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  • RE: Nebraska Gets Ninth Win Versus Georgia
    The best way I can describe this team in the bowl game is that they showed what they had showed all season. When opponents give an inch, the Huskers take an inch and a half (enough to win). If the Huskers give an inch, the opponents can take a mile. Those …more »

  • RE: Georgia News Nuggets
    The last time there were that few bowl games was around 1970. Now that the BCS is officially over, the playoff system is going to start knocking off what little value exists in some of the bowls being played now. OK by me.

  • RE: Nebraska and Georgia Stats Comparison
    This has really been my first glance at what Georgia has done this season. I'm seeing now that the stats are skewed for the Bulldogs towards the pass considering how much Aaron Murray did before the injury. They will have to hand the ball off to win. The way our front …more »

  • RE: Pac-12, SEC Get Best Bowl Draws Based on Odds
    I agree, that's why I qualified it "based on odds". I think that the Big Ten has some of the more interesting games to play.

  • RE: Another Day, Another Defensive Line Commitment
    Changing the subject back to football, got a new post today:

  • RE: Another Day, Another Defensive Line Commitment
    Oh man, don't bring up Ron Prince. Now there was a terrible head coach. I wrote a post saying he was going to get fired before that 2008 season was over and had three pages of posted responses from KSU fans touting his credentials and how good he was and how …more »

  • RE: Huskers Lose Lowest-Rated Recruit, Add Four-Star
    And now, Defensive End Commit Darius Slade. A three star that seems a bit underrated. Turned down Michigan State, Penn State, among other offers. Some highlights:

  • RE: The Gator Bowl is a Better Deal
    Hey, the internet is a wild and crazy place. People are pretty much like this everywhere. Hard to prevent a very vocal few from voicing their opinions, no matter how crazy. As for "authors", Steve pretty much holds down the fort while I put in my 2 cents.

  • RE: The Gator Bowl is a Better Deal
    This game is starting to grow on me a bit. Bo seemed genuinely happy with this on the teleconference with the bowl, but it could just be that he's happy to be coaching a bowl game...

  • RE: Huskers Draw Georgia in Gator Bowl
    While speculation was that the Huskers were going to be a higher draw earlier in the week, today seemed to throw most guesses out the window. Ohio State's loss last night seemed to throw some bowl's planning into a tailspin that cascaded into every selection.

  • RE: Steal From Nebrasketball
    @Triumph, The point is not to compare the expectations. It's that there is a sort of positive vibe towards the basketball program and it looks geared towards meeting or exceeding those expectations. Even if Miles wasn't able to win a single game in the conference (which seems unlikely), the future version …more »

  • RE: Steal From Nebrasketball
    One of the big suggestions is to change the entrance music, to which I say: who cares? It doesn't fundamentally change what people do or how they react at a game. Just not sure how else to improve things.

  • RE: 2013 All Big Ten Teams Announced
    I think these guys deserve the recognition. On BTN's site someone commented why the Wisconsin backs didn't get first or second team. My response was basically that they could succeed without one or the other. Nebraska would have a losing record without Abdullah right now.

  • RE: Recruiting Picks Up in Wake of Eichorst Statement
    I'm a bit over the Suh references. The media's done a hit job on that guy and everyone's bought into it.

  • RE: Eichorst Statement Should Settle Some Concerns
    Hey, mostly our opinions here, but we try to form them on weekdays, not in the immediacy of the day or two after the game. The comment section is largely unmoderated because people will feel the need to vent or complain. The internet is good for that. Thought and reason are …more »

  • RE: Iowa Capitalizes on Nebraska Mistakes to Win in Lincoln
    Wow, Bo. Making it too easy for those looking for a target (from @OWHbigred): Pelini on job talk: It's been a distraction. "It's hurt our football team. If they wanna fire me go ahead." #Huskers

  • RE: Iowa Capitalizes on Nebraska Mistakes to Win in Lincoln
    As a person who sometimes struggles to find things to write about, I am content with this loss in that my writers block won't be a problem leading up to the bowl and in the off season.

  • RE: Can Turnovers Change the Outcome on Friday
    It may seem obvious that turnovers can affect the outcome of the game, but I was getting at the fact that these fumbles and interceptions are directly tied to a few clear indicators. My point is that the cause of those interceptions are a symptom of a problem that affects the …more »

  • RE: Would 10-3 Be Progress for Nebraska?
    When you're talking about burning the redshirts of offensive linemen because of injuries, starting drawing up WR plays for a CB, playing a rookie QB, etc., you might as well throw the season out the window and try again next year. The complexity of variables required to make a championship run …more »

  • RE: Was Firing Frank Solich a Mistake?
    The answer is always more complicated than a simple yes or no. The way in which the firing was handled makes me believe that Solich should not have been removed at that time. Not to say that he would not have got himself fired the next year, but the situation felt …more »

  • RE: Michigan State and Nebraska by the Numbers
    Sorry, those stats are auto generated by a service. I like adding, and I am actually not a journalist-but I do play one on the internet!

  • RE: Michigan State and Nebraska by the Numbers
    Even with the weakness of the opponents, Michigan State is still ridiculously good on defense. Check out Brandon's breakdown on Hail Varsity that included numbers adjusted to strength of schedule:

  • RE: Michigan State and Nebraska by the Numbers
    Argh, I just realized I accidentally published an earlier draft of this post. Rather than edit it, I will be lazy and discuss other points here. Nebraska's turnover margin didn't match up well with a team that takes the ball away and didn't give it up. I am going to go …more »

  • RE: RK3 Has a Bit of Fun on Campus
    Hoping the good week of Husker athletics continues through the rest of the day...

  • RE: The Game That Was Going to be Huge
    OU7, it was very interesting to watch how Baylor has embraced the type of game plan that Oregon's offense has been known for on the same night that Stanford just out muscled the Ducks. Hard to tell in college football when muscle versus speed will win.

  • RE: The Game That Was Going to be Huge
    Seriously, everybody chill. We would have been murdered by this Baylor team.

  • RE: The Game That Was Going to be Huge
    Generally speaking, teams who win exciting games fall flat the following week. Teams who lose games in the way Michigan did generally come back strong. It's mostly anecdotal, but this pattern seems to happen over and over.

  • RE: Is It Too Quiet Heading Into Minnesota Game?
    Before the season began, we talked about this being a trap game (because the consensus was that Northwestern could be really, really good). But Bo Pelini also gets his team to play well after bye weeks. So those things cancel each other out and we win. The end.

  • RE: Another Week of Big Numbers for Abdullah?
    I used the information from the NCAA's statistics: I'd do more if I had time to crunch numbers for a fun hobby instead of you know, doing the day job thing. Any math during any season suffers from a major problem - too few data points, so selectively removing any …more »

  • RE: Another Week of Big Numbers for Abdullah?
    Against who? Well, the rabbit hole goes pretty far down. I took the opponents information of all the teams in the table above and looked at those as well. Then I looked at their opponents. Then I decided I should just write the above and save that work for the off …more »

  • RE: Tommy Armstrong Jr. Starts Saturday Against Illinois
    David Santos also looking like he'll get the start at Middle Linebacker.

  • RE: Illinois Results Tell the Tale of Scheelhaase
    Washington has a pretty good D-line, and we don't. Pressure is going to have to come from blitzes.

  • RE: Reading Between the Lines - Martinez Won't Play
    I was frustrated to find out that he was injured after the UCLA game. Without the threat of the QB running, the read option is worthless. If anyone knew of the extent of the injury before that game and still Martinez played, then there is some selfishness in allowing that to …more »

  • RE: "Experts" Predict
    The reason I posted so many others predictions is I was unable to come up with one of my own. I just have so many mixed feelings about this game. If this were the fourth game of the season for both teams, I feel like I could make a prediction. At …more »

  • RE: UCLA Walk On WR Struck by Car, Killed
    I'm sure many fans feel the same way that I do, with thoughts and prayers for the UCLA family this week.

  • RE: This Is How You Do A Touchdown Dance

  • RE: The Day After Festivus
    What I'm trying to say is how do we know if this season hasn't started off good? We have no comparison data. Wyoming could be awesome or the Huskers could be terrible. Likely it's somewhere in the middle, just like our emotions should be about the Huskers until we get through …more »

  • RE: Huskers Hang On Against Wyoming
    At least it wasn't north dakota state. I look forward to seeing this team improve from week to week. Just one data point for now. Lets start looking for trends after the next game.

  • RE: Irrelevant Magazine Considers Huskers Irrelevant
    Well, prediction and opinion are not the same thing. Many magazines come up with what they believe is going to happen in an upcoming season based on some set of factors that they believe hold a predictive ability. This particular poll (and Steve's response) is really a discussion of what we …more »

  • RE: Will Northwestern Beat a Ranked Team in 2013?
    Just looking in my handy-dandy Phil Steele guide doesn't look very good for them to come close to OSU. Fitzgerald is 1-8 off a bye, 1-28 against OSU. This team will have to work hard to win the division. A win against a team many people are calling a Nat'l Title …more »

  • RE: Should NU Fans Temper Offensive Expectations?
    Depends on what the expectations are. If the expectation is significant improvement (5-10 PPG, 50-100 YPG), then no tempering needed. If the expectation is a historic season on par with the offensive explosions? Then yes, please temper.

  • RE: Disappointment, Quantified
    I think the Vegas lines are a pretty good indicator of the public's perception of how good a team is or isn't. I won't try to guess how odds makers come up with the lines, but I do know that it can move because of too much action one way. Football …more »

  • RE: Ten Wins Seems Likely Again
    I agree. Our offense is going to make mistakes and come out soft at some point. I think that our rush defense will especially be better this year, because it was just so bad last year. That by itself seems to lean towards an improvement in record.

  • RE: Ten Wins Seems Likely Again
    Also understand that I am a complex person. I have the belief that the Huskers will go 14-0 and win it all this year (YEAH BABY!). But the reasoning part of my brain looks at the numbers, facts, and such to try and extrapolate what might happen this year. Like any …more »

  • RE: Ten Wins Seems Likely Again
    Yeah, that was just me linking to other opinions out there. This one is just my opinion. The past is a good indicator of what is to come in college football. But this season sits on a razors edge. 12-0 won't be far from 9-3. I just think it will be …more »

  • RE: The Base Defense
    I think people are still stuck on the image of slow, plodding Big Ten play. Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Michigan can all run some variation of spread/QB read. UCLA might be a good example of what is to come from league play (which is why that game is so scary). …more »

  • RE: Does Bo Break the 10-Win Barrier?
    My guesses incorporate a lot of input. What the media says about practices weigh very little into that. It's usually just straight numbers from various "experts", but I haven't had time to throw all of these into a spreadsheet that I use most years.

  • RE: Does Bo Break the 10-Win Barrier?
    Next week I'll put out my guess on the season (game by game), but I am leaning less towards 9 or 10 wins and more towards 11 or 12 (including "extra" games). I need to figure out if that's the fan in me talking, or if there is something grounded in …more »

  • RE: Defensive Line Set to Improve
    Right, I meant to put seasons players not seniors in the sentence I mentioned Chase Rome. If he had decided to stick around, it would have been a much more interesting season in the front lines.

  • RE: Trap Games Ahead
    Don't worry, the predictions are coming. I've only just started looking at the schedule and position groups in depth, so should have something solid in a week or so.

  • RE: Impactful Games of 2013
    If the NC is the goal, yes, every game has the most impact. Expectations should be set to win the division every year and see what happens after that. I should have stated in the beginning that I was working off that premise.

  • RE: Impactful Games of 2013
    I agree with your summary. How the top two games turn out will likely ultimately decides what happens this season.

  • RE: Bo's Big Ten Media Day
    This is of course only my opinion, but multiple defenses mean guys like Eric Haag playing the "Peso" roll we saw a few years ago. It means switching to 4-4, 3-4 or 3-3-5 looks as needed. You want to get your best and most athletic people on the field, even if …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Will Play College Football in 2033
    I'm going to cut this off before it starts up. Let's refrain from personal attacks. Plenty of controversial things to say about the topic at hand without politics and insults getting involved. Anyway, I've been telling friends (in a a half joking manner) for a couple years now that college football …more »

  • RE: The Rise of Small Ball?
    New, no. Sort of rediscovered, yes. In college football, small and fast can win over big and strong. In the pros, the freaks of nature who are both simultaneously large and fast can decimate. But in college, larger rosters and the spread of talent can lead to many specialized skill players. …more »

  • RE: Jack Hoffman Spring TD ESPY Push
    TMart's probably won't make it through the "bracket" style selection for best play, but it is still pretty awesome. I assume Husker fans will represent for that one as well in the ESPY voting.

  • RE: Jack Hoffman Spring TD ESPY Push
    Also, visit the Team Jack Foundation site to get the latest news, info, or support the cause:

  • RE: The Alternate Uniforms
    Yeah, I'm that guy who responds to his own questions. They are pretty slick in my opinion. They're not the flashiest or wildest of alternate uniforms, a clean, solid look.

  • RE: Phil Steele's Upset Meter Shouldn't Be Upsetting
    This particular Phil Steele measure was not one I had payed attention to or seen before. It also directly goes against another one of his key measures, the net close wins/losses. I still haven't figured out what this team might be this year, but looking through what this football guide says …more »

  • RE: Reviews Recent Recruit Push
    @BallField78, you're right - recruiting services is a bad choice of words. I just clump them together because I'm a bit lazy sometimes. Also, these players have yet to play a down of their senior season. A lot can happen this fall.

  • RE: Reviews Recent Recruit Push
    Trying not to indicate too much excitement, just stating show some facts about Darlington. It was a solid couple of weeks, but the recruiting services rank us around the 40 mark.

  • RE: Penalties at Forefront of the Season
    We're number 1 in the conference at pass efficiency defense, but we're eighth in the nation. That's fairly good. Our pass defense is 5th in the nation right now. Isaac, you've hit it. The turnovers are the costliest part. If we're able to defeat that beast, I'm sure that penalties will …more »

  • RE: Do You Believe in Magic?
    I joke a lot about Bo Pelini saying "discipline" and "execution" a lot. But it's hard to get both of those things out of the same player. Eric Martin is a roughing the passer waiting to happen. And Damion Stafford can put his hands up all he wants, but he had …more »

  • RE: Can the Huskers Actually Improve During the Season
    My point is that there is NO trend and that is all. Whether it has a result on the outcome of the game is a different point. Like I mentioned, the points for and against and yards for and allowed every week look like a buckshot target due to the fact …more »

  • RE: Can the Huskers Actually Improve During the Season
    I understand that any trend chart like this just brings it to the "steady state" at the end of the year, but what people have been saying about "improvement" should show an uptick at the end of the year, even by a handful of points or yards. That's not happening. I'll …more »

  • RE: Can the Huskers Actually Improve During the Season
    Yeah, I will dig a bit deeper this off season. The fact is non conference games really affect stats of most team numbers. And at least this team hasn't shown much improvement in any of these numbers. If you just look at the numbers (no averages), it looks like scattershot. It's …more »

  • RE: Twitter Blitz
    I thought that the Huskers might have been even going into this game because Michigan State likes to keep things close. Here are the margins in each of their conference games:, -1, +4, -3, -2, +3. By far, the Huskers should be the best offense they've faced. The Spartans are averaging …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Gets Critical Win Over Michigan
    Besides the excellent play, here's what surprised me most: game plan. They appeared more prepared for a Michigan attack with Fitz and Denard than any other threats this year. Why we didn't run the same sort of containment scheme against OSU, I cannot fathom. Even before Robinson was out, no big …more »

  • RE: Eichhorst in Line for NU AD Job
    If he is hired, I would be interested in hearing about the reasons for departing Miami. Sometimes it's hard to gain traction to make sweeping positive change. I wouldn't blame him for giving up after a few years if nobody was interested in going along with it. I'd give the benefit …more »

  • RE: Key Points Needed to Claim Victory
    Buckeye Mike, that's not how we roll around here. All are welcome to comment, but let's keep it civil. Goes for Buckeye and Husker fans alike.

  • RE: Key Points Needed to Claim Victory
    Yeah, I've got to say that this is one of the most exciting and frustrating things about college football. The amazingly wide range of results that a single team can have in a season. I use stats because those are numbers and as the season progresses, they get closer and closer …more »

  • RE: Key Points Needed to Claim Victory
    Not sure if you're trollin' here, but let's take a look at this anyway. The Buckeye offense is averaging 33 points/game. That's against the teams that are ranked 104, 45, 84, 115, and 12. Nebraska's number 36 in the country in Scoring D. Against the comparably ranked UCF they scored 31. …more »

  • RE: Huskers Stage Big Comeback to Beat Wisconsin
    Wisconsin reminded me of the huskers last year, inconsistent, uninspired play. The predictable coaching and lack of adjustments doomed the Badgers. We should be happy about this win, but I am happer with the fact that it was not Nebraska who gave this game away and all facets of the team …more »

  • RE: Making Gilbert Eat His Words
    Well, looks like Gilbert's the one who's going to be skipping rocks. At least on the first play.

  • RE: The Case For and Against a UCLA Upset
    I have pretty much given up on trying to figure out college football. The predictably of 18-23 year old makes figuring out what will happen nearly impossible.

  • RE: Sloppy Play Dooms Nebraska at UCLA
    Tim Beck. Discuss.

  • RE: The Case For and Against a UCLA Upset
    When I see the Vegas lines and ESPN Gameday and all the pundits talk about this game, it makes me wonder if I don't know much about college football. I re-watched both UCLA and the Husker games this past week and I just don't see these teams being in the same …more »

  • RE: Biggest Questions Ahead of the Game
    The key is to not make the usual first game mistakes. Michigan State, Stanford, South Carolina, and NC State on Thursday/Friday were all supposed to be more dominant. But first game jitters seem to have got the best of them as outcomes were lower margins or unexpected losses.

  • RE: Nebraska Season Rests on Taylor Martinez
    The offense should continue to pile up rushing numbers, if they manage to make a 10-15% improvement in the passing game it could go a long way to making Martinez one of the top producers in the nation. Based on yards/game he was the 58th most prolific offensive player in the …more »

  • RE: Michigan Season Rests on Denard Robinson
    Don't worry, that's the exact title of my next post.

  • RE: Spartans Will Lean on Defense
    steve, MSU did not lose at home in 2010 or 2011. But in '09 they lost to Central Michigan, Iowa, and Penn State at home.

  • RE: Spartans Will Lean on Defense
    Thanks Steve, never write sentences late at night. Fixed it.

  • RE: The Factory
    These are probably topics for another day, but we're seeing the results of Bo Pelini's on the job training. Are we patient enough to see if he's learned from his mistakes by giving him a pass on the first few years of coaching and recruiting? The number one thing that I …more »

  • RE: The Factory
    Poor line play because the QB holds on too long is different from the false starts and holding (especially right off the block) that have plagued the team. They keep saying focus is the issue at hand. We have the physicality based on rushing numbers, but simply paying attention to when …more »

  • RE: The Factory
    I think I'd really like to reserve judgement on whether Barney should go until after the season. The loss of Klatchko and Moore are significant, but it seems they have been building towards this season in terms of depth and experience on the line. There will be strides in development this …more »

  • RE: Twitter Blitz, Offensive Line Edition
    I'm not one that's blaming Cotton for what happened. Ultimately, young players are going to do what they want to do. If they want to work hard and earn playing time, that's the best a fan can hope for. We all have to deal with "bosses" who we may not like …more »

  • RE: Jonathan Cook Surprise Number 14 Commit
    Agreed, all 5 official visits to the schools on his list, waiting for 'Bama. It all adds up to a maybe he signs, maybe he don't.

