 4 comments

Even in Summer
We think of football glory.
Forty days to go.

47 Days Till They Walk The Tunnel 12 comments


54 Days Till We Play Smash Mouth Football 0 comments


Strap on your helmet. Smash mouth football is returning to Lincoln in less than two months.

61 Days Till You Get Hit In The Head With A Hotdog 7 comments


Stay alert. The Huskers will be back before you know it.

68 Days Till You Can Kick It At Memorial Stadium 4 comments


It's a long offseason. Stop by here every day and you'll be kickin' it Sker-style in no time.

75 Days Till You Can Throw The Bones 1 comment

Jason Peter throwing the bones.jpg

It's a long offseason, but we'll get you through it.

Just drop by here every day and the Blackshirts will be back before you know it.

HUSKER UP: Colorado 5 comments

Hey Husker fans, it's time to HUSKER UP, Thanksgiving style. If you are reading this on Thanksgiving day, it is probably because you are trying to hide out from your family, or maybe your travel plans got delayed or cancelled. Or maybe you are sitting there, whip cream stuck in the corner of your mouth, pants open, trying to avoid a turkey-induced coma. I shudder at that image. In any case, I know you are in need of some good HUSKER UP to get you ready for Friday's tilt with the Buffalos. I'll do my best.

HUSKER UP: Kansas 4 comments

Well, the Huskers are officially below .500 now. If there ever was a time to gird for battle, it's now. NU has to go on the road against an undefeated foe to try an salvage the season. For this edition of HUSKER UP, we call on inspiration from a walk on linebacker, pine for a return to normalcy, and sneak a peek at NU's new starter at quarterback.

HUSKER UP: Texas 6 comments

The HUSKER UP series of posts is designed to get fans fired up and help them get their Husker mojo on as the weekend approaches. At the start of the year, this was a week most Husker fans pointed to a big clash with the mighty Longhorns. Now, with NU sitting at 4-4 putting these posts up each Friday is starting to feel a little like a moot point. And then I thought...screw 'em. I'm a Husker fan, all day every day. I'm sure there are people like me who need to feel good too. So, for this edition of HUSKER UP, we seek wisdom from Bob Devaney, get a rallying cry from Dido (no really...Dido), and take a peek at Pelini's defense.

HUSKER UP: Missouri 10 comments

To hear some media types talk, you would think NU has no chance on Saturday... "Woe to Nebraska. The Husker defense isn't any good. Missouri has a great offense. The game is at night. The Tigers are favored. I don't see how the Huskers can win. And, yada yada yada." Well I say...screw that. Pardon me, but it is time for some folks to HUSKER UP! Add with the bile I sense from the Missouri side of this contest, and it makes me a little angry. Maybe you feel it too. So, BRN is hear to bring you a dose of motivation as the weekend looms large.

HUSKER UP: Blackshirt Edition 21 comments


This edition of HUSKER UP is not about a particular game, as others have been. Even though Iowa State comes to Lincoln Saturday, this edition is all about the Blackshirts. I honest to God don't care if Nebraska scores 7 points or 70, this week is about the defense giving ISU nothing. If they do that, NU wins in a walk. So, it's time for all of us to do our part and lean in to it a bit more. If we want these kids to right the ship and play lights out defense, then all we can do is support them.

HUSKER UP: Ball State 7 comments


You thought the Husker Nation was fired up last week? That doesn't hold a candle to the buzz around this week's game with Ball State.

Come on people. It's BALL FREAKIN' STATE! The power house from Muncie is coming to town Saturday. It's time to Husker Up!

HUSKER UP: USC Edition 2 comments


If there ever was a time when fans needed to HUSKER UP, it's this Saturday. A little team you might have heard of is coming to Lincoln. These fellas from USC are ranked #1 in the country. To help get the Huskers a victory, fans will really need to be a factor. So, BRN is here to offer you some snippets of inspiration before you head to Memorial Stadium.

HUSKER UP! 3 comments


The Husker's season opener is just one day away. You are having trouble focusing on your job or school work anyway. So, when you are ready to give up on your typical hum drum day and fully commit to Husker mayhem...BRN has you covered.

We present the first HUSKER UP Friday post, filled with goodies to get your blood pumping. This time, it covers cerebral Husker thoughts, powerful images and visceral emotions through everything from the written word to the magic of YouTube video.

Here we go, Big Red fans. It is time to HUSKER UP!

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