  • RE: Who Backs Up Martinez
    Yes, both Martinez and Kellogg are redshirt juniors, but that distinction is not usually indicated in rosters and such.

  • RE: Who Backs Up Martinez
    It's not unreasonable for a backup to take some mop up duty, especially if they do well in the non-conference. But we also know that there have been injuries that lead to a backup starting a game. I just want to avoid Rex Burkhead playing wildcat for 3 quarters of some …more »

  • RE: Twitter Blitz
    Just for clarification, I have been a T-Mart backer since the beginning. It just seems like we've had a lot of flak on this site for posting the fact that he is a solid QB for this style of offense. If you follow some of the twitterites that follow the accounts …more »

  • RE: The Heisman Chances of a Nebraska Running Back
    So here's a list of stats of some of the Heisman winner running backs that I could find: Running back stats Compare to Burkhead's career stats: List of Heisman winners: Wikipedia

  • RE: The Heisman Chances of a Nebraska Running Back
    Burkhead is a great player, undoubtedly. But the 2011 effort of 1357 yards, 4.7 ypc, and 15 TD's is pedestrian by years past Heisman standouts like Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, or Barry Sanders. I may be adding a table to this story after pulling stats from past Heisman winners to compare... …more »

  • RE: Eyeing Penn State's Roster
    Man, Silas Redd to USC. That's got to hurt. He was arguable the best player on the roster heading into the season.

  • RE: Alternate Uniforms Have No Punch
    The response from some fans (twitter, blogs, etc) and media over the first two days was a resounding "Meh". I think the same thing is happening to me that is going on with everyone else... it's starting to grow on me and I have gone from despising them to now somewhat …more »

  • RE: Are NCAA Sanctions Self-Serving?
    I was under the impression that there would be more institutional penalties in addition to the football ones. I believe that the culture in the athletic department needs to change and it would involve more than just firing everyone.

  • RE: The Best Offense in the Conference
    Since you bring up coaching, that's one area I didn't really discuss. Wisconsin brings in a brand new offensive coordinator this year. Most of the time that can mean a step back in one area, and my guess is going to be passing. Both Michigan's H.C. Hoke and O.C. Borges have …more »

  • RE: Throw Away the Hot Seat
    To clarify, at the end of the 2012 campaign, we can reconsider whether Bo should be on the hot seat. He probably shouldn't be just yet.

  • RE: Will the "Big Six" Become the Future of Bowl Games?
    What is the likelihood that teams start declining lesser bowl invites to avoid ending the year in the negative? Many bowl trips cost more than they bring in to departments.

  • RE: Making the Playoffs, the Newest Hallmark of Dominance
    You are correct OU7, it seems obvious. The fact is that the game of college football has some significant flaws and every effort to improve it appears to only highlight them. The BCS just made it so that some teams may have deserved a shot but didn't get in because of …more »

  • RE: Phil Steele Not As Bullish on Huskers This Year
    Sure, we'll work on those things. We've got a couple of off season site maintenance things to work on and I will make sure it's on the list. Thanks.

  • RE: Is Bill O'Brien Doomed From the Start?
    Phil Steele's blog today indicates that Penn State is a huge question mark mainly because they only return 17 total O-line starts. That's the second lowest in the country. It doesn't seem like they have the blue chip and highly touted players to fill in the open spots either. …more »

  • RE: Phil Steele's Preseason All Conference Picks
    A Bo Pelini team without a 1st team defensive player in the conference at the end of the season? That's unpossible! 2011: Lavonte David, Alfonso Dennard 2010: Jared Crick, Lavonte David, Eric Hagg, Prince Amukamara 2009: Ndamukong Suh, Jared Crick, Prince Amukamara, Larry Asante 2008: None... Oh well, I guess there's …more »

  • RE: Attacking Football: Part Two
    When I (the author) say "paid", I mean paid in the sense that you receive a W-2 form at the end of the year, getting a taxable salary paycheck. If you read the content of my article and comments (in fact, the very next sentence after I say that players don't …more »

  • RE: Attacking Football: Part Two
    Thank goodness. I'm running out of things to complain about!

  • RE: Attacking Football: Part Two
    Let's look at baseball since you brought it up. If you're a good player, one of the top 10 draft potential, premier player, you're in luck. Congrats! You're a first round pick - now you've got something like a 75% chance of making the majors and a few million in the …more »

  • RE: Hall of Fame Voters Give Huskers the Stiff-Arm
    Your justice will be served comment has me imagining you undertaking a vigilante, Batman style attack against the evils of the College Football HoF.

  • RE: Attacking Football: Part One
    Sorry PE, the day job is hitting me hard right now. Hoping for a break soon to get back into it.

  • RE: Attacking Football: Part One
    I agree that this is one of the areas that could use improvement. I've heard players described as playing with "reckless abandon" and that usually means that they feel as if the padding and protection can mean they are roving missiles. This is not a substitute for solid tackling. How many …more »

  • RE: More Buzz on NU Basketball
    Yeah, don't tell anyone, but some of us are huge Nebraska Basketball fans. This hire actually makes me excited to talk about the program. I used to do about 1 basketball story every year. Let's hope we have something to talk about more often.

  • RE: Delany Again Discussing Playoff Scenarios
    And now NU's Chancellor Harvey Perlman speaks out, saying a plus one selecting the top two teams after bowl games should determine the National Championship. It's contrary to Delany's idea that the semifinal games should be played on campus. Perlman compares the bowls in that idea to the NIT. …more »

  • RE: Delany Again Discussing Playoff Scenarios
    Agreed. There are going to be a lot of things that don't every have a chance of happening. Doesn't mean they won't talk about it all year.

  • RE: The Impact of Ron Brown
    Wondering whether Ron Brown's comment will cause adverse effects to the program is a valid concern. This is not a personal attack on Ron Brown. Bo Pelini often has his own sort of speech which has at times brought a negative light to Nebraska on the national stage. It's not an …more »

  • RE: The Importance of a Strong Start
    PE, you are right about Wisconsin, but the Huskers really need to step it up right away. And another thing you are right about, I should have said "the offense" and not just Taylor.

  • RE: Regaining Lineman Credentials
    Me? Abuse statistics to make them prove my own point? I would never ever ever do such a thing... well at least, I'll try not to do it as much anymore.

  • RE: Regaining Lineman Credentials
    I still have it in my back pocket to do a write up on penalties on the lines. I have to do searches on each individual game play by plays to pull penalties in that manner. I still think that will tell a very intriguing tale.

  • RE: Delany Should Be Careful About Rose Bowl
    Before Nebraska joined the Big Ten, I always had the view that they cared more for the conference than college football as a whole. It's not a bad position to have. It keeps all teams on the same page. Delany would not keep the Big Ten/Rose Bowl out of the mix, …more »

  • RE: Delany Should Be Careful About Rose Bowl
    Mark, you're very right. Politics and money have made working within college football a minefield. I can see the rest of the conferences being upset with the Big Ten if this whole stick to your guns thing keeps on. I almost feel like the B1G/Pac12 are putting on a show to …more »

  • RE: Spring Game Cancelled Due to Severe Weather Threat
    Ha! I didn't realise that the folks in London I've been working with lately have been rubbing off on my communications. It would behove me to labour for better accuracy in the future whilst I blog, lest my content lose its lustre.

  • RE: Charles Jackson Adds Depth
    Apparently Bo Pelini hasn't received the paperwork yet, but that's just one of those administrative things that always seems to slow things down.

  • RE: Pelini Answers Questions About Offense
    Yes, very coach speak. But he's been saying sort of the same things over and over all this off season: Rex won't get beat up, Taylor is better this year, Pensick is good, the offense is not forced to learn a new system, and get ready for more balance. Article summed …more »

  • RE: If the Offensive Line is Any Good
    Howard, I will take a look at penalties (overall) in the next week or two. It will probably include some specifics about O and D lines.

  • RE: If the Offensive Line is Any Good
    Choi and Rodriguez are going to be a couple of guys to watch out for. I agree that Pensick is better suited in size, but Caputo was invaluable in leading the line.

  • RE: Football Playoff on the Horizon
    The next bit of news about this will likely be April 24-26 when the Football Bowl Association is meeting.

  • RE: Experience and Preparation Make LBs Ready
    I would like to say one of the young guys will step up, but one thing that has been consistent in every year of the Pelini tenure: young linebackers that try to swim in this system end up drowning. Lavonte David made so many mistakes his first year in the first …more »

  • RE: Experience and Preparation Make LBs Ready
    That is correct, about 35 less total tackles returning, Stoddard had never started at LB. I had forgotten about that position change. The only returning LB's with significant playing time are Compton, Whaley, and Fisher. It does not bode well for depth in my opinion. I'm a little puzzled at that …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Basketball Coaching
    I think everyone is assuming that yesterday was the last game for Doc at Nebraska. It's disappointing. When he came here, he had all the makings of a coach with a plan and future. Now... who knows? Dr. Tom Osborne has got a decision to make, and I wouldn't be surprised …more »

  • RE: Bo Pelini and the Signs of Spring
    Also an update: Terry Joseph hire is official.

  • RE: Southern Mississippi Might Look Like Early Pinkel Teams
    It's interesting that you bring up Gary Pinkel in this case. What Pinkel did was very outside of the box back then, but he didn't really get a lot of recognition while being overshadowed in the Big 12 by the big boys. Coaching stability in the long term led to some …more »

  • RE: Open Coaching Spot May Already Be Filled
    Why be upset? Sanders resigned citing personal and family reasons. That's usually code for something you don't want in the papers as the reason you were asked to quit. I can't complain about the fact that Raymond is leaving to go coach for a team that played in a NC game. …more »

  • RE: Secondary is Stocked for New Coach
    Last year, the experience was sparse, but there are guys with promise returning. The talent level could not do what Raymond wanted them to do. Good coaches are able to adjust to the abilities of their young or undeveloped players to compensate for perceived deficiencies. I'm not a fan of a …more »

  • RE: Secondary is Stocked for New Coach
    More numbers for those interested. I ran the same kind of comparison in the secondary that I did with the D line last week. If you want to see what percentage of defensive statistics the DB's were responsible for, click here.

  • RE: Open Coaching Spot May Already Be Filled
    For Corey Raymond to complain about the talent/speed/whatever about the secondary players being brought in is disingenuous. You want better players? Do something about it and recruit them. This guy looks like he would actually try to go out and get them instead of complaining. If he doesn't take the job …more »

  • RE: Corey Raymond, We Hardly Knew Ye
    I was severely unimpressed with the non-aggressive style of play exhibited by the defensive backs in the early part of the season. It became clear that Bo Pelini recommended altering the style that Raymond seemed to teach. They played so far off and didn't bump at the line, receivers appeared to …more »

  • RE: In Need of a Defensive Line
    I was intentionally careful in my wording. The change in technique over the years has limited the pure numbers the front four will get. The fact is, there are three possibilities for next year: 1. Experience and depth leads to more "numbers" but not an improvement in perception of the D …more »

  • RE: In Need of a Defensive Line
    A couple of things. Firstly, I didn't account for Lavonte David in all of this. When there's a player his caliber on the field, the coaches are going to utilize him more in ways that will draw stats away from linemen (sacks, tackles, TFL's). Secondly, If anyone wants to see how …more »

  • RE: Will NU's Front Four be Special?
    At this very moment, I was in the process of writing an article titled "In Need of a Defensive Line". I will continue with this theme tomorrow from another angle, let's make it D-Line week! One thing, the injury to Crick had a larger impact on the season than most people …more »

  • RE: Reading into the Roster
    Yeah, all I read on a previous Pelini press conference was that no reason was given. I wasn't trying to be mysterious, it's just I couldn't find the information and didn't want to make something up. If only the athletic department would let us poor independent news sites contact them for …more »

  • RE: Reading into the Roster
    Apologies, my editing was too hasty, I have fixed a few things.

  • RE: Nebraska and the New Kickoff Rule
    This takes away the value of having a good kick off specialist. In college football, it's been of high value. I liked having an asset that not all other teams could match. If this would be the rule, any kicker/punter with a half decent leg can kick it to the end …more »

  • RE: The Rose Bowl Versus the Plus One
    Currently, there is a plan being bandied about to require teams to win at least 7 games to make it to a bowl. I think that would eliminate at least a half dozen, or more. Maybe the bowls have already watered down their brand and to make the big ones stay …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Reverses Course on Plus One
    One of the most interesting parts of the article are the comments on the BCS and bowl system. Proposals have been made for a seven win requirement to play in a bowl game, along with possibly moving up the BCS game timetable due to how late the game is played. …more »

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    Peat's selected Stanford.

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    Scout indicates they've all signed their LOI's.

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    Sory Isaac, it was sorted at the beginning of the day, but things started happening so fast that I couldn't keep up. I'll get a chance to refresh it in about an hour.

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    The unwavering commit since July of 2010, Michael Rose has signed his LOI. Under Armor bowl player, ESPN top 150 prospect, had 104 tackles and 3 sacks last season.

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    From the athletic department: LOI's coming soon!

  • RE: Quarterbacks in Recruit Class Set for Huskers
    Here's what the services are saying about Armstrong: 247sports 6'1"/200 - 3* - 86/100 ESPN 6'1"/195 - 3* - 77/100 Rivals 6'2"/210 - 3* - 5.7/6.0 Scout 6'1.5"/205 - 4* All of the services have him running around a 4.53 40 and list him anywhere from the number 5 to number …more »

  • RE: The Secret to Success
    Just coming up with a theory to test is all. I'll gladly modify my position if the numbers don't pan out.

  • RE: Big Ten Behind in Bowl Position, BCS Stance
    It's not significant for recruiting as two players on the fence committed this week. I could care less if the Big Ten goes 1-9 in bowls if that "one" is Nebraska. Just interesting to see what other conferences are doing and planning now, and it seems Jim Delany is not jumping …more »

  • RE: The Secret to Success
    Very much agree Isaac. At some point this off season, I want to try and figure out what makes consistency of purpose (for example, what do the winnings programs in the SEC do). Comparing that to the Huskers is certainly going to show a gap in consistency.

  • RE: The Secret to Success
    I agree that he has the capacity to learn and adjust in both the on-field to the off-field aspects of the game. His discussions about football, especially before the season starts every year, are often engaging and enlightening (although they never tell much about the current team). I never expected him …more »

  • RE: Bowl Game is Litmus Test for Season
    Disappointing effort, aside from the first couple of drives. Expected anything but what was displayed in the second half.

  • RE: Huskers In Orlando and Ready to Prepare
    Based on the information available publicly, Bo Pelini has suspended players for less. If I have time, I'm going to pull up what information I have and compare it to other incidents that other players have gone through.

  • RE: Huskers In Orlando and Ready to Prepare
    Sorry, I was too much in the Christmas spirit to really talk too negative about this. Now that it's past, I have thought about how this is a very unusual thing that Bo Pelini has done. It's contradictory to all other instances (based on public information) that have happened to other …more »

  • RE: Papuchis Hire Official
    Those are all very valid points. I was not impressed with his recruiting record and I hope someone else like Ron Brown gets the recruiting coordinator title that Papuchis vacated. If they give it to "Coach Kaz" I'm not looking forward to the next few years of the guys the Huskers …more »

  • RE: Papuchis Hire Official
    I thought so too, I expected he would have wanted a co-coordinator position. I thought that was something he would be able to muster somewhere else. Bo must be a great pitch man for coaching staffs.

  • RE: Papuchis Hire Official
    It's been hinted at for a while and isn't really a surprise, but it's nice for a decision to be made.

  • RE: Making the Quick Decision Versus the Right One
    I know that Bo is really only accountable to his boss, Tom Osborne, the athletic department, and the higher ups at the University, so our opinion matters little. But I wonder if he would try to buy himself more time if he promotes from within. It's like he's going to TO …more »

  • RE: Jim Delany Fighting a Rising Tide
    I'm actually a fan of the plus-one system. And I know that if the NCAA gets a taste of what kind of money the playoff games bring in, they're going to want to go to 8. I'm not against that either.

  • RE: Huskers Part of Record Big Ten Bowl Class
    Eleven Warriors has their take on the Big Ten bowl games:

  • RE: Carl Pelini Hire to FAU Official
    I think things are hushed because the coaches and administration may not know quite what it's doing yet. There are plenty of options on how to handle this, but Mike Stoops is the one guy everybody keeps talking about.

  • RE: Huskers Part of Record Big Ten Bowl Class
    At least we don't have to complain about the Idaho Potato Bowl.

  • RE: Big Ten Not in Business of Paying Fans
    I think the concept of a Championship Game is somewhat lost on Big Ten fans this year. With the stressed value of almost every game every week, they are not coming from a place like the Big 12 The goal was always to get to "the game" and steal an automatic …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Grinds Iowa 20-7
    What a fitting end to the first season of Big Ten Conference play. That game was exciting in its tedium of the Huskers just moving forward over and over and over again.

  • RE: Giving Thanks
    Hey, thanks Jason for doing all the behind the scenes work that none of us know how to do!

  • RE: Heroes Game Trophy First Look
    If you go to our home page, just to the right of our stories is a list of links under "Today's Headlines" and previous dates. (This is just below the Husker watch site suggestions). We love the interwebs and are all about linking.

  • RE: Heroes Game Trophy First Look
    Follow!/Huskers on twitter to get closer looks at the trophy. Visit to get a full description of each piece of the trophy.

  • RE: Heroes Game Trophy First Look
    All indications were that somebody was going to screw something up and this was not going to turn out well. By setting my expectations so low, I'm now pleasantly surprised and moderately impressed with how this thing looks.

  • RE: On Expectations
    As a fan, I would love to see us win every game all the time, but that's not feasible. If I step back for a moment, I realize that if the Huskers are not statistically eliminated from playing for a conference championship until the last couple weeks of the year, I'll …more »

  • RE: Michigan Routs Nebraska in Ann Arbor
    Just FYI, things need to chill a little. This is a place for discussion, not personal attacks. OU7's commenting is welcome, as is anyone who wants to add an opinion about football. I frequent plenty of other team and conference sites and have never been told to pickup and go back …more »

  • RE: MGoReadThis
    I think that this should be a B1G trophy game, we can put up a bronzed replica of the '97 NC trophy for the winner.

  • RE: Depth and Health Way to Win Late Season
    Couple the relative health of Michigan team and the issues with injury on the Huskers, I'm not feeling too positive about Saturday's game. Hoke has made huge defensive strides this season.

  • RE: Quick Stats on Northwestern
    That's a really good point, I may start a new discussion about this.

  • RE: Quick Stats on Nebraska
    Yeah, I think that if we held the effective Northwestern offense to less than 2 points, it would be very impressive. In actuality, it's going to be hard to stop them from putting up some points. If we can hold them to 20 or so, that means we've been effective enough …more »

  • RE: Start November Off Right
    I can confirm that 7:00 AM is not the kickoff time of the Penn State game, or any other game. Apologizes for the whacked out server error, we'll get that straightened out. Man, could you imagine playing and/or watching football that early? Crazy stuff.

  • RE: Wildcats' Offense Poses Tougher Test
    OU7, The Nebraska student section steals crowd stuff that opponent fans do. I think it's kind of dumb. It's usually attributed to fans of barefoot kickers, but we don't have one. Your guess is as good as mine.

  • RE: Wildcats' Offense Poses Tougher Test
    According to the press conferences, Rex just had cramping in his leg and Taylor jammed the thumb on his right hand. Burkhead says he's only just sore and Martinez says it's fine today.

  • RE: Good Results and Improvement Hoped For
    Another strangely interesting matchup, Minnesota is leading the Big Ten in Kickoff coverage with a net average of 46.3. Let's see how well they attempt to contain the best kick returner in the country today.

  • RE: DT Crick out for the season
    Curse you Sports Illustrated!

  • RE: Who Are These Critics We Keep Hearing About?
    Does anyone think that if Bo lost all the games this year and acted the way he did in Saturday's post game he'd still have a job? The average fan doesn't even know what happens in the pressers unless a guy like Chatelain tells them about it. There's places for emotion, …more »

  • RE: Who Are These Critics We Keep Hearing About?
    @HuskerFan, good point, I should have been more clear. I was referring to the type of fan that yells "You Suck!" in the middle of the game, which to me is a personal attack, and usually in reference to the skill (or lack thereof) being displayed. If I were to say …more »

  • RE: First Item for Beebe on the Agenda: Complain About Nebraska
    On a bye week, a regionally (even nationally) prominent figure saying that Nebraska broke up a conference is kind of a big deal. At least Beebe had the decency not to detract from a Husker game week.

  • RE: Missouri Hopes for Big Ten Invite That Has Not Come
    I will vouch for OU7, his commentary is welcome to here. OU7, I will tell you what I've been telling people off line all this week. We should, and possibly will, destroy the Buckeyes. I intended to discuss the topic in depth this week, but it turned into a piece about …more »

  • RE: Missouri Hopes for Big Ten Invite That Has Not Come
    I think the SEC should let Mizzou join only if they change their mascot from the Tigers. You know, because they already have Auburn and LSU.

  • RE: Three Buckeyes Continue Suspension
    It would have been four, but one of the players (Melvin Fellows) is out due to medical hardship.

  • RE: Tim Beck on Taylor Martinez
    It smacks of excuse. Look over the blogs here from last week, not a one really said it was QB versus QB. Traditional media didn't really push the issue last week either. So who was doing the building up? Beck? Pelini? The statement closest to that here was that we hoped …more »

  • RE: History Lesson
    Part II of the History Lesson: Nebraska still has only lost one game since Bo Pelini got here that most people agree should have not been, the 8 turnover debacle against Iowa State. And on the road, Pelini teams are usually quite stout. We'll see what happens, but I'm anticipating a …more »

  • RE: Football at 7000 Feet
    I found an Army "Altitude Acclimatization Guide" that had some interesting information. If you take a group of men who are not acclimated to 7000 ft, then have them do 1-3 hours of high intensity aerobic activities, 20-40% of the men will show some symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness. It can …more »

  • RE: Congratulations! It's a Quarterback...
    Darren, it's about execution and consistency. Once you work on your approach, expect an improvement in your discipline. Keep making adjustments and there will be an impact in your confidence.

  • RE: What We Know Now - Wyoming Edition
    Brandon, it's about execution and consistency. Once you work on your approach, expect an improvement in your discipline. Keep making adjustments and there will be an impact in your confidence.

  • RE: Two Weeks of Chess Matches
    It's difficult to tell if the lapses in the secondary are because of personnel or coaching. If they continue to have problems after Alfonzo Dennard gets back, then maybe the Pelini's need to pay some special attention to the work that Corey Raymond is doing.

  • RE: The Stat That Matters: Third Down Efficiency
    Well, Bo Pelini has pulled the ol' classic muscle car out of the garage. It needs a little tuning, but could really rule the road with work. I'm not down on this season like some seem to be. This isn't a rebuilding year, it's a tweak and get roaring year. …more »

  • RE: Offense Should Take Any Advantage Against Washington
    I'm really hoping to see the Huskers take advantage of some passing mismatches as well. The Huskies are last in passing defense with 70 completions allowed.

  • RE: Decoding Coach Speak: "They Made a Lot of Mistakes"
    @Ted, when you watch a D1 basketball game that actually has defenders that don't put their hands up, it's worth pointing out. In this week's case, fundamentals listed above were missing against the Bulldogs, hence Pelini's comment that they made mistakes, hence the analysis of what the statement meant. While we …more »

  • RE: What We Know Now - Washington edition
    I had the fortune to be at the game this weekend, and I'm one of those guys who watches the team practice very intently before it starts. Here are some general observations from practice that played out in the game: * Martinez couldn't even lead guys during the warm up. Back …more »

  • RE: Be Wary Big Ten
    A good summary of all the rumors: The source of the rumors:

  • RE: Non Conference Should Be Judged As a Whole
    Some totally missed my point. This is an evaluation period. 5years3losses1degree summarized what I'm trying to say. We can only judge the results of the non conference as a whole for all Big Ten teams. Right now it feels like nit-picking when we complain about facets of this team based on …more »

  • RE: Fresno State fears the option
    The key to the option will be taking away the impact of DT Logan Harrell, a guy who's on various preseason watch lists and could blow up some plays (2 TFL's). By the way, he looks like an evil villain from a Saturday morning cartoon. Let's make sure we don't …more »

  • RE: Fresno State Offense Hoping For Improvement
    What is most telling to me is the four sacks against an offensive line with four new starters. Cal's D-line has one very quality player, but it's nowhere near the caliber of the Husker's. The younger brother of David Carr needs to hope his line gets better real quick or he …more »

  • RE: Minsky's Pizza
    Technically, all Minsky's in the KC metro area put on the Husker games. I have watched the game at three of them and each one has been fun, but my personal favorite is the one on Barry Road: 7007 NW Barry Road Kansas City, MO 64153

  • RE: Opponent Watch: Fresno State
    Here's some more depth on this game:

  • RE: Big Ten Network Makes it Easy
    Here's a few other resources to see scheduling and programming: Big Ten Network ESPN Fox Sports

  • RE: Ankrah Makes Most of Opportunity
    More from Carl: "I don't know that they're fighting for who's starting, they're fighting for snaps."

  • RE: Video: Big Red Anthem
    Sorry, that comment was too philosophical and digging into meaning. I meant to say, AWESOME VIDEO!!! Is it Sept 3rd yet?!?!

  • RE: Video: Big Red Anthem
    There seems to be a backlash (in that polite, midwestern sort of way) against the older generation of fan in Memorial Stadium. I think students are feeling that fans may be outmatched with the rest of the Big Ten as far as their impact in home field advantage. This whole student-led, …more »

  • RE: Sagarin Ratings Don't Paint a Pleasant Picture for Huskers
    @saunders45, and with that comment there, I believe we can just throw Sagarin out the window! It will be a few years of conference play before anyone can accurately predict what will happen in this new world.

  • RE: Starling signs with Royals
    Ok, so one more statement about a baseball player... Regardless of your feelings towards the whole situation, all the attention on the Huskers was not a bad thing. It was interesting watching everybody try to make something out of nothing over and over again (myself included). The Starlings clearly swore everyone …more »

  • RE: Starling signs with Royals
    No, let's just get to talking about football players, not baseball players. While it affects the depth at the QB position, it makes me wonder how giant a loss this was for Darin Erstad rather than Bo Pelini.

  • RE: Bubba Watch Begins
    There's been surprisingly little information about Starling today in terms of what to expect. Sure, what has come out has mostly been opinion, but people close to the sources appear to be keeping their mouths shut. Here's more from Sam McKewon:

  • RE: Bubba Watch Begins
    Man, I really hope Bubba doesn't go on the internet today. There's a lot of conjecture and people who think they know what the decision will be for a kid just out of high school. It's just going to be interesting when it happens.

  • RE: Will Texas A&M Start the Next Cascade
    I disagree. I think the Big Ten would also be willing to consider Missouri.

  • RE: Position Battle Buzz - Offense
    Considering Reed seems to be TM's favorite target, I don't think the coordinators and play-callers could truly prevent him from getting the ball (completely short of benching him).

  • RE: Sixth Commit Under the Radar
    This also seems like the type of guy that would get the "add your own stars" treatment from the Pelini's.

  • RE: Bizarre Tweet Leads to Pelini Statement on Starling
    Yeah, I'm shocked that Gammons said what he did without verification. That's a pretty potentially damaging piece of information to let out into the internet. Again, like it's been said countless times, we can only wait and see what the true motives are for a kid fresh out of high school. …more »

  • RE: Get Ready to Gear Up with Big Red Network
    Those t-shirts were the first reason I ever wanted to write for this blog. Whoever was clever enough to come up with those, that was the type of person I wanted to be affiliated with.

  • RE: Nebraska and Iowa to Play for Hardware
    I don't think I was clear enough in my description. The soybean plant is actually riding the tractor, and the Franken-cob is standing on the soybean plant. Just wanted to make that clear.

  • RE: Nebraska and Iowa to Play for Hardware
    I vote against Farmaggedon. That's what people have been calling Iowa State versus Kansas State the past couple of years at Arrowhead. The less it has to do with farms, corn, cows, and/or references to Council Bluffs, the happier I will be. Unless of course it's tasteful and classy, like a …more »

  • RE: Nebraska and Iowa to Play for Hardware
    My only wondering in all of this - if we ever play Missouri again, will the bell be up for grabs then? Or do we get to hold on to it forever now? Seems like they're forcing the trophy thing, but if Tom Osborne's on board with it, I'll at least …more »

  • RE: Mid-Afternoon Start at Penn State a Good Thing
    As much fun as night games are for even the TV viewers, there's nothing like a fall afternoon of lounging in front of the TV as the food coma sets in from the early game snacking. If the game is a good one, you can enjoy more college football in the …more »

  • RE: Historic Beginning Just Around the Corner
    I made some of these realizations once I reviewed stats on our defensive line and linebackers last year while looking at the experience returning in the fall. Our front seven is probably the best overall unit in the Big Ten and might be one of the top five in the country. …more »

  • RE: What Will Bubba Starling Do?
    Excellent point, Derek. I know some people despise the guy, but does anyone else think that LeBron James could make a spectacular TE? 6'8", 250 lbs, and a freak of nature, athletically.

  • RE: What Will Bubba Starling Do?
    My personal belief is that he is trying to extricate as much money from the Royals as he can. It's been reported that his dream is to play for the Royals someday as they are the hometown team. As a Royals fan and Husker, I consider it a lose-win. I would …more »

  • RE: An Offense That Is Just Good Enough
    Man, my general pessimism must be rubbing off around here. The offense has been such a huge disappointment that it's hard to expect positives. Darren, that's a good solid number to describe "just good enough". 21 points out of the offense might be enough to win 7-8 games with the Blackshirts …more »

  • RE: Meet the New Conference, Same as the Old Conference
    Hey, even Pelini has been cracking smiles lately. I'm pretty stoked with all of the hoopla today, but it never hurts to be a little grounded.

  • RE: Meet the New Conference, Same as the Old Conference
    Hey, I agree. Pelini's words that I read about the conference switch were quite inspirational in the culmination of this post. It's kind of a counter-point to all the touchy-feely happy stuff out there today.

  • RE: Is Russell Wilson Overrated?
    Arrogance? You mean like coming onto an opposing team's blog and telling them what they should be called now? ;-) As for Mase's implication, it's one shared by national media. Preseason consensus so far on Stassen indicates we're favored to win our division, giving us just as good a shot as …more »

  • RE: Is Russell Wilson Overrated?
    Apparently he was released from scholarship, just dropped by NC State, because he wanted to play summer baseball. I guess it's not a transfer. It's like getting fired. He's also apparently going to have to return some a of a baseball signing bonus as well. Found at Sporting News.

  • RE: Phil Steele Has the Big Ten in a Mess
    Hey, good point. I guess I should have clarified with what Steele says in his magazines, that those games are the likeliest losses, and that his markers indicate the probability of an 11-1 season for that individual team. It's hard for prognosticators to go and predict which games will actually be …more »

  • RE: Phil Steele Has the Big Ten in a Mess
    Yeah, I kind of made the comment with a hint of irony. I don't know what all of Phil Steele's factors are, but I doubt that the natural grass is one of them.

  • RE: Phil Steele Has the Big Ten in a Mess
    Totally agree. There's just so little margin for error in all of this, if we lose one early, we're going to have to pull a game out late when the pressure is on.

  • RE: What a Hoosier Is
    John M, my apologies. Like I said, we're still learning about the block. We'll be more accurate about the Indiana University nomenclature in the future. Too much force of habit from typing out "University of State" around here. We're also big fans of light-hearted talking trash around here, and since we …more »

  • RE: Bubba's Shot at the Bigs
    As a huge KC fan, I also think that Bubba would be a good "get". Not to make this too much off topic, but I was a little surprised that they went after him considering how badly pitching is needed. I guess you just go after the best player available that …more »

  • RE: Don't Pencil In That Title Just Yet
    PE, I agree with you on one thing for sure, we couldn't have picked a better time to come in a take this conference by force. But can Pelini do it? Media prognosticators don't seem to account for all angles. I have been thinking more and more lately that we will …more »

  • RE: Don't Pencil In That Title Just Yet
    Nebraska should look at all of the games on its schedule this year as winnable games, including Ohio State. There's just no room for trying to coast by any team because they have a new coach, or lost key players for any reason. Even the perceived "weaker" teams in the Big …more »

  • RE: Kody Spano's Career Over
    I'm sure QB is a position we'll probably look at over the summer and wonder where it's at. But for now, I just know that I liked Kody Spano and thought he would have made a great difference on the field like he currently does off the field. He was known …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Scholarship Update on the Table
    I know some people with academic scholarships that got some cold hard cash, but I think some of the loopholes may have been closed since I graduated. Right now, the Big Ten's proposal would be a scholarship to pay every athlete the same "cost of living" adjustment whatever it may be. …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Scholarship Update on the Table
    How are academics not revenue generating? It's a university, and it's all there to make somebody money. Research institutions can make tens of millions in pure revenue above costs just like an athletic department. Athletes on scholarship are allow to hold a job and make money (but are have a max …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Scholarship Update on the Table
    Hey, I know you went to NU so you and I both know about the billing system there. There were people who had academic scholarships that went above and beyond their expenditures on their semester bill. Those people were able to get a check handed to them (basically cash) that they …more »

  • RE: Baseball's Coach Anderson Fired
    If Starling gets picked by KC, it's a whole new ball game. Just about any other team means a better chance for a dual sport Starling at Nebraska. I think this coaching chance could only help his decision once (we assume) a better candidate is hired.

  • RE: Crick's a Steele Cover Boy
    My summers don't officially start until I get this magazine. Then I can turn off what little sports are left on television and read this cover to cover three or four times.

  • RE: B1G Meetings Only Include Husker Input
    Bo Pelini and the other Big Ten coaches apparently want to stick with the 8-game conference format. Unfortunately, when it comes to money, TV, fans, and what AD's want, coaches are not going to win this one.

  • RE: Profiles in Slobberknocking: Suh v. McCoy
    I've got to go with OU7 here. The Heisman goes to the best offensive player on the best (or at least top five) team. Will I remember that Ingram won the Hesiman that year many down the road? Maybe. Will I remember Lombardi, Outland, Nagurski, Bednarik from 2009? Absolutely. Don't cheapen …more »

  • RE: Fiesta Bowl Fined, Remains in BCS
    Seems like many college football fans are just rolling their eyes at this, considering it a slap on the wrist. But of course, most of the immediate commentary I see is from twitter. So take a 140-character-limit comment with a grain of salt as opposed to the potentially thought-out responses that …more »

  • RE: The Early Recruiting Trail
    That's an excellent point. Looking back at this point last year, we had four commits (then three as Keeston Terry decommitted to go to KU). Right now it's just the two, and no hurry to add more unnecessarily.

  • RE: Husker Backs Will Compete In Big Ten
    @WA Husker - Bo moved in the right direction with someone like John Garrison to help in an official capacity with the line. We've had the first player with two 1000+ seasons in a row since '92-'93 and the backup coming in is likely just as good. The new attacking offense …more »

  • RE: Husker Backs Will Compete In Big Ten
    Rick R, That's a nicely put article. Though I am not as eloquent, the numbers tell the same type of story. In the Big Ten, the guys like Burkhead excel because they are quick, strong, and hard to tackle.

  • RE: Husker Backs Will Compete In Big Ten
    What can I say, we like to dispel myths around here.

  • RE: Husker Backs Will Compete In Big Ten
    I attached a link to it at the end of the story.

  • RE: Husker Backs Will Compete In Big Ten
    I should have specified. I used yards/game and everyone in the top 50 played in at least 9 games. I agree that the 1000 yard mark is pretty much a useless stat without reference. The top 25 or so includes at least 100 carries or more. But by the bottom half …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Voted Out of AAU
    Apparently ESPN's Adam Rittenberg is waiting to hear a response from the Big Ten on this topic. I doubt it matters, other than sort of egg on the face.

  • RE: Who's Next?
    After hearing some buzz about Adi Kunalic's leg strength, it's not out of the question for him to be in the mix before it's all said and done. Some media outlets rated him as high as or better than Alex Henery.

  • RE: No News Season
    Nothing desperate about this post. As you can see by links in the article, the last few weeks have plenty of topics to discuss. If you've been following BRN long, we have nicknames for different times of year, like "Bad News Season" and "Magazine Season" and "Way Too Early Predictions", etc. …more »

  • RE: Few Fan Concerns
    The last couple sentences were kind of tongue in cheek. Those are things that can be improved upon with diligence, something which Bo Pelini has got in spades. The great players are self-motivated and don't stop working for any extended period of time during the year (regardless of officially sanctioned practice …more »

  • RE: Spring Game Just Around Corner
    Bo has embraced coach speak. He almost never tips his hand to what is really going on. There's a difference between a coach not knowing what he is talking about and a coach not wanting to reveal his plans for the fall.

  • RE: Ron Brown Will Build Up Backs
    Not really sure where this myth perpetuated that we've got an undersized RB corp returning. The average size of the top rushing returning RB for each of the 11 other B1G teams is 5'10" and 205 lbs.

  • RE: Ron Brown Will Build Up Backs
    I didn't really want to step out and make a call, but Jones is the guy I would really like to see take charge. Most likely he will be the one to spell Burkhead for a couple of reasons. One, he's a Senior and had an extra year in the system. …more »

  • RE: Fiesta Bowl Ain't No Party
    I don't necessarily thing all of college football is corrupt, just maybe the part that deals with the BCS:;_ylt=As19OOlE2lW_L_Shgcp8LN4cvrYF?slug=dw-wetzel_bcs_fiesta_bowl_ceo_money_scheme033011

  • RE: Little News is Good News
    @LAHusker: I don't normally respond to comments complaining about grammar, but you were so polite. Nowhere have I said I am a journalist. I have a degree in Computer Engineering, and make my living in the technical world. I don't make a living at all writing these articles. As you pointed …more »

  • RE: The Omaha Questions
    Financially speaking, I should have gone to UNO. I would have been one of the firsts in a new Technology program and would have been able to live in brand new dorms and I would have gone to school for free (assuming I met the minimum GPA burden). Instead, I went …more »

  • RE: Return of the Back?
    Nice reference to one of my favorite songs of all time. We should make our RB's listen to that song over and over until they believe it to be about themselves. Remember when it used to be a bad thing if a team had more than one feature back? Then running …more »

  • RE: Signs Of Life
    As a long time Nebrasketball fan, I can tell you the mindset of one who's followed this team for a long time based on a conversation I had last night: Random guy: "Nebraska might sneak into the tourney and Mizzou may not. They've got some quality wins". Me: "Doubt it. Husker …more »

  • RE: Heard It All Before
    I'm not excited, but nor am I really down about the coaches and their plan. Call it tempered enthusiasm. Having a quarterback driven system means that one guy is worth a whole lot to the team. One injury could ruin a season. It should be addressed about how much it affected …more »

  • RE: Shawn Watson's History With Huskers Over Without Impression
    I have flip flopped on the guy. I hoped to look over the stats of the offense and find something other than Joe Ganz was awesome in '08 and the running attack was good last year. Sadly, in '09 and '10 I found little that pointed to Watson's tutelage. Part of …more »

  • RE: Shawn Watson Moves On
    Watson's sort of been the scape goat for the ills of the offense during the last two season. Bo probably won't get a free pass this year because he's got "his guys" in place and the pressure's on to perform.

  • RE: Pelini Confirms Additions, No Resignations Yet
    OK, so Bo is saying absolutely yes on the new hires, plus John Garrison to be promoted to "co" offensive line coach with Barney Cotton. I linked to the AP story on the front page here if anyone wants to check it out. I guess until we get a roll out …more »

  • RE: Pelini Confirms Additions, No Resignations Yet
    Everyone seems to think so, but no real press conference was set up explaining what's going on. It was just Bo telling an AP reporter that these new guys were hired. We all know what it means, but until I see a real statement on it's conjecture.

  • RE: Coaches News Coming Soon?
    Sipple tweets it here:!/ssipplesports/status/37914568449593345

  • RE: In Bo We Trust
    I've got to say one thing that impresses me about how Bo Pelini has handled his coaching staff. He has given everyone ample opportunity to perform at a high level and shown a willingness to promote from within. It's a good way to get lower-level assistant coaches to jump on board, …more »

  • RE: Beck Is Where It's At
    I sense the start of a "Chuck Norris" type meme here. Tim Beck is so good, he won all of the BCS bowls in one year with a pee-wee league football team. Sorry apparently my autocorrect thought Scottsdale should be spelled "Florida". It's been fixed.

  • RE: The Big Ten's best newcomers
    @Husker1: Our Peso's ability to stack up against power run should not be a problem. TCU has a base 4-2-5 set and they held against arguably the best running team in the country last year (Wisconsin) in the Rose Bowl. And I think the way the Pelini bro's run the Peso …more »

  • RE: Recruits Back Down to 16
    The link comes from Steve Sipple of the Lincoln Journal Star. Click on it in my comment above. Exact quote: "Recruiting insiders say Nebraska had cooled of late on its recruitment of the 5-foot-9, 180-pound Bouzos. He might not have been the best fit in NU's defense"

  • RE: Recruits Back Down to 16
    I don't really look at this one as a decommit. Word on the street is that it was Nebraska's decision to really back away from this kid. Not to mention, his interest in the AFA and the whole military academy thing is something you've got to respect.

  • RE: Who Will Be QB in 2012?
    Who cares? Let's talk about football.

  • RE: The Sweet Sixteen
    nu-isu, yes I was very happy to get this article out before the other commitment. But I think Ameer Abdullah would fall under the category of "Final Four" that Steve indicated a couple of days ago anyway.

  • RE: Who Will Be QB in 2012?
    I would love to see T Mart develop into more of a thinking player rather than an instinctual player. The different between Rex Burkhead last year and this year was obvious in that regard. He was able to consciously make decisions because game speed slowed down for him. I hope the …more »

  • RE: The Sweet Sixteen
    Of course Bubba Starling is really good. Most of the recruits are really good. There's nothing "wrong" with this story. It's just a summary in which I chose to focus on the guy already on campus who is considered to be a higher ranked prospect by the major recruiting and myself. …more »

  • RE: How Big Ten Network Compares to Longhorn TV Deal
    I pondered whether to even discuss anything related to the deal. It's amazing how quickly the attitude of "so what" towards Texas and the Big 12 in football happened. Only because we've got a semester of spring sports in the Big 12 does this qualify as news. It's the same as …more »

  • RE: Where Pelini Ranks Among Big Ten Coaches
    @geaux_blue When I wrote the article at 2 in the morning. I just made it happen.

  • RE: Crick's Return Should Continue Dominating Defense
    I truly think that David's gaudy numbers were a symptom of the relative lack of consistency in our defensive line. I don't think Lavonte will get his shot at as many RB's this year as they will be swallowed up by that improving front four of ours.

  • RE: Huskers Get Respect in Final Polls
    I was all set to go on a rampage about how it was unfair to judge this team by it's last four games, but now I'm really not sure what to do. That's about where we should be ranked.

  • RE: Bubba Starling Next Carl Crawford or Starting Husker QB?
    If he makes it to August 16th without signing a baseball contract, he's committed. That's about all that can be hoped for if you're a fan that wants him to come to Nebraska.

  • RE: In Depth Look at 2010 Blackshirts Performance
    After our 24 offensive turnovers this season, the defense allowed an average of 22.75 yards (!!!) per opponent drive. The defense allowed 13 scores off those turnovers, 7 TD's, 6 FG's. 6 of the TD's were drives of 31 yards or less against the following opponents: Idaho, Washington (both times), Texas, …more »

  • RE: The Harbaugh Watch: What it Means for Nebraska
    I can't believe you worked in a Nature Boy reference to a coaching carousel commentary. That's just too sweet.

  • RE: In Depth Look at 2010 Blackshirts Performance
    Ok, tone it down all. I've removed a couple of the attacks, threats, and references to them. I don't mind some witty banter, but will not tolerate threats of violence. Let's keep it on topic. David, I've reworded some things and will make sure to do some better proofreading in the …more »

  • RE: In Depth Look at 2010 Blackshirts Performance

  • RE: Big 12 and B1G Ten in Bowls Head to Head
    Wisconsin looks to be the only chance for a B1G Ten win today...

  • RE: Time to Husker Up?
    I look at the late start as training for New Year's Eve. I will be loading up on the caffeine and good food for this late start.

  • RE: All Eyes on Martinez
    Unfortunately we live in a time when the QB is expected to be the pure leader of the team, but what happens to an introvert like Martinez? He's proven he is a gifted athlete and can do what he is asked, but he's just another bit player, a cog in the …more »

  • RE: Running Game Should Determine Holiday Bowl Victor
    Score 40 points. Hold them to zero. Win the game.

  • RE: Recent Decommitments Mean Work Still Left on Class
    Let's not worry about explaining any personal attacks, and knock it off with the insults. I like the discussion on this page, so let's keep it civil.

  • RE: Recent Decommitments Mean Work Still Left on Class
    While he's playing in Texas now, he's from Pine Bluff, Ark. It's tough enough to be away from home when going to college, so who can blame the guy for wanting to be near family. I would be thrilled if someone this talented from Nebraska moved away then flipped his commitment …more »

  • RE: Ekeler to Indiana
    Not sure what all the fuss is about. Position coach to coordinator is a step up from just about anywhere. Bo Pelini himself made a similar move as some would probably wonder why a person would leave the NFL, and Packers no less, to be a coordinator in college.

  • RE: Delany to Revisit Division Names
    I didn't really want to make this a Big 12 versus Big Ten debate, but yes, it is so refreshing to hear a conference willing to alter their course. It was very clear the name choices were unfavorable. I was not used to seeing the higher ups react in a reasonable …more »

  • RE: Will Nebraska Address Pelini to Miami Rumors with Flat Denial?
    It seems he probably won't say anything on this, and I think the fact that he will be taking in home visits with recruits today probably tells a lot. All this stuff will just die down and it happened to be the buzz of the day. Pelini will likely be staying …more »

  • RE: What Steinkuhler Suspension Means in Holiday Bowl
    Pelini has shown a history of being lenient with first time alcohol-related issues. I never excuse DUI's, MIP's, etc, but I went to college there and I know what the atmosphere is like. It's all about not repeating the mistakes when a young man is popped for something like this. Just …more »

  • RE: What Steinkuhler Suspension Means in Holiday Bowl
    Martinez's antics? How did this thread get hijacked about Taylor... First of all, what Steinkuhler did could land him in jail, but probably won't since it's his first offense. I'm not aware of any other problems he's had off the field, so the severity of a one-game suspension is appropriate. And …more »

  • RE: In Defense of Watson and Martinez
    @sean. Shawn Watson had very little to do with calling Niles Paul 100 yard kickoff return. That's why Steve indicated 44 offensive points.

  • RE: In Defense of Watson and Martinez
    Blasphemous! Get on the bandwagon and ask for every offensive coach to be canned! You're not a true Husker fan! In all seriousness, getting rid of Shawn Watson is only a good idea if there is someone in mind out there that is known to be a better O-coordinator. Otherwise, why …more »

  • RE: Husker Finish as Big 12 Team in Anticlimactic Fashion
    It was just very interesting to see fan and media reaction to the last couple of days. When expectations are not reached, there is disappointment. When expectations are exceeded, there's excitement. Right now, expectations were met, but not exceeded. My feelings are somewhere around contentment.

  • RE: Spectacular Defensive Performance Not Enough to Overcome Mistakes
    I've got to say that I'm disappointed in the reaction against Martinez. He played as good a game as his abilities and decision-making allow him to at this point in his career. Like Cody Green last year, the experience needed to win games all on your own is absent. The difference …more »

  • RE: First Half: Husker Mistakes Keep Sooners in Game
    Some leaders - Roy Helu, Jr, 96 yards, 1 TD. Lavonte David, 11 Tackles. Alex Henery, 2/2, Long of 53.

  • RE: Pelini Cordial, Vague in Pre Championship Press Conference
    What I did was listen to the press conference online. It was his shortest one that I've listened to all season. He talked for about 14 minutes. There were three topics of note, How much he "loves the Big 12", who Youngstown, Ohio is going to be cheering for, and whether …more »

  • RE: Farewell to Jennies From the Block
    If I believed all the garbage these papers across Big 12 country are writing about Husker fans, then I would think that I'm not a very good person. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri. These are the locations of dozens of articles written to express their distaste for the behavior of our coaches …more »

  • RE: Huskers Clean Up Conference Awards
    It has been since 2000 since this many first team selections occurred and since 1996 since 5 on one side of the ball were picked.

  • RE: Strong Statement from Tom Osborne
    In case anyone wasn't aware, Bo has a reputation. This isn't the first time he's done something like this. He's been here for almost three full seasons, and there have been at least a half dozen times when his antics were a major part of the story after the game. If …more »

  • RE: How to Roast a Buffalo
    Good point WyHusker, one thing I haven't heard much about... There is usually a two game burst from teams who see their coaches fired during the season. They get amped up and outplay their talent for whatever assistant takes the reigns for a game or two, then it catches up with …more »

  • RE: How to Roast a Buffalo
    Bummer that Niles Paul is out on Friday. He basically sealed last year's game with his return. Time for Kinnie, Reed, and McNeill to step up.

  • RE: Strong Statement from Tom Osborne
    If I said something like that it wouldn't really be considered strong wording, but coming from Dr. Tom, it speaks volumes.

  • RE: Both Pelini Brothers Apologetic
    Discussing and trying to do something about the atrocious officiating is a waste of time. What the Huskers can do is make sure that the behavior of the coaches does not affect the outcome of games. And what's more Tom Osborne agrees with me.

  • RE: Quotes from Bo Pelini's press conference
    This just in: Lil' Red apologizes for being "too animated". Creepily sucks head into body.

  • RE: Pelini and Huskers Still Have Work to Do
    Maybe the bigger question should be, why do we need a dynamic, lightning fast player like Martinez for this offense to move the ball? I would have thought Helu or Burkhead should get every snap until the defense could stop them. Then try to play jump ball with Brandon Kinnie, or …more »

  • RE: Pelini and Huskers Still Have Work to Do
    On paper, this offensive line should be stellar. They've got a great size, strength, and explosive quickness advantage over most of the opponents they've faced this year. The problem just might be Barney Cotton in that case. It seems like the guys just don't know how to use their power and …more »

  • RE: Pelini and Huskers Still Have Work to Do
    I'm of two minds on this one. I covered most of my concerns from off the field, but clearly there were plenty of problems on the field that needed to be addressed. You're right about one thing, the same illegal procedures, false starts, bad throws, stuffed runs that have been here …more »

  • RE: Boring Old BCS
    I am also beginning to think that so called "style points" don't really matter to the BCS considering that Wisconsin scored 11 touchdowns in ONE GAME. That should be worth moving up a spot without a doubt. And not to mention Oregon's lack of style in a 15-13 win against an …more »

  • RE: Rex Burkhead Gets Recognition for Recent Efforts
    I look at the way pro teams use guys like Dexter McCluster, Danny Woodhead, Darren Sproles, etc. and think that Rex has definitely got a future in the NFL. As long as he keeps working at it, no doubt he's got a good a shot as anyone. I haven't seen anything …more »

  • RE: Video of an ISU player twisting Rex Burkhead's helmet
    Penalties cannot be reviewed. An official can randomly throw a flag and call a personal foul if a guy is just standing there. If another ref doesn't overrule him, there's absolutely nothing that can be done in-game about it.

  • RE: Texas Tech Provides Breathing Room for Nebraska
    The goal of Bo Pelini has been stated over and over all year - win the Big 12 North, get to the Big 12 Championship game, and win it. Fans kind of put "National Championship" on the radar, but it just may not have been realistic this year. The stated goals …more »

  • RE: Huskers Squander Two Touchdown Lead, Beat Iowa State in Overtime
    I was critical in this win, because the play calling and execution reminded me of how we've done it in our loss this year, and losses last year. I know they can't all be 80 yard touchdown runs, and pick sixes, but there are times when I just felt frustrated watching …more »

  • RE: Huskers Squander Two Touchdown Lead, Beat Iowa State in Overtime
    Good teams are able to win somehow when it's clear that they might not deserve it based on their effort. I'm not usually one to harp on Shawn Watson, for at times, he appears to be a mad scientist offensive genius. But today was a different story. 3rd and 2 into …more »

  • RE: Importance of QB Depth May Be Clear Today
    Yeah, I've heard some of the same stuff, like a friend of a friend's cousin's neighbor's nephew is a scout team walk on practice squad player and they were told Green was starting. And Lee's wrist/shoulder/knee/back/pinky finger is sprained/torn/broken/bruised/swollen/has a rash. Until something comes out of Bo Pelini's mouth about it, …more »

  • RE: Importance of QB Depth May Be Clear Today
    No kidding, maybe mop up duties today. I'd love to see him run all over the field out there this afternoon.

  • RE: Phil Steele and the Vegas Line Heavily Favor Huskers
    Greg, I too think Carl will cheat up one of the Pesobackers to show a more 4-3 (or even 3-4!) type of set today. How's this for a 3-4? DL's Allen, Crick, Steinkuhler. LB's Meredith, Compton, David, Martin. Wicked scary. Them's some hard-hitting big boys right there.

  • RE: Demorrio Williams the Hybrid Template for Lavonte David
    Ok, let's all forget the Suh reference please. I forgot he has the fastest reaction time of anybody tested on sports science and is wicked sick when it comes to shuttle runs, 10, 20 yard dashes, and vert jumps. All I should have said is that Meredith is GREAT and maybe …more »

  • RE: Demorrio Williams the Hybrid Template for Lavonte David
    You're probably right - agile is the wrong word. But being on the field includes recognition and Meredith played linebacker in high school as well. Cameron Meredith could play linebacker a whole game, but I'm not sure Suh could without getting seriously drained. It would take a lot of stamina and …more »

  • RE: Will Iowa State Try to Exploit Husker Backups?
    I'm not trying to take away from anything that the Huskers did, because I didn't see very much either. It was one of the most well executed games that this coaching staff has every put together. The team played great and deserved the win. But with MU, their offensive play calling …more »

  • RE: Will Iowa State Try to Exploit Husker Backups?
    I don't blame Evans for allowing the MU fourth down conversion to work at the start of the second quarter, but I do have a problem with how he was manhandled by the Tiger WR. If he'd been able to get off his block quicker, he has a shot at saving …more »

  • RE: The Big Play Explosion
    I am pretty sure Bo Pelini could find a way to win with 5 YPP this year, too. Just look at what Zac Lee has done when needed, a methodical march up the field. I would venture a guess that the Texas game may have turned out differently if the coaches …more »

  • RE: The Big Play Explosion
    I was just reading Tom Osborne's book "More Than Winning" and he indicated that the point was to control the game. They were content when they ran around 80 plays versus allowing 65 or so by the opponent. It was about imposing your will and not making mistakes. Nowadays, it seems …more »

  • RE: Don't Forget to Vote Today!
    But you know who's not a corrupt crook? Bo Pelini. Vote.

  • RE: Don't Forget to Vote Today!
    Bo Pelini should get coach of the year just for the fact that he lost Suh, the best college defensive lineman of all time, and the defense is still playing as well as it is.

  • RE: Eric Martin Receives Suspension from Big 12
    Video of the hit can be seen here:

  • RE: The Easy Road
    Can that atmosphere of woe on the roads be utilized at home? Maybe now, the "oppression" and "shunning" on campus will give the team the sense that they're underdogs all the time. Nobody's going to want to talk to any players because they'll be in a bad mood all the time. …more »

  • RE: Two QB System a Viable Option
    Regardless of who's attempting to catch the ball, and even if they were very successful, I still think it is a good idea to try two QB's. It used to be unheard of to have a couple of running backs rotated in, but now it seems like a team has to …more »

  • RE: The Mystery That is the Home Loss
    @dc, Turner Gill does something very similar at Kansas - no cell phones before the game and night before. He also has some other rules like this to reduce distractions. @Kyle in TX, I do think that Bo has downplayed certain games too much. It does a disservice to the team …more »

  • RE: The Mystery That is the Home Loss
    To elaborate, If history is any indicator, Nebraska shows up against Oklahoma State and wins by eight or more. We're apparently on a six game win streak for Big 12 away games, and 8 has been the lowest margin of victory (because of Colorado's garbage time TD last year).

  • RE: Unruly Fans Shouldn't Be a Concern
    I'm with OU7 on this one. Every officer I've seen at the games have been doing their jobs, removing both people who stir up trouble and those who attempt to eject things towards the field. Throwing something in retaliation to a gesture is the exact opposite of what this article was …more »

  • RE: ABC coverage map for Nebraska vs Texas
    I'm just glad all the Alaskans for Nebraska (NebrAlaskans?) will be able to watch the game. They're usually stuck watching USC or other Pac 10 teams all the time.

  • RE: Week 7 Picks
    In my online Pick 'em leagues (since those are completely legit), I am not sure what to do with Mizzou. Normally I would take them without question but Gabbert is going to be fielding that hurt hip. I still think where he goes, so go the Tigers. Can't decide if it's …more »

  • RE: Where to have breakfast in Lincoln before a Husker game
    I love hitting up my old stomping grounds from when I was going to school, so I stay close to campus and don't mind the chain stores so much. Lamar's donuts is one of my favorites on 16th and Q. I suggest the red velvet cake donut back by popular demand. …more »

  • RE: Weekend Excitement Leads to Rankings Boost
    Yeah, that was supposed to be top 25

  • RE: Another Saturday Without Husker Football
    Another good game will be between the both ranked Michigan (18) and Michigan State (17).

  • RE: Taylor Martinez Is So Fast He Breaks Records
    It was apparently recorded around 4.4 as a junior in high school, but he hasn't been clocked (with the super-accurate high tech gadgets and gizmos) since that time. One thing is certain: with pads on, it doesn't look like anyone can catch him.

  • RE: Taylor Martinez Is So Fast He Breaks Records
    His 369 yards of total offense is also the best total for a Freshman at Nebraska.

  • RE: KSU Prep: Q&A With a Wildcat Beat Writer
    No matter the outcome of this game for the Wildcats, I don't doubt they can muster four wins after the Nebraska game. They have one more win than I thought they would by this point. They are a solid team, but have to rely heavily on Thomas. If normal wear and …more »

  • RE: Missing Trips to Manhattan
    Probably should have noted that this was by me, since I used "I" and it doesn't say my name anywhere on this post.

  • RE: Tackle Daniel Thomas
    Some good points Pat. The question is whether a focused Nebraska team will show up. Do you think that our rush defense is better than Iowa State's? Can we win if we hold Thomas to 130-140 yards on the ground? If we do that, the rest of our defense is up …more »

  • RE: Husker "Hush Tour" 2010 Starts on Thursday
    I thought the sarcasm had to do with just Iowa not the whole thing. Just to clarify, what exactly are you saying? (Other than being concerned with undergarments?)

  • RE: Husker "Hush Tour" 2010 Starts on Thursday
    Don't lump me into "all of us" that are concerned. Let me just re-post what I said on the story about K-State and Daniel Thomas, "You can’t stop a guy if you can’t get to him." Speed will be very important for the Huskers this year and next. The point of …more »

  • RE: Tackle Daniel Thomas
    It seems like this is the key point to just about every article that I've read so far about the game on Thursday. I think we've got the line and backer(s) to stop him from getting into the end zone. Some have complained about our size up front, but I say …more »

  • RE: Week 5 Picks
    I'm on board with OU winning this weekend, it just seems like Texas doesn't have the goods to beat them, but I see the Sooners more likely winning by a TD. Do the lines take into consideration the wounded-animal-backed-into-a-corner factor?

  • RE: Local Media Down on NU, Huskers Nationally Ignored
    Also, Lee averaged just over 3 yards a carry in the Bowl game last year, and less than 3 per carry on the 2009 season when taking sacks into consideration. What's Martinez averaging now, 8 or 9 yards when he runs, including sacks? There's no comparison when it comes to full …more »

  • RE: Local Media Down on NU, Huskers Nationally Ignored
    I'm not talking about "running" in the physical sense, I'm talking about being the right quarterback for the offense scheme the coaches want on the field. People thought we had the next Montana or Elway last year (sans the Va Tech game). Since you brought it up, let's look at Zac …more »

  • RE: Huskers Sluggish in 17-3 Win over South Dakota State
    How do you figure? No adjustment would have helped the lack of execution on the part of the players on Saturday. I hate to call it out on the players, but they didn't perform well, and no amount of play calling magic was going to change that. It seemed more like …more »

  • RE: First-third Comparison
    I've come to the conclusion that I'm OK with a relatively high number of penalties. To clarify: the mistake penalties like false starts, illegal formations, offsides, etc. are the ones that upset me. Those indicate a lack of focus. Most of the other ones we see are a sign of aggressiveness. …more »

  • RE: Local Media Down on NU, Huskers Nationally Ignored
    I would be absolutely SHOCKED if Lee was the starter in any game this season unless it had to do with injury. This offense is a different beast compared to last year and let me be blunt. He can't run it. Heck, even a guy who the offense is designed for, …more »

  • RE: Huskers Sluggish in 17-3 Win over South Dakota State
    2009 called, and they want their Huskers back. In all seriousness, I had to listen to this game on the radio, so it's only conjecture until I see some highlights (lowlights?) but it seemed like we "lost" the game in the trenches.

  • RE: On Talent
    I beg to differ! In EA's NCAA Football 2003, the first option in the triple option is the handoff to the fullback. And since Solich just kept running the same I-formation attack run by Osborne, I must be right. /sarcasm

  • RE: Huskers Getting Attention on National Scale
    I don't think anyone watched them play Minnesota. That was the South Dakota University Coyotes. Nebraska plays the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits.

  • RE: Huskers Getting Attention on National Scale
    Stevie Steve, thanks. I just looked at week one polls, not pre-season. Changed the statement accordingly. And yes, Frank initially brought Bo Pelini into the program, but after he left for OU, then LSU, it was Dr. Tom Osborne that brought him in as Head Coach.

  • RE: Huskers Getting Attention on National Scale
    Personally, I look at it from two angles. One, we (as Husker fans), should take the games so far with a healthy amount of salt. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy seeing this electric, dynamic group of kids have fun out there on the football field. There was no way …more »

  • RE: Forget Locker. Ta'amu Really Got Humiliated
    That was a clinic on how to completely eliminate a D-lineman's impact in a game. He may as well have been replaced by a sack of potatoes for the way the Husker O-line pounded him after that.

  • RE: Matchup Watch: UW to Start True Frosh at Guard
    Anyone know what to call football's equivalent of being "posterized"?

  • RE: Special Teams: Advantage NU
    Extra yards? I'm thinking points off blocked punts or returns.

  • RE: Helu, Burkhead Make Huskers a Two-Headed Monster
    My nickname for the two headed monster: Helu, Goodbye.

  • RE: Week 3 Picks
    In my pick'em leagues, I've assigned the highest number of confidence points available to me on Nebraska. I thought the line would be 6 or 7 after last week's game, so maybe Vegas knows something we don't.

  • RE: On Sloppiness
    I know Washington is a tougher opponent than our previous two, but I see our defense continuing to take strides forward this week (including another score from them). Yeah the game might be closer in that the Huskies may keep the outcome in doubt for the first half, but I see …more »

  • RE: Careless and Unfocused Huskers Still Dominate
    Part of what makes a mobile quarterback like him so solid is the ability to twist and turn and avoid that crushing blow. I was worried about Rex Burkhead last year getting belted, but now I see that he's able to torque his body away from the hardest impact. It leaves …more »

  • RE: Huskers Roll Despite Sloppy Effort
    I had to go get a pizza during the third quarter. It appears I missed the majority of the garbage stuff from our team. Lucky me.

  • RE: So This Is What "Multiple" Looks Like
    I understand that the running scheme was very complex and had different looks in the past, but everyone and their grandma knew that Nebraska used to run the triple option, standard I formation down everyone's throat. The one-off sets were to keep opponents honest on defense. This multiple look is different …more »

  • RE: D-Line Hoping to Turn Up Heat on Idaho
    Success is one thing, but I want us to DOMINATE this game. Dial up the pressure big time. I want our D Line to scare offenses like seeing Martinez scamper about scared D-coordinators in the Big 12.

  • RE: Bo's Improving Wardrobe
    This is one that I saw, but there's a few other things like this. I've got one that's like a letterman's sweater but I didn't see anything like that this past weekend.

  • RE: Bo's Improving Wardrobe
    I noticed that the University bookstore has some nice old school looking school sweaters. That would be a classy look.

  • RE: Print your 2010 Husker football roster
    Martinez is QB!!!

  • RE: Print your 2010 Husker football roster
    Official roster just released has TBA listed for QB position. Cheap, Bo, cheap.

  • RE: Linebacker Depth Becoming an Issue
    I have an idea, why don't we just add another "Peso" spot on the field! It's like a 4-1-2-4 base set!

  • RE: Sam McKewon Rips Division Alignment
    Not really an assessment I agree with, but I understand the frustration. It would have been nice to go up against Wisconsin every year. If there was one thing I learned in all of this, no division alignment was going to make more than 75% of the Big Ten fans happy. …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Division Announcements Tonight
    I guess one important thing to note is that the schedules will probably not be announced tonight. But if there is a "designated rival" indicated too, we'll know six of eight schools on the schedule for the next few years. It can only be assumed the others will be rotated in …more »

  • RE: Summary of Bo Pelini's Tuesday press conference
    I thought it was interesting that Bo said he has a good idea of who's going to be the starting QB (at least for this week), but that player doesn't know they will probably be the starter.

  • RE: A quick tour of the new Big Red Network
    Yes, we will be including "Wire" links and short "Buzz" stories along side the regular story feed. In addition, readers will be able to comment on these items as well as the regular posts. Getting ready to load up some links today, so keep checking back. Also, everyone give Jason a …more »

  • RE: A quick tour of the new Big Red Network
    Thanks for the heads up, still a couple of kinks to be worked out of the system.

  • RE: What's Scary About Oklahoma State?
    I tend to look at match ups in a vacuum, not really considering their schedule and our schedule when I look at games. Looking back, this game is a concern because it's in October, a notoriously mediocre month for Pelini the last two seasons. It's nearness to Texas worries me about …more »

  • RE: What's Scary About Kansas State?
    I'm really surprised that KStater's are so sad to see us leave. You'd think they wouldn't miss the 5 game win streak that we're on and the "rivalry-like" 76-15-3 all time record we hold against them. While there was much tradition with our Big Eight brethren, tradition died in the Big …more »

  • RE: What's Scary About Kansas State?
    I was a little worried about that as well, but historically, Nebraska likes Thursday night games. They are 5-0 on Away Thursday night games on ESPN.

  • RE: Fisher Injury Affects Depth of Young LB Squad
    I was debating whether to put Kreikemeier on this list for a couple of reasons. He had knee problems his first year here and had to have it repaired surgically. He didn't see any game time last season because of another surgery. He didn't fully recover from it in time for …more »

  • RE: Kavario Middleton Plans to Transfer to Nebraska
    This is a good thing in light of Chase Harper being unable to make it to Lincoln this fall. Middleton will be a nice addition to the TE squad we already have. It's interesting to see the TE's split into the "big brutes" and "WR adjusters" - Middleton is a good …more »

  • RE: Questions that Matter: Will Big 12 Officiating Be Biased Against Nebraska?
    I recall some studies done by various sporting leagues that calls (or no-calls) go in the favor of teams that officials perceive to be better. For example, ref's will throw a flag for holding against an offensive lineman if they successfully stopped a highly-touted defensive lineman. The assumption is that they …more »

  • RE: How Will Mike Smith's Injury Affect Offensive Line Depth?
    For those who haven't heard, Bo's confirmation of the season ending injury.

  • RE: How Will Mike Smith's Injury Affect Offensive Line Depth?
    Lingenfelter replaces Smith on roster. I guess details will come from Bo sometime today if he will, in fact, be replacing him as a center on the 105 man roster or if they're bring him in at the guard position he's been practicing this spring. They may move someone else. …more »

  • RE: How Will Mike Smith's Injury Affect Offensive Line Depth?
    Cole Pensick younger and smaller than the guys I mentioned, and switched from defense to center just this spring. I would not be very confident to see a guy like that who's never seen the field if Caputo went down. Considering the bigger, more experienced guys we have on the line, …more »

  • RE: Can Bo Pelini Innovate the Offense?
    That's a pretty defeatist attitude. So we're not supposed to have unrealistic expectations - what do you consider unrealistic? I have no choice but to let them coach and play. As much as we don't like to admit it, fans, bloggers, and media have very little affect on what actually happens …more »

  • RE: Can Bo Pelini Innovate the Offense?
    Clarence, The offense you describe was what Bo wanted last year. The multiple offense will appear to be "fancy" for all intents and purposes. I don't care what kind of offense we run as long as it is executed well. That's what I miss, a team that can't be stopped in …more »

  • RE: Can Bo Pelini Innovate the Offense?
    I didn't want to really be negative, but it would be a really bad sign if Bo takes on a large responsibility of the offense this season. Heads will roll if this O-line can't execute and offense doesn't take a major leap out of the basement of the NCAA stats. …more »

  • RE: Can Bo Pelini Innovate the Offense?
    p.s. Bo Pelini Rules (Reigns)!

  • RE: Can Bo Pelini Innovate the Offense?
    Thanks Grammar Police! Although, I believe that when it comes to the offense, Bo Pelini should reign in it not rein it in.

  • RE: Mack Brown Media Days
    I've got no problem with ESPN "eating their own dog food". They're in the business of making money, and to make money, they've got to push their products. Texas has a brand that ESPN will be able to utilize for a good deal of money, just as Texas will utilize ESPN …more »

  • RE: Mack Brown Media Days
    Even if Texas hadn't booked ESPN solid, don't expect Nebraska to get mentioned very much any more. The Huskers will be mainstays on the Big Ten Network, a Fox Sports ran channel. ESPN isn't the leader of sports news anymore. They're the leader of sports new pertaining to whoever they've got …more »

  • RE: Oh, right...the quarterbacks
    I like TMart's athleticism as much as the next guy, but I'm wondering how many fans actually saw him in the Spring game this year. His decision making skills on when and where to throw were not up to par for what a starting college QB should be. He pulled the …more »

  • RE: Stay Classy, Husker Fans
    I'm not really one for emotional appeals. I believe it is in the long term best interests for a fan of the Huskers to behave well, win or lose. The current situation of Nebraska leaving is tenable, but please defend the Huskers with pride without resorting to low blow tactics. Realize …more »

  • RE: On Harper
    While similar in size and stature to the other TE's on our roster, Harper had exceptional hands and quickness, excelling at basketball and football for Navarro JUCO. I think he would have been a great boon for the depth at tight end, potentially allowing another TE like Kyler Reed to move …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Just Has to Keep Winning
    I too, think the psychology of fans have very little impact on the way the game is played on the field. But whether we want to or not, we are the faces of our school to those we know around us (especially out of state). I don't want my KU, MU, …more »

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    I'm not a huge fan of this kind of marketing - too much like putting all your eggs in one basket. Well, maybe they just want to make sure College Gameday shows up or something, but it seems to me that every game is pretty important this year being the last …more »

  • RE: Survey Results Measure Demand for Tickets, Value of Sellout Streak
    I don't think that the athletic department is going to "outkick their coverage" so to speak. I expect some sort of expansion that will not affect the sellout streak. People will fill up that waiting list with their bare minimum donation without a doubt. As far as the suites go, I …more »

  • RE: Why More Recruits Have Signed On Early
    Ok guys, let's keep the personal attacks to a minimum. This has gotten a little off the topic of recruiting. I know every Husker fan has strong opinions on items ranging from the end of the Texas game to what our fans are like, but if you can't express them without …more »

  • RE: Huskers Leaving Behind Instability, Questions, Concessions
    With Jerry Jones now speaking out about how the conference should be shaped or expanded, people with fat wallets like Jones, or T. Boone Pickens think they can influence or dictate what the Big 12 is about. There's no evidence to the contrary now. Every billionaire with an opinion can complain …more »

  • RE: Huskers Leaving Behind Instability, Questions, Concessions
    Those five have-not apparently came to a gentleman's agreement/commitment to keep the league together for at least 10 years. I'd never settle for a handshake with Texas, and I just don't see the Big 12 staying together in this format for anywhere near that length of time. I give it, at …more »

  • RE: Is Stadium Expansion Worth Risking Sellout Streak?
    The more I read up and check the facts, the more it looks like Memorial Stadium can support additional seats and continue the consecutive sellout streak. As Isaac pointed out though, I think it all hinges on a continued "tradition" of winning a bunch. Let's hope we've got another 30 years …more »

  • RE: Is Stadium Expansion Worth Risking Sellout Streak?
    bnahusker, If you feel that way go to and fill out the survey to voice your opinion (if you haven't already done so). I agree that tradition is very important, and I believe the football program does, too. This is why they are gauging the fan interest to make sure …more »

  • RE: Are We Witnessing the Death of the Big 12?
    Remember when saying something like "I don't pay attention to the stuff on the internet" was an insult to those writing on the internet? Now it makes the person saying it look behind the news cycle. This stuff is crazy - these AD's and Commishes have to be on top of …more »

  • RE: When Zac Lee Returns, It's His Job to Lose
    I believe we will know within a game or two what Watson has planned for the season. But I could not have said it any better, Greg.

  • RE: Can the Special Teams Renaissance Continue?
    This special teams is poised to be as good as any unit in the country this year. Game changing performances are to be expected through some of the biggest games. The questions will be when Henery leaves if there will be anyone available to replace him.

  • RE: Learning from the Big Ten's Meetings
    Even during the troubled times for NU last decade, we were still making a ton of revenue from the football program - more than OU and A&M. So I don't think calling UT, OU, A&M the "core" of the Big 12 is appropriate. I like that Nebraska gets a big piece …more »

  • RE: Learning from the Big Ten's Meetings
    Yes, that's the same me. In the past all I had really done was complain about it. Now I want Nebraska to take the power back. We still happen to be the number two team in terms of football revenue in the conference, and it's time to start throwing our weight …more »

  • RE: The Reality of Nebraska's Options
    And now, Big 12 commish Dan Beebe wants MU, NU, and anyone else considering leaving to "get on the plane now" or get out. Big 12 annual meeting is June 1-4, and an answer from all teams is expected at that time.

  • RE: Huskers and Big 10 Are No Strangers to Change
    The one thing about potentially leaving the conference is that I think we're on the brink of evening out some of the bitter losses we've felt at the hands of the south teams. I would hate to miss out on the upswing of the Huskers against the current competition in the …more »

  • RE: Nebraska's Quarterback Continuum
    I hope to goodness if TMart plays, he only sees wrap up time this year. His decision making on throws in the Spring Game was questionable and would cost us turnovers. That's probably not something that would be figured out in just a few month of practice. When he would take …more »

  • RE: NFL Draft Illustrates NU's 2010 Needs on Defense
    The one thing I noticed in the spring game was how few plays succeeded in the middle of the field. Almost all the biggest plays were to the outside or along the sidelines. The biggest throw that worked in the middle of the field had more to do with Brandon Kinnie …more »

  • RE: Nebraska's Spring Game Turnout Second to None
    I live in the Kansas City, MO area with many activities available, including concerts, and sports, and other great spring time adventures. But what did I do last Saturday? I drove almost 3 hours to pay $10 to watch my team practice in a game-like atmosphere. And I would do it …more »

  • RE: Quarterbacks Even Saturday
    Right now I would give the slight edge to Cody Green. He had a couple of passes that hit the hands of the receivers he was throwing to, but were dropped. His arm strength was also incredible. The issue with Martinez was decision-making because there were some passes that would not …more »

  • RE: Players You Won't See Saturday
    I don't know what Mike Smith's injury is, but I'm pretty sure most of the guys, O-linemen and TE's, would be playing if it were a real fall game at this point. It's all really precautionary and healing going on. According to most of the coaches on staff, our linemen were …more »

  • RE: Peso, Meet Your Offensive Counterpart, Wildcat
    I'm all for Latravis running in a formation like this - I mean a Quarterback in a Linebacker's body! But it doesn't matter what we think since the coaches ultimately decide who gets to take the field. The fact is Martinez is getting buzz from coaches right now for his abilities …more »

  • RE: Peso, Meet Your Offensive Counterpart, Wildcat
    No doubt having great athletes who can execute is critical in any formation. And of course, no coach can completely scheme his way to victory. But what I think is possible here is that sweet spot where we have the talent well suited to running this type of offense. I think …more »

  • RE: Athletic Department Combats Boredom Among Media
    Also forgot to mention, insert any number of your favorite players from the roster for the added enjoyment of seeing who Bo's going to mention today!

  • RE: Could the Peso Leave NU Shortchanged?
    The games we were using more than 4 DB's it was out of necessity. We didn't have killer instinct Linebackers and defensive football know-how to use a standard 4-3. My expectation this year is we're going to see more 4-3 or 3-3 based on personnel we're facing. Our linebackers need to …more »

  • RE: The Different Goals of 2010
    What does OU have anything to do with what we do in 2010? If they have a great season, we see them in the Big 12 Championship Game, then we can discuss where there program is at. Truth is, NU fans really and OU fans are kind of in the same …more »

  • RE: Defensive Star Search
    I'm on board with the Eric Martin pick as a potential defensive star of 2010. What one word was used to describe Suh all of last season that I've heard associated with this guy? Motor.

  • RE: Could New Recruiting Rule Hurt Texas?
    Personally, I think the rule is unnecessary and unfair to assistants willing to sign onto a "coach in waiting" situation. If the NCAA wants to regulate this type of title, why not just force teams to not use it at all? All this does is increase the level of bureaucracy already …more »

  • RE: Restoring the Aura
    OU7, By the way, Boz is a Sooner. So I was wondering what's Bob Stoops record against Texas? Around .500? Not bad. I'm thinking that's going to be Bo's record against Texas after the regular season next year. I'm just afraid that so many fans are already putting way too much …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Game Site Not Permanent - Yet
    Jimbo/Boz, You've now pointed out that I "hate" Texas twice when I harbor no such feelings. I just believe there's a disparity and favoritism because the Big 12 HQ and officiating offices are in Dallas. Nebraska recruits in the state of Texas because there are good players there, but it appears …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Game Site Not Permanent - Yet
    Do we really have to keep doing this? Let's just take the "good teams" that you brought up: Nick Ash, offer from TCU. Lester Ward, offer from TCU. David Grant, offer from OU. Chris Williams, offer form OU. Kody Spano, offer from TCU. Josh Williams, offer from UT. Plenty of other …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Game Site Not Permanent - Yet
    WRONG. We played one game in the state of Texas in 2008 and it was in Lubbock, no Championship game. Our 2009 Recruiting class: Nick Ash, Keller, TEXAS. Rex Burkhead, Plano, TEXAS. Jesse Coffey, Denton, TEXAS. Andrew Green, San Antonio, TEXAS. Thaddeus Randle, Galena Park, TEXAS. Dontrayevous Robinson, Euless, TEXAS. Chris …more »

  • RE: Suh and McCoy Battling for Top Spot
    Heard a new theory on the radio this week that I didn't include in the story. The NFL Network has been playing up the competitive nature of the combines/workouts and has introduced doubt into draft boards to boost viewership of their channel during these spring events.

  • RE: The Global Warming of College Football
    Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • RE: Husker Gold!
    And to think, he probably thought it was pretty awesome going around getting introduced as "former Husker walk on". Must be an overachiever to think he had to go and get a gold medal for a better introduction. Just shows you how prestigious it is being a Husker player.

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    Hadn't really thought of the offensive and defensive line affects of removing the green no-contact jerseys. The trenches are going to have to do their job to protect/get to the quarterback. In actuality, I think this may step up the practice for the whole team as many players are going to …more »

  • RE: 2010 Nebraska Football Signing Day Coverage
    The lack of any real major drama has been a plus today. Let's hope it continues past Owa's press conference...

  • RE: 2010 Nebraska Football Signing Day Coverage
    Here's a list of some expected walk-on's:

  • RE: Recruiting to Fill in the Gaps
    I disagree with any growing pains at safety. The roster has more total talent and even had Marvin Sanders saying that there could possibly be no drop off in the 2009 season. No doubt Asante was a bruiser, but his athleticism in the open field is not what it should be …more »

  • RE: What's the Goal for 2010?
    In the mighty words of Dan Hawkins, 10 wins and no excuses! In all seriousness, I could see us winning 11 (including Big12Champ. and Bowl) if we play consistently well all season. The lows were way too low this year. That has to be eliminated or we'll be faced with another …more »

  • RE: The Program Dr. Tom Wants
    OU7, I started writing blogs during the beginning of the end of the Callahan years, so my public opinion on Steve Peterson, the firing of Frank Solich, the hiring of Bill Callahan, etc. is not really out there and verifiable. But I can tell you that the direction of the program …more »

  • RE: The Program Dr. Tom Wants
    I am aware that the likelihood of a 10 year staff with little turnover is not the greatest possibility, but look at Missouri. They had a program that was not the greatest, but they stuck with Gary Pinkel and the exact same staff for eight straight years. It culminated with their …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    I agree that top ten seems a bit much. I'm thinking around 15th seems appropriate.

  • RE: Carroll Nukes Two Programs
    It seems as if many coaches jump ship hoping to find that perfect fit/dream job, or just trying to run away from problems. These guys must be saying to themselves later "It wasn't what I thought it would be, maybe if I go somewhere with more money or prestige things will …more »

  • RE: BlogPoll Ballot - Final edition
    At least you're man enough to admit what you don't know. Even Phil Steele has a little bit of "I was still right even though I was actually wrong". Basically, I only care if polls get #1 right and Nebraska right at the end of the year. The rest is just …more »

  • RE: Mike Leach Firing Provides Perspective
    Tommy Tuberville now named next head coach at Texas Tech. It's funny how the ESPN article about it said that he's averaged 8.5 wins per year over the last 10 years. At least they got someone on par with Leach in terms of number of wins.

  • RE: Point: Just Say No to Big 10
    That sounds a lot like communism to me. Giving more money to teams who don't deserve it. Let's go capitalism! But in all seriousness, I hadn't realized the disparity. I still prefer a conference where the small teams don't have a chance to overtake you because they get the majority of …more »

  • RE: Eye-catching Coaching Changes for NU Fans
    The only specific time frame in the Lincoln Journal Star article is "next season".

  • RE: Why Cody Green should start the Holiday Bowl
    Start LaTravis Washington! Seriously, they said after a practice this week that all the quarterbacks are getting ans EQUAL number of snaps right now. This guy was built to run the kind of option game that the coaches were trying to "square peg round hole" Zac Lee into.

  • RE: Heartbreaking Week for Husker Fans Over
    I'm just bummed because every time that Bo Pelini does something bad and Turner Gill does something good, media, (fairweather) fans, and critics will be like "see - I told you we should have hired Gill". As was said multiple times in the press conference KU had, it was the right …more »

  • RE: Heartbreaking Week for Husker Fans Over
    Not really screwed. I've just got a few things to say about the Heisman voters: they are who we thought they were. It was a beauty pageant. Let's just slap a tiara on the offensive players and tell Suh he's "got a nice personality". In football, ugly wins games, not recognition. …more »

  • RE: Eye-catching Coaching Changes for NU Fans
    Don't forget about coaching intern Joe Ganz!

  • RE: On Suh, Program Relevance, and True Greatness
    Ode to Suh (Haiku): The myth grew. All of it, true. You are my boy Suh.

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    I just don't think Congress should get involved unless it involves illegal practices. Sure, there are some unfair things, but life's not fair. Unless they decide to make unfairness illegal, then it's not any of their business. They only way we can change things in the Big 12 is with our …more »

  • RE: Tyler Gabbert Decommits
    I'm starting to think that fans and media are giving too much weight to recruiting over the past few years. Recruiting should not be weighed as heavily as a metric of coaching performance. Results on the field and getting people that fit the program are the names of the game. You're …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Post-Mortem
    I went back and looked at them. The first block looked like an attempt at a chop block. Which is unfortunate, because officials should not be penalizing for "intent". The second one was a complete whiff, so it was questionable. As far as the non called holding, I expect Suh and …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Post-Mortem
    Glad you think that those were horrible calls. If they were bad calls by the refs, it doesn't even make up for the handful of jersey your offensive line had all night on Suh. Not that it mattered, since he ran through your guys like they were 150-lbs weaklings.

  • RE: Blogpoll #16
    So if we were discussing football bracketology right now instead of who's in what bowl, would you go with the top eight here to make the "tourney"? That would be a fun few weeks of football!

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Post-Mortem
    Yeah, I had a little bit of a problem with the final "play" of the game, but my problem was how many other opportunities we wasted. I counted something like 20 things that would have likely won it for us if any of them had gone right. I ALWAYS say in …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Post-Mortem
    I was shocked it happened on the FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME. In my mind, the Big 12 needs to look into it. The only way an O-lineman does that is if a coach tells him "take him out of the game". Suh better get used to dodging those. The NFL …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    You and I are in major agreement in this one. Jones is seemingly trying to get is way in college football which could lead to some major problems. Do you not consider Arrowhead a neutral stadium? Because unless they build a stadium somewhere on the border of Oklahoma and Kansas for …more »

  • RE: Oskie!
    I love numbers. My favorite number? Three. It's how many times I think we should intercept Colt to win this game.

  • RE: Screen!
    To tell you the truth, it doesn't matter what the offense does to win this game this weekend as long as they score some points, probably around 17 or 20. The fact is, our defense has to hold Texas to their lowest or second lowest total of the season to give …more »

  • RE: Colorado Post-Mortem
    The coaches were more upset with how this game was played than I was. I thought it was just like our other games this year, more hard fought than it should be, but a win nonetheless. What I've seen is that we do what it takes to win a game, and …more »

  • RE: Sorry South Texas Husker Fans
    Good. When I spoke to them yesterday, they didn't seem in the least bit interested in showing the game and were saying how bad the ratings would be. To me, it seemed more like a tactic they were trying to use with ABC/ESPN to say that they really wanted the Texas/A&M …more »

  • RE: Regaining Relevance
    What I am sick of is the fact that I live in Kansas City, and it takes less time to drive to Lincoln than Manhattan, and that I know more Nebraska fans than K State fans, and the local sports radio doesn't consider the Huskers a "local" team. Media is constantly …more »

  • RE: Alex Henery - The Skinny Assassin
    Athlete first, kicker second.

  • RE: Kansas State Post-Mortem
    I dislike using the option runs as well, but there's no way to set up an option pass or reverse without first trying to run a regular option play. I think Watson and Bo are giving the last few coaches we play something to think about every time we line up …more »

  • RE: Senior Night Goes Right
    Shawn Watson has wanted to open the offensive playbook multiple times, and he has said so himself. He even said that his game plan against OU was the hardest he had ever called, but it's what Bo wanted him to do to get the win. Should we get rid of Bo …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    I wish I hadn't used the phrases "all-or-nothing", "one game playoff", "winner take all", or other variations for this weekend's game. If I read another national article about the game with those phrases in it, I'm going to be sick.

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    Does anyone care to discuss the substance of the article today? I'm pretty excited that Burkhead's going to get a chance to play tomorrow. He was pretty electric on the field earlier this year. I think that he adds a dimension that is hard to game-plan for.

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    Thanks for pointing that out. Your prize is that you get to be THAT GUY. Congratulations.

    I've been watching the Tennessee v. Ole Miss game and I think those teams could be an inspiration of what we need to accomplish today. Tough, hard-hitting defense. Don't give up a huge play. Use a healthy dose of pounding the football, and every once in a while throw in a …more »

  • RE: Game Day Pocket Guide for Nebraska vs Oklahoma

  • RE: Harrietta Rides Again: A Kearney couple keeps Husker history alive

  • RE: Baylor Post-Mortem
    Trust me, I don't just blame the play calling. Good players do good things on the field regardless of what plays they are running. It's just that when you have sub-par talent, you have to do something different. I'm not saying all of our players are bad, but there's a lot …more »

  • RE: Baylor Post-Mortem
    There may be plenty of things to gripe about with this team, but some of the problems were there last year and through the first part of this year. The difference is winning. It doesn't matter as much what you're doing wrong if you put the W in the column. A …more »

  • RE: Win Over Baylor Still a Win and That's About It
    Had a friend point out that if our opponents wanted to get a 3 and out against us, that they should let us get eight yards on first down then stuff the next two run plays that the Huskers would try.

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    We really don't know if Green is not as accurate or if he can really make that many plays with his legs against first string opponents. We just haven't seen him enough, and I think we just need to see if he has what it takes to lead a team to …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    I forgot to include my paragraph about the Bears in this story last night (when I alluded to Baylor in the opening). It showed up in the BRN email newsletter, but I will re-post it here. The Bears will probably put the burden of their offensive problems on the shoulders of …more »

  • RE: Is Nebraska on the Outside Looking In?
    Bo Pelini's Huskers had that slide in the early part of the season last year and all it did was wake up a sleeping giant to win 6 out of 7. Let's hope the same starts here and we can get 4 or 5 out of 5 (I'll gladly take 6 …more »

  • RE: Is this the week Green makes it impossible to keep him off field?
    Scott and Matt, Every week in the post-mortem I have been pointing out one of two things: dropped passes by the receivers and penalties against the offensive line (false start, hold, etc). It's obvious something is not clicking with them, but we've only seen depth chart moves from Bo (like Khiry …more »

  • RE: Is this the week Green makes it impossible to keep him off field?
    His comments have been those of a starting quarterback. He's acting like he's already got the job, which is half the battle. If he doesn't play this week, I will be shocked. Still not sure if the coaches want to start him, though. They're like a closed book. Like a closed …more »

  • RE: An Ethical Question
    You're starting to sound like Texas Tech's "fat little girlfriends" according to Mike Leach (best Big 12 coach comment of the year).

  • RE: Iowa State Post-Mortem
    I disagree. "Us die hard fans" are way too relaxed right now. Losing is supposed to hurt and make you angry. Delusion is thinking that this team is somehow OK or will be OK on offense with the same pieces in place. If you read my post-mortem articles this year, you …more »

  • RE: Iowa State Post-Mortem
    One of the most concerning things that I actually saw about Zac Lee was how completely pumped he was after scoring touchdowns against Missouri. It was like the guy was a maniac. It's great to celebrate and have some fun, but if you get that high up when things are going …more »

  • RE: Husker Up, Week 7 2009
    Yes, Shawn Watson will take what the defense gives you. He doesn't appear to be of the mindset to take what we want. We knew that these problems were present, but I just didn't think we were THAT bad on offense.

  • RE: Plan of Attack: Texas Tech Red Raiders
    I'm going to go along with the Vegas lines on this one, Huskers 31.5, TT 21.

  • RE: With Burkhead down Watson's load gets heavier
    This year has probably raised Helu's future draft stock for the NFL quite a bit. It was thought that he didn't have the durability to get the majority of touches in a game. But even with his bumps and bruises, he's still going to be on the field this week, and …more »

  • RE: Mike Leach Lacking Something
    There's also a huge difference with using backups to get experience at the end of the game and leaving your starters in to throw for seven touchdowns or run for a fourth or fifth. When Callahan left starters in to punch one more in with time winding down against Kansas State …more »

  • RE: Missouri Post-Mortem
    I was really surprise with how difficult it was to field the punts on Thursday. I'm thinking the rain didn't make it any easier. I liked the idea of just not putting anyone back there and add an extra person to try to block the kick (especially if you're just going …more »

  • RE: Husker Up, Week 6
    Don't be provoked is right. I was watching this game on an out of town vacation enduring the multitude of text messages from Missouri fans without responding to a single one (I live in Missouri, so I know a lot of MU "fans"). At the end of the game, I let …more »

  • RE: Is Nebraska Back (Part 3)
    I am a Husker transplant in the KC, MO metro and I don't mind Missouri fans all that much around here. Usually we have a nice conversation where I educate them who they play this weekend (when it's not Huskers, K State, or KU). They really WANT to be fans of …more »

  • RE: Is Nebraska Back (Part 2)?
    My prediction is that we are in the middle of being back. Returning to prevalence is something that can only be determined after it has happened, kind of like being able to tell when a recession is over. But there are some indicators while it is happening that point to the …more »

  • RE: Louisiana Post-Mortem
    Penalties happen, and every team can afford it to happen a few times a game. I just think when you're pushing 7-10, you're in trouble. I'd be satisfied with 5 against Missouri. Just a couple less next week and I think it's not a concern. On turnovers, I'm hoping we hand …more »

  • RE: If You Think Nebraska's Injuries are Bad...
    What bulletin board material? Facts are facts. Just like Iowa State, they don't have the tools to win with consistency. They are athletic, and are no longer the "automatic" W in the W/L column, but they aren't Texas.

  • RE: Virginia Tech Post-Mortem
    I have been informed by my close friends and family that the point I was trying to make did not come across properly. I still think we are the clear cut leader in the North, but I was letting the worst of my feelings towards this game get the better of …more »

  • RE: Virginia Tech Post-Mortem
    Our response to this game is critical. If this game is like last year's Texas Tech, then we get fired up and go on a tear. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering that we've got a quarterback learning to play in big games (on his first away game start, no …more »

  • RE: Plan of Attack: Virginia Tech Hokies
    NU 30 Va Tech 23

  • RE: Collins Okafor Leaving Huskers
    Wow, he learned from his mistakes quicker than I did at that age. Back to practice today. Of course, his decision and reversal could have had nothing to do with football, but we'll probably never know unless he gets awesome, goes pro, and writes a book.

  • RE: Game Planning...For Now and Later
    Allowing Arkansas State to rush that much may not have been part of the game plan, but it was expected. We played both safties pretty high and I think Bo was expecting our linebackers to make the tackle on first contact. He didn't change the game plan because he wanted those …more »

  • RE: FAU Post-Mortem
    Ok, so I didn't really notice the penalties until now. Nine. That's a couple more than we averaged per game last year. For a first game, it is acceptable to get a couple of false starts, holding, etc. What hacked me off (and ended up not mattering thanks to Kunalic's great …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Gets Tested Right Away
    Matt, I agree with you except for one, point - their linebackers. They return their 3 of the top 4 leaders in tackles on the team at that position. As long as their secondary doesn't get worse, there should be some improvement on defense. All I really want to say is …more »

  • RE: Can Receiver Production Match 2008
    He's not going to sit half the season - there are going to be plays where he is valuable. Mo didn't sit half the season, he played in 11 but started 4. I think Kinnie is too much of an athletic talent not to use him in situations that he can …more »

  • RE: Showing Them the Whip
    The thing is yes, he blows up at people, but any coach can blow up at a kid missing their assignment. When he's done, he tells the player the right thing to do. He actually coaches.

  • RE: Showing Them the Whip
    I'm not surprised. This happens almost every year the first week of classes. Bo will force them to get adjusted by the end of the week and by Monday or Tuesday, they will be better than back to normal.

  • RE: Can Receiver Production Match 2008
    I'm still confident that the receivers group can learn what they need to compete. Kinnie has been called out by coaches and not absorbing everything yet, but the defensive players mentioned they have trouble lining up against him because of his athletic ability. And other receivers have been impressed with his …more »

  • RE: Can Receiver Production Match 2008
    Andy, you're right. Thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking of that play in '06. Regardless, Mo's specialty was the jump ball for certain.

  • RE: BlogPoll Top 25: Final Preseason Edition
    In my mind, when I look at the big National Polls, I consider the logic behind most of those a joke. It's based on the perception that many people have rather than any kind of logical analysis of the teams that should be considered top-25. I think your logic and reasoning …more »

  • RE: "Hype Season" Begins for 2009
    Pelini Declares: Nebraska's Back! In a stunning turn of events from yesterday's understated press conference with Nebraska's head coach, Bo Pelini puts Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel in an-MMA style choke hold while shouting "We're back, baby!" After the tap out, Pelini goes on to call Zac Lee "the best Husker …more »

  • RE: Is Kansas State on the Upswing?
    Steve, Putting "star" in quotes made my day.

  • RE: Random Thoughts on Television Coverage
    I understood what you were going for, and sometimes I've got to wonder if all the effort to get on the national scene is worth it. But I keep coming to the conclusion that being nationally recognized is a by-product of winning, so we can either win games (like Brandon pointed …more »

  • RE: Random Thoughts on Television Coverage
    @edreas - I work pretty extensively in Data Security, a large part of which is authentication. There is no problem with being able to authenticate users through a browser in such a way that only one person is paying for one viewing of an event. Even in financial institutions, online authentication …more »

  • RE: What Marketing Tells Us About Expecations
    Here in the Kansas City area, I haven't heard a single commercial for MU tickets or the Tigers season. And I listen to sports talk radio all the time, where I would think they would advertise the most. In fact, most years I hear ads for KU football. Most fans of …more »

  • RE: Breaking the Recruiting News Rules
    My big issue that I didn't get into too much is that fact that "commitment" doesn't mean commitment. I just wish that these guys were ALL serious about sticking to their word. Because a few who aren't for real make the ones who take it seriously look bad. Who can tell …more »

  • RE: The Natural Progression Of Fans
    It is my personal opinion that we have a team that can provide about the same level of play on the field last year (minus some of the blowouts). We have a good shot at getting the same record as last year, just with some of the wins being a little …more »

  • RE: Husker Opponent Records a Measure of Success
    I want to come out and make a prediction like 10 wins this year, but I just don't necessarily see it. There are too many unknowns this year, and I think this team feels too much like we will beat the teams we should beat and lose to the teams we …more »

  • RE: Daniel, Ganz, Brennan Competition Should Be Interesting
    OHHHHHHHHH Burned!

  • RE: Keller Lawsuit Sure to Spark Debate
    The game is being made with the permission of the NCAA. I can't remember exactly when, but a few years back, the NCAA said that the players faces looked a little too much like the real players they represented, so they recommended EA pull back on that feature. If they are …more »

  • RE: The Equation for a Championship Part 2
    That's a good observation on the receivers. I hadn't really noticed that until you said something. We've only got a handful of 4-5 star WR's interested in us right now. I hope Wats can do something to change that.

  • RE: The Equation for a Championship Part 2
    Every year a team won the championship had a player that was a potential top 10 pick in the NFL draft. But in addition, they had players that you can see in the NFL now. I tend to agree with the DXP bloggers - 2010 looks more like our big chance …more »

  • RE: Inconclusive Evidence: Buffs tee off, New tags for the truck, & Paulus leaves
    Rivalry is just a word. A noun. There is no action associate with it. To be rivals requires that their be action from both "rivals" indicating such a connotation. As much as Nebraskans say otherwise, our actions point to Colorado being our modern day rival. Our action should be to return …more »

  • RE: Bad Drafts Can Create Good Opportunities
    Want to talk about reaches? One must look no further than the Oakland Raiders passing up on Crabtree and Maclin for a receiver I had never heard of until he posted good numbers at the NFL combine. And I can't even remember his name right now. Anyway, Glenn has as good …more »

  • RE: The Equation for a Championship Part 1
    Don't worry, Nebraska has an equation all their own. That's why I used the words "appear". In actuality, I said that because it's just eerie the similarities between the Husker program now and the Sooner program when Bob Stoops joined. I mean they're from the same freakin high school and even …more »

  • RE: Scare Factor Provides Reality Check
    Steve, I know exactly where you are coming from. I think the personnel question of who scares opponents is valid. Of course we think we've got some great guys because we study them like crazy, but even last year I think we had more "scary" players than we do now. My …more »

  • RE: What Big 12 Spring Games Tell Us
    Wow, someone didn't do their homework. I totally forgot that Kyler Reed was a Tight End. 1 catch for 71 yards and a touchdown. That brings the position total up to 11 for 171 and 2 TDs. Oh, don't forget Jay Martin catching 1 for 12, that adds the totals to …more »

  • RE: What Big 12 Spring Games Tell Us
    Jamie, The TE's had a good showing. Ben Cotton had 4 catches for 48 yards and touchdown. Mike McNeill had 3 for 23 and Dreu Young had 3 for 29. 10 catches for 100 yards. I think the days of good Nebraska Tight Ends will return. The announcers were impressed, and …more »

  • RE: Huskers Land Second Offensive Lineman for 2010 Class
    I now have a better understanding of what type of lineman the Huskers are looking for. Here's my anecdote of a story. I was in Lincoln this weekend, but didn't go to the spring game (long story). Anyway, I was walking by the stadium around 9 am and saw Brent Qvale …more »

  • RE: Five Questions the Spring Game Should Answer
    Will the option pitch be the first play this year? If that happens, who will be this year's Tyler Wortman to stop it?

  • RE: Absent Key Players, Opportunity Knocks for Backups
    This sort of weird "nervousness" that Husker fans are feeling right now is the same thing I notice almost every year right before the spring game. Nothing but bad news can come out during this time of the off season with player arrests, injuries, etc. Next week we'll have a better …more »

  • RE: Which Pelini Huskers Will See
    Bo seems like the type of guy to learn from his mistakes, and that always gives me hope. If he can learn to reign in his emotions a little bit (which I think is the hardest thing to do), then he can easily learn how to prevent another game like Oklahoma …more »

  • RE: Great Defense Starts in the Middle
    Don't forget hockey! In a two on one fast break, the defenders are taught to drop low and keep their stick on the ground to prevent the pass from going across the middle. It's also a defenseman's job to get the Center out of the middle of the ice in front …more »

  • RE: A Top 25 Defense? In the Big 12 that's a tall task.
    Everything in football is a cycle. I think Bo Pelini is leading the "new thing" by devoting more of his athletes and resources to stopping the offensive explosion around here. If he beats the curve before other teams start realizing they need to up the ante on defense too, that's all …more »

  • RE: Secondary Is Primary To Success
    I didn't have time to write it into my article, but I thought I would just post on that when I got a chance. The weight gain of these guys is a very good thing. More muscles in the secondary not only means harder hits and more fumbles/dropped passes, but in …more »

  • RE: Latravis Washington Parallels Abound
    Just before this thread goes quietly into the night, I'm going to throw in my $0.02. QB is the most coveted position in football. There's nothing wrong with striving for that spot. Unfortunately, what Crouch did was like me walking into my bosses office and saying that I only want his …more »

  • RE: Pelini Gets New Contract Worth $1.85 Million Annually
    Bo is now recession-proof!

  • RE: Spring Buzz Is In The Air
    The safeties are a group I haven't heard much about. After a little more spring ball, I'll probably take a look at them a little harder and see what we've got.

  • RE: What to Make of Mendoza
    That 185 lbs is what got me. I'm glad to see him at WR so he doesn't get broken as a running back. His bio says that as a senior in high school he caught 20 passes for more than 250 yards and 4 TDs. As a junior he got …more »

  • RE: Spring Sleepers
    That's my bad. Apparently Bleacher Report thinks it's smarter than me. It started importing articles from here when I nixed my old site. Problem solved. Thanks for looking out for us Sam.

  • RE: A Break From or Return To Relevance
    Being a Kansas Citian myself, yes, talk radio does blow up. But because the game did matter these past few years, there was some national media attention from ABC, ESPN. I think you're slightly wrong about the apathy towards the KU-MU game. There was not zero interest in the Border Showdown, …more »

  • RE: Vexing Questions to Consider as We Enter Football Lent
    What about Husker Soda?

  • RE: Who Has the Biggest Role
    I only put QB at number one because I can name many of our starting QB's for a long time. It also seemed like the good ones could help our team win even when the rest of the team wasn't great and the bad ones could help our team lose even …more »

  • RE: Coaching Instability Plagues Big 12
    Actually, it was a copy/paste error. What I basically was going to say about A&M is that they may disprove my theory about a steady coaching staff. They probably could have used some turnover with the direction that program is going. The Aggies could be the Iowa State of the South. …more »

  • RE: Coaching Instability Plagues Big 12
    For Kansas - I guess I should have been clearer. I expect to see an improvement in STOPPING the run on defense next year.

  • RE: Recruit Roundup: Offense
    Rex is awesome. I think he's great. He's not getting talked about as much as many other RB's because he just gets the job done and that's it. No sizzle, no pop, just results. In other words, he typifies what I think Nebraska football should be all about.

  • RE: Patrick Witt Leaving Nebraska Football Program
    One bright side to this - if Zac Lee is the starter, we're going to see a young backup take the field in mop up situations. That experience is invaluable.

  • RE: Most Difficult Job of All
    It's interesting that you bring up Texas, because I sort of had that state in mind. The problem there and in many big football areas is that they have high schools that develop some players better than many colleges. You could be picking up a player whose development is maxed out. …more »

  • RE: Cupid is a Husker Fan
    When my wife and I decided to get married, and we knew we wanted to pick a date in September, the first question she asked me was "When is there a bye week?" We wanted to be able to watch every game of our alma mater. Ah, true love. My family …more »

  • RE: Sour Grapes for 2009
    Hyperbole is an often-used tool of the trade. Can we please get past the one political sentence and focus on the other 15? Thanks.

  • RE: Sour Grapes for 2009
    If you're coming to this site in the expectation of having expert political commentary, you're in the wrong place. If you're coming here to read opinionated, humorous, and anecdotal comparisons towards a related football topic, welcome to the site! Please come by again!

  • RE: What Others Think About Nebraska
    ze, You know most of our feelings here at BRN on recruiting services. We just don't put that much stock in them, but they are the first thing to check unless you recruit for a living. J Mo, Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes the obvious stares me in the face and …more »

  • RE: The Value of a Long Snapper
    When discussing long snappers, I am reminded of Kendall Gammon of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is in fact, one of the classiest guys in the KC area. He was often heard in interviews stating that he thought it was an amazing world where he could get paid millions in his …more »

  • RE: The Elephant in the Room
    That guy gives us a bad name. Imagine if BRN posts something like that this off season...

  • RE: Super Bowl Haiku Counterpoint
    NBC's happy. We all watch until the end. Commercials make cash.

  • RE: Third Annual Super Bowl Prediction in Haiku
    I know it's after the Super Bowl but I thought of one that I didn't get to post: Who has more Huskers? I could care less about this. I watch commercials.

  • RE: Early Recruiting Success Leads To Quiet Finish
    No news is good news, right? Wrong. I want a last minute switch from another Big 12 school to Nebraska! Right now, we're considered ahead of the rest of the Big 12 North, but I would like to increase that margin. To tell you the truth, the reason I don't think …more »

  • RE: Look to Nebrasketball for Inspiration
    Surely not. The coach is one of the most sincere, passionate, hard-working guys around. His off-court training took a bunch of guys who individually can't compete with most of the Big 12 and made them play like a team. If they had 1 center that was approaching 7 foot tall, they …more »

  • RE: Look to Nebrasketball for Inspiration
    Sorry, had to get the basketball article out of my system. Here in Kansas City, they've only just begun to really be serious about their three local football teams the last few years (though I say four - I know more Nebraska fans than Wildcat fans). Once basketball season starts around …more »

  • RE: Look to Nebrasketball for Inspiration
    Into his third year, Sadler has done what he can - make the team competitive enough to defeat almost anyone in the Big 12 on a given night. He took them to the NIT last season, and I hope he can make that a habit. This year he has shown his …more »

  • RE: Stud or Dud?: Young QB Green Facing Early Hype
    I'm going to chime in here and say something about pressure in the Big 12. There is no "easy button" in this conference. All of the quarterbacks have an immense amount of hope placed upon their shoulders. The ones who succeed have pressure placed on them early. The only results are …more »

  • RE: Should They Stay or Should They Go Now
    I tried to stay pretty down the middle with this, but I too really wished that some of these guys would leave. I'm normally an advocate for football players staying until they graduate, especially Husker players (Brandon Jackson, anyone?), but I am really happy to see at least some players we'll …more »

  • RE: The Difference Between 5-7 & 9-4 Part 2 - The Defense
    Your writing makes me want to quit my day job, make a pilgrimage to join a blogging monastery, train for 1 year with the blogging/tech guru Tim O'Reilly, then travel to the temple of statistician Phil Steele to train another year, and finally come back to try and write something this …more »

  • RE: Blogpoll Ballot – Final for 2008
    This ranking just looks right after everything is said and done about this season. One thing about Utah's game is that it felt more like a championship game than Ok.-Fla. this year. I wonder when the BCS computers are going to take our poll into consideration?

  • RE: The Cold, Hard Facts From the National Championship
    I can hear the headlines now: "Is Tim Tebow the Greatest College Football Player of All Time?" He'll probably win a Heisman and lose the National Championship next year (the curse continues). This game may have improved his NFL draft status, but it will be interesting to see if it hurt …more »

  • RE: Husker Resolutions for 2009
    I just want a little of what's happened with other Big 12 schools getting last minute Husker de-commitments happening in our favor for once. We all have seen some of these kids in their press conferences with these hats on a table fake out and start to put on one hat …more »

  • RE: My Clemson Nightmare: Why Nebraska Could Lose
    You have perfectly captured the anxiety that I am feeling for this game. Everyone still feels a little bit of the ghost of Callahan hanging over the Huskers this year. I hope that this game will put those fears to rest.

  • RE: Oklahoma State, Oregon Light Up the Scoreboard
    Masoli was amazing in the game. I would not have predicted that the Cowboys would allow him to run all over them. He was bowling over defenders like a running back, not a QB. I suspected he might have a good game because of his recent success, but Oklahoma State just …more »

  • RE: Missouri v. Northwestern: Expectations Gone Awry
    I can understand being a little off. The last time they played in that stadium they blew their shot at a national title game. Maybe they were a little nervous.

  • RE: Florida Atlantic No Longer a Laugher
    Excellent points. I gave Central Mich. the advantage for basically having home field, but having such an experience QB was not something I took into account for that game.

  • RE: Non-Big 12 Bowl Games Huskers Should Watch
    Wow, the quality of this site goes downhill during the Christmas season. First Darren forget Missouri is in the Big 12 and I add LA Tech to our schedule in 2009. Nice. Remember kids, don't drink the "special" eggnog. Might as well strike that one. Nobody should watch that game. Even …more »

  • RE: Suh and Helu Make Two
    Well, I think a quarterback is going to emerge as a "great" player, so that makes three. I think Barry Turner will come back and make an impact with his experience, enough for all conference recognition. I'm hoping the fifth impact player will be one of our young receivers.

  • RE: Future Nebraska Offense? Could Mirror Florida Gators
    jude, in your response to "-7" yards, I hope you realize that sacks are counted against yardage gained for quarterbacks in college. By the way, that's the third time I've seen that link on our site and someone complaining about that stat. I think someone's got a vendetta against Lee! I …more »

  • RE: Gill Will Get His Chance
    It was just conjecture from an afternoon host that does whatever he can to fire up the phone lines. His co-host said that he had not heard the same thing. That he said it at all was the problem. Down the road within 8-10 years, my ideal scenario involves Bo leaving …more »

  • RE: Gill Will Get His Chance
    This comment that I heard on Kansas City sports radio will go down as the strangest reason ever to not hire a coach. A major sport talk figure said that the reason some schools are concerned with hiring Gill is that they are concerned with the "religious" thing that he's got …more »

  • RE: Gator Bowl Best Place for Huskers and Fans
    I've got to say that I'm looking forward to this match up. It's intriguing in a way we've not seen in a while. Two teams with little in common other than that they play with lots of heart and emotion and earned their way to a tier above what was expected …more »

  • RE: A Look Back: 1982 Orange Bowl
    JR/WOW: I should have clarified that my statements were based on message board, editorial, and fan material that I found in articles and on the web. I too was disappointed in the Husker fans thoughts surrounding the cheating in 1982. From what I know, fans were bitter that the Huskers got …more »

  • RE: A Look Back: 1982 Orange Bowl
    Roger Craig = best all purpose back in NFL History. My second favorite 49er of all time and my favorite Husker in the NFL of all time. The game in 1982 was shadowed by the specter of cheating in the Clemson program. I doubt that will be concern in this years …more »

  • RE: Would a Gator Bowl Victory Be a Mixed Blessing for Bo Pelini?
    As long as Dr. Tom is running the athletic department, don't expect any rash decisions to make any difference in what Bo Pelini is doing. I know that he's only on until 2010, but if you don't think he's going to help pick a successor that will continue his level practices, …more »

  • RE: Huskers Seeking Corners, Winners
    I realize some put little stock in the scouting services rating system. I think I'm starting to get a reputation around here. I was checking out some video of these guys the other day online, and I'm starting to get a feel for how good this class looks compared to other …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Oklahoma's to Lose
    That was a seriously awesome win for Gill's Bulls. They had lost their last eight against ranked opponents. They took advantage of EVERY opportunity scoring off each turnover. Good for him and their team.

  • RE: The Ups and Downs on the Husker Recruiting Trail
    Darren, you're right, sometimes I use hyperbole for journalistic affect and it comes off a little crazy. My big concern is that rivals and scouts are both money making ventures that don't necessarily worry about being the most effective recruiting resource. As long as you have a coaching staff that can …more »

  • RE: The Ups and Downs on the Husker Recruiting Trail
    We've had similar discussions on this site before, but I think this point bears repeating: Star Rankings and National Class Rankings are mostly worthless. They don't correlate to effective players. We overvalued them when Bill Callahan was here. We learned that a coaching staff has to be able to identify and …more »

  • RE: Puting Alex Henery's 57 Yard Kick Into Perspective
    Not like it matters, but the last video looks to me like it's from the North Stadium. Anyway, let's hope he doesn't have to make too many kicks like that again at Nebraska. That kick was so awesome, I'd consider retiring the next day. It don't get much better than that. …more »

  • RE: Why I Love This Series
    This game surpassed the 2000 Colorado game as the greatest, most anxious, exciting sporting event that I have ever personally attended. At the end of the game, I had forgotten all my stresses, work stuff, and general complaints in my life to bask in the glow of an emotional victory that …more »

  • RE: Big 12 North Hits Reset Button
    Blaine Gabbert has played in five games and is a handoff machine. He's 5 for 13 right now with 43 yards. He has also run for 22 yards (net). Right now, they have a walk-on backup to Gabbert. Recruiting has a couple of three stars with Mizzou as their top choice. …more »

  • RE: So...What If Joe is No Go?
    It's no secret that I'm a fan of Lee. He hails from the land of my ancestors, Northern California. He's like Eric Crouch without the attitude and shoulder injuries. Now he's nowhere near good enough to win a Heisman, but he's got speed and toughness. Give me a guy like that …more »

  • RE: Should Fans Blow Off Blowouts?
    Blowouts are the only thing keeping some Husker fans from making outrageous predictions - like 12-0 next year! Don't blow them off. Take from them that we just can't dance with the best of the best yet. I consider a blowout to mean about two years off from being competitive with …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    My record isn't great against the spread (like 55%-45%), but I'm doing pretty good at pick 'em. I don't mind putting my rep out on the line for something like this. One of these days I'll shy away from the conservative picks and guesses and really go all out. Maybe this …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    Fox knew to watch that game as a potential upset. You're missing the point of the upset watch. It's a way to say "watch this game" even when all evidence points to it being a boring rout.

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    I guess Fox Sports knew something we didn't.

  • RE: Why We Should All Pray for the Sun Bowl
    Where's the satire tag for this story? ... Oh wait, you're serious ...

  • RE: KU...It's Like Looking in the Mirror
    More to come on Prince, later. I'm listening anxiously for the press conference right now here in Kansas City.

  • RE: Battle of the Idiotic Mascots?
    One of my gems at my old site before I started blogging here:

  • RE: Why the Huskers Will Beat the Sooners
    Thanks kent.

  • RE: Jayhawks Not as Unbeatable as You Might Think
    This game is starting to look real important to determine what Husker progress looks like. We've beaten the teams we're supposed to, and we've lost to teams we're supposed to, but this is the first team we play that there really is no "supposed to". If we win this game, we …more »

  • RE: Moving On
    Not only were the Sooners what we thought they were, the Huskers are still the team we thought they were. Joe Ganz makes mistakes. Castille fumbles the ball. Defense lets big plays happen. Oh well. What else is there to say?

  • RE: Why the Huskers Will Beat the Sooners
    I am not out of touch with reality or on drugs as some of you seem to think. It's clear that not many of you read the other articles on this site or you would have noticed that I clearly picked Oklahoma to win in my weekly predictions. It is a …more »

  • RE: Hold That Line. Please!
    OU7, I just think it's funny that your mascot was named after a group of people who broke the law in order to steal a nice plot of land. I'm pretty sure that Norman was probably founded on one of these "Sooner" grounds (I just made that up). The only reason …more »

  • RE: Nebraska and Oklahoma Are Rivals?
    Sorry for the inaccuracies. It's hard to rant very very very early in the morning. They have not been corrected because I am lazy.

  • RE: Hold That Line. Please!
    I hope you get your wish. Because what kind of mascot is a Sooner? That's right, a cheater.

  • RE: Huskers End Halftime Futility Streak
    Well, let the games begin. OU's just another team to prepare for. If Pelini treats in any way other than that, he's going to be in trouble. OU7, I'd be angry at your comments if I didn't think that you're probably somewhat right about next week's game. Greg, he's a passionate …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    Well, I picked the winners ok, but it was sure a score-fest in the Big 12 this week.

  • RE: Huskers End Halftime Futility Streak
    Cody Glenn is letting the passion get the better of him by interfering with his focus. I have thought he's been pretty solid so far, but this game it was most obvious that he's been playing linebacker for less than a year (with the penalties and being out of position). Oklahoma …more »

  • RE: Game Day Pocket Guide for Iowa State
    Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

  • RE: Big Red Roundtable: Midway through 2008 Edition
    7-5? What, no bowl win? Didn't you hear that we're the best 3-3 team in the country?

  • RE: Is Nebraska the Best 3-3 Team in the Country?
    My biggest fear with these Huskers is inconsistency. You can't look past anyone in the Big 12 anymore. Kansas almost learned that the hard way in Ames.

  • RE: When to Change the Game Plan
    It's interesting that you bring that up because that statement is the one thing I've been thinking I got wrong today. Explosiveness, not pure strength is what makes a guy, athletically speaking, a good run blocker (that's why those "hammer" workout machines are built for football players). Good technique can overcome …more »

  • RE: Heartbreaking Progress is Still Progress
    No single play is ever responsible for a loss or a win, but one play can certainly end a game.

  • RE: Heartbreaking Progress is Still Progress
    Well, I've got to say this about Ganz, with about a 2 to 1 TD to Int ratio in general, for every two games that he wins for us with his throwing abilities, he'll lose one. Since he hasn't really won any games for us "all by himself" like Zac Taylor …more »

  • RE: Husker Disconnect in the Big 12
    I don't mind going to back to basics either. I'm just trying to warn our fans what the next few years is going to be like. There's no quick fix to the top. Harshness, however, is justified at times. Stubbornness in sticking with something that isn't working is grounds for critiquing. …more »

  • RE: Husker Disconnect in the Big 12
    Oklahoma is the most complete team I have seen in a long time. Bob Stoops is right in the middle of what will be called in the future a legendary career. Even future hall of famer Mack Brown is only 3-6 against a Stoops-led Oklahoma. As far as Missouri, I have …more »

  • RE: Missouri Post-Game Reaction: Trying Hard Not to Be Sick
    I have a Husker-sized hole in the logic of all of my football analysis. Every week that we have lost in the last few years, I look at the next tough opponent and say, "If we fix, this and this and this, we can win against the next guy." The "to …more »

  • RE: How DID They Do It?: New Coaches in Year 1 at Rebuilding National Programs
    I have a close cadre of Husker friends surrounding me in the KC area and not only would I have Mizzou fans ribbing us, but KU and Wildcat fans feel the need get a few jabs as well. This week has been interesting already. I've had a few people tell me …more »

  • RE: Hire Lane Kiffin (Seriously?)
    As a huge Chiefs fans, I say the Chiefs could use him. He'll land on his feet somewhere, but it would be better for him to be back in the college ranks. Now for a pro coach like Mike Sherman, he should go back to the NFL. He is setting back …more »

  • RE: Huskers, Fans Should Not Concede Defeat
    We played like we did (somewhat poorly and mistake-prone) and still almost stole the game from Virginia Tech. I don't anticipate the same decline in performance that we saw in the Huskers' this week last year. If we manage to actually come out of the gate ready to play in the …more »

  • RE: Husker Fans: Focus on Future
    I'm not giving up on this season, and I hope I didn't come across that way. I just started writing an article that was angry and negative, and I've had plenty of that to go around. We're still very likely to get to seven wins with some very heartbreaking close losses …more »

  • RE: Go Big Rust
    Like Bo, every week I expect a win. I try to find the sometimes illogical leap that tells me my Huskers will beat an opponent that is ranked in the top 5. Call me a mark, but I'm a fan and I think we can win against Missouri. I'm not stupid, …more »

  • RE: Bo Makes Freshman Mistakes
    Did anyone watch the USC game? How many of those big boys are headed for the NFL? Plenty of them. They had the better athletes, but in this day and age it is a wonder to see them beat by a team without a Maclin or Demarco or Crabtree. Oregon State …more »

  • RE: Bo Makes Freshman Mistakes
    I'm reserving judgment until I review that game start to finish. I just can't believe we let them score so much and had so much trouble moving the ball ourselves. But right now, I'm just glad we didn't get blown out of the water.

  • RE: Saturday Afternoon Thoughts Before the Virginia Tech Game
    I know you guys don't get out to Lincoln much so I'll try to make it there next go round. Have a great time and GO BIG RED

  • RE: HUSKER UP: Virginia Tech
    To reiterate my previous prediction, 27-17.

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    Guess I should have checked the USC game before posting. Probably not the best college football team ever if you lose to an unranked conference opponent. We'll see if Georgia or Oklahoma comes out on top of the pile next week.

  • RE: Nebraska's Prime Time Opportunity
    Last year, I couldn't bring myself to tell people that we would beat USC without that little voice inside my head telling me I was stupid for thinking so. After that game, I did not talk about the MU game to people down here in KC. I fear for the stupid …more »

  • RE: Plan of Attack: Virginia Tech
    In three games, the Huskers are averaging 40-14 against opponents. In four games, the Hokies are averaging 22-15 against opponents (with one loss to a ranked team). I say 27-17 Huskers. But it will be close going into the second half before Nebraska's second wind seems to always kick in. Their …more »

  • RE: Inconclusive Evidence - Carlfense, Punting and the Impressive E.A.
    Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Carl! Big! Red!

  • RE: Signature Semantics
    Bo should have one in the next 3-4 years.

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    I think it's a split highlight with the Illinois v. Penn State matchup. I don't know where gameday is going to be next week.

  • RE: Defensive Numbers at the Quarter Pole
    Nice analysis. I went and looked at last years stats. The most interesting thing, 7 of our interceptions came in the first five games - and three of those were against Iowa State. So 4 int's in the first 4 games. Let's hope we more than double our int total in …more »

  • RE: Huskers Can Win Most Games With These Numbers
    I actually agree with your first post, though. I realize no harshness was intended. Ranking the teams from best to worst of the first three based on previous years I would say Western Mich. then San Jose State, then NMSU. The Broncos probably will be the only ones of those three …more »

  • RE: Blogpoll Ballot - Week 3
    East Carolina is like the KU of last year. They're just good enough to win close on the road and just good enough to beat the opponents that are overrated. KU's easy schedule karma is coming back on them this year. The loss at USF is the first of more than …more »

  • RE: Huskers Becoming Recognizable (And Other Thoughts)
    Gameplanning is back into the mix this year. Bo Pelini is not stubborn enough to think he can make his team do whatever he wants, instead, he's actually attempting to exploit the weaknesses of our opponents. But most of all, our players appear to be improving and getting more vicious every …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Runs By New Mexico State - 38 to 7
    To me, this game was a showcase. It was as if Bo seemed to say, "Hey Big 12 opponents, gameplan this!"

  • RE: Live Coverage of Nebraska vs. New Mexico State
    Sorry for dropping out of the live blog guys. Time Warner Cable couldn't get the game on our box here and we had to venture out to find a place that had it. It was surprisingly easy to find places, but not a place to sit down. Thought it was a …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    No way that Reesing shreds us like that. We won't allow two 4th quarter TDs like he got against SoFla.

  • RE: HUSKER UP: New Mexico State
    Huskers 70, Aggies 10. To quote one of my childhood idols, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, WOOOOOOOOO!

  • RE: Big 12 Roundtable: Week 2
    One other item of note is that I may have underestimated Kansas this year, but we should know what kind of team they have in place against a ranked opponent this weekend.

  • RE: Huskers Should Know Areas to Improve
    I'd rather be able to outrun our opponents than crash right through them. In addition to being fast enough, Helu has proven that he is just as strong as any back because he has shaken off tackles that I've seen Lucky bounce out of bounds to avoid. It's not just about …more »

  • RE: Plan of Attack: New Mexico State
    I'm starting to think that whenever I have children, I should name the child Chase so that he can be guaranteed to become a football player.

  • RE: There is no place like Nebraska
    Exceptional job. You have accurately captured the spirit of college football that lives in Lincoln, NE.

  • RE: Thoughts on the Nebraska Running Game
    Couple of things that I will touch on in my post tomorrow, but Helu should be number one. He just looks like he knows what to do out there. Beyond that, part of the problem is the O-line. I hate to knock on a fellow Burke High alum, but has someone …more »

  • RE: San Jose State Takes Some of the Shine off Nebraska
    I was fortunate enough to be at the game yesterday, and there was one thing that bothered me. Every time an offensive play was getting ready to start, there were a lot of cheers of "Go Joe!" or "Let's go Ganz!" from fans. It should not be on Joe Ganz's shoulders …more »

  • RE: San Jose State Takes Some of the Shine off Nebraska
    What makes me feel good is that we sucked and still won. If we had sucked this bad in a game last year (which we did a few times), we would have lost the game.

  • RE: Knowing is Half the Battle: A Brief History of SJSU Football
    I know exactly what it means. The end is nigh. Like, in 4 days after the game. Please, Huskers, for the sake of the Universe, win against SJSU.

  • RE: Nebraska Big Plays Put Broncos Away
    I don't see too much wrong with playing Western Michigan. In Bill Cubit's 4th year, he's now 20-16. He took them to a bowl game in 2006 and will likely return to one this year. They beat Iowa last year to knock them out of going to a bowl. They're just …more »

  • RE: HUSKER UP: Western Michigan
    Ah, to see teams hungry for the ball and hungry to blow people up. If I see one swarm on Saturday that swallows up a running back bounding to the outside or the quarterback as he's mauled, it will make my day.

  • RE: Plan of Attack: Western Michigan
    Bo Pelini only has one goal. 14-0.

  • RE: Husker Haiku: Western Michigan
    Joe Ganz is da bomb. Defense will be back in style. In your face Broncos. Unlike a wolf pack, We mark our territory, By smashing you in.

  • RE: A Quick Note to Londen Fryar
    I'm not defending Callahan, but I'll tell you exactly why his players hated him at Oakland. The Raiders were one of the oldest teams in the league and he went to ownership and the GM and said, (to paraphrase), "We need to get rid of these old farts and draft a …more »

  • RE: Win a Major Award
    OU7 - you're just waiting for KSU so you can give me a hard time for my previous comments! :-) It's ok. If we lose, I'll take whatever you'll throw at me.

  • RE: Win a Major Award
    I'm copying this directly from another one of my posts: "I too am a little nervous that the same verbiage used 4 years ago fits so well right now. That's why my standards are simple: any significant improvement whatsoever in any statistical category (including wins) with little to no decline in …more »

  • RE: Enthusiasm from Fans, Intensity from Players
    I too am a little nervous that the same verbiage used 4 years ago fits so well right now. That's why my standards are simple: any significant improvement whatsoever in any statistical category (including wins) with little to no decline in any category (excluding wins). I don't think we're a worse …more »

  • RE: Huskers Don't Need to Recruit the Best
    I don't know what I got myself into here, but it's not easy cross referencing so many lists. I've got the Running Backs done and will write something up as soon as I can. I am sticking with my initial analysis on RBs, but I am going to take into consideration …more »

  • RE: We're #46: AP Preseason Football Poll Reaction
    In all actuality, I believe that we are somewhere in the 30s. There are about eight teams ahead of us that the Huskers are better than.

  • RE: Huskers Don't Need to Recruit the Best
    Some very good additions here. I just want to clarify, I'm looking for quick and dirty here or else this article will take months, but I'll take some of your suggestions into consideration. I also am not necessarily saying that star rankings don't matter, I just think that they indicate how …more »

  • RE: Iowa State Breakdown: More of the Same
    I've had a lot of people tell me that THEIR team was going to show big improvements this year in the Big 12. There's not room for everyone to improve unless some team like Kansas or Missouri really bombs this year. If Kansas lost ALL of their Big 12 north games, …more »

  • RE: KSU Makes it Rain on Dem JUCOS
    Ok, I was having a little bit of a bad week and I took it out unnecessarily on K State fans. It's no excuse, but I am sorry about it. I usually said lots of stupid things on and nobody noticed, but this is a different market. I hadn't realized …more »

  • RE: What Do We Have in Ganz?
    I really enjoy how you gracefully handle the enthusiasm of being a Husker fan with the realist still shining through. Looking straight at the numbers it's easy to smile and cringe at the same time. No way we can guess accurately what he's going to do this year, but it sure …more »

  • RE: Kansas State Breakdown: Dead End Ahead
    Ok, so I was a little over the top with my insults there. I'm always saying not to feed the trolls and I go and do it myself. Sorry about all that. Besides the name-calling, I stand by the validity of my argument. I heard on the radio this week many …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Nets 10th Recruit for 2009
    Do you realize that there are over 300 recruits each year from the state of Texas that are good enough to end up at division 1 teams? There are 2-3 star recruits that would be considered 4 stars if they played in South Dakota or some other state with not that …more »

  • RE: Huskers Use Huddle to Gain Edge
    You don't think they're selling it? The Huskers had to actually purchase the product. Agile Sports is really pushing it to NFL as well. I'm sure everyone would be happy to know that Callahan really turned the Jets organization on to this product and they have purchased it as well. Now …more »

  • RE: Kansas State Breakdown: Dead End Ahead
    Touche. I have been vanquished.

  • RE: KSU Makes it Rain on Dem JUCOS
    OU7, it's all that and so much more. There's nothing that says I have to be nice or like the fans of every team out there. It's easy to say get over it, but very difficult to actually do it. I just don't like them, and I'm not going to try. …more »

  • RE: Kansas State Breakdown: Dead End Ahead
    Here's the best I can come up with. You suck. I was trying to be nice and objective, but I guess I'm going to throw that out the window. Josh Freeman is a terrible, over hyped whiny baby. If you hit him with a feather, he will fall over and cry. …more »

  • RE: The Importance of Nebraska's First Three Games
    Take it from me. Never TRY to be cool. It never works out.

  • RE: The Future of Football is Defense
    Age old adage: you can't teach speed. Player development is important in a system like this. They're going after naturally gifted players who may not be the best tackler or blocker or whatever. Technique can be learned. I agree with bnahusker. They must learn to tackle. But they have to be …more »

  • RE: The Future of Football is Defense
    "Arkansas players commented after upsetting LSU and running all over Pelini's ultra-talented defense that they saw on tape that he was weak against mobile qb's." Maybe he should have hit the weight room in the weeks before the game. Seriously, though - no matter which way you slice it, the players …more »

  • RE: Kansas Breakdown: One Hit Wonder
    Since I have no data to go by for 2008 other than the 2007 season and an analysis of how important the personnel losses are in reference to offensive production and defensive stops, my numbers are based on a look at what I think Kansas can do, not necessarily what Nebraska …more »

  • RE: Huskers Reveal Depth Chart
    I had very high expectations for the linebackers last year. I thought they were a strength for our team. We know how that all turned out. Now, I have very low expectations, and think they're a weakness. So by that token, they should be awesome!

  • RE: Translating "Coach Speak" at Big 12 Media Days
    Next time media days are in KC, I'm getting in there even if I have to sneak past security. Thanks for the translation, I can just see Bo saying those things.

  • RE: Off Season Haiku
    Order is restored. Did you not get the memo? Bo will run the show.

  • RE: Ganz and Lucky to Continue Success
    I don't care what the coaches call it, it's going to look a lot like the spread option. Did you see the play calling in the spring game? Also, I am very aware of who Ganz put his numbers up against. You will see more about that in my analysis of …more »

  • RE: Dallas Morning News Not Built on Mathematics
    He must think that one of our tune up games will need more fine tuning. I could see it happening that not everyone would be on the same page. With a new staff, it's not out of the question.

  • RE: When Blackshirts Were Blackshirts: Mike Brown
    Plagued by injuries in the NFL, he still sees Hall of Fame worthy numbers. Had he stayed healthy, he might be known as the best safety the NFL has ever seen.

  • RE: One Major Problem Can Ruin 2008 Season
    No, I've hated K State since like 1997. It's ingrained, like part of my DNA. Nothing personal really, but thanks for the apology.

  • RE: Green Alert: Huskers Land a QB
    Let's not get too crazy about one guy. He's the first of many good players to commit, that's all. It's still way too early. We're going to have someone de-commit or go against their word between now and Feb. '09 almost guaranteed.

  • RE: Huskers: Coulda Been a Contendah?
    I just wanted to congratulate all of you who understood the point of the article. You know who you are.

  • RE: Introducing Tom & Brandon
    I am quite edgy. I stir the pot while rocking the boat.