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  • RE: What's Scary About Missouri?
    Yep, scary. We can say this about each and every North Division game. Every team, every coach, and every player has the Huskers in their sights. But, this is the same thing it has been for 40 years! We are always the circled game on the schedule for these teams. Bo …more »

  • RE: What's Scary About Texas?
    Dotbo - I actually laughed out loud at your comments.. Friggin Major Applewhite.. NOW THATS FUNNY!!

  • RE: What's Scary About Texas?
    Ok, ok, ok. We all hate Texas. GAHusker makes a really good point. We are Husker Fans, the BEST fans in the country. Let's not stoop to the level of the rest of the Big 12's fans. If you want proof of how the rest of the league acts towards us …more »

  • RE: What's Scary About Kansas State?
    This game will dictate how the rest of the season goes. Crafty old Snyder will have his team ready to play... Honestly, it is the most worrisome game to me.

  • RE: What's Scary About South Dakota State?
    yawn.... sounds like a good day to go to a quality Oregon State Beaver game (only for this weekend though!)in Boise. GO BEAVS!!

  • RE: What's Scary About Washington?
    DC Dawg - You have reconfirmed my point... Oregon won the pac10, by beating Oregon State who lost to Arizona 37-32. Oregon beat Arizona 44-41 in TWO OVERTIMES !! Oh, I forget - what did Nebraska do to Arizona in the Holiday Bowl???

  • RE: What's Scary About Washington?
    Dan's comments make sense. Living in Oregon I have WA fans all around me. They are scared. This isn't the Big 12 - its USC and the other 9 teams. It just isn't big boy football around here.. PREDICTION: NU 38 - WA 13

  • RE: Questions that Matter: Will Big 12 Officiating Be Biased Against Nebraska?
    95skers.. Calm down, dude. Maybe you need to take a little break and watch some womens figure skating. We all get that you are more intelligent and informed that the rest of us...

  • RE: Questions that Matter: Will Big 12 Officiating Be Biased Against Nebraska?
    I guess in my naivety I hadn't really thought about the calls and which way they would go this year - for or against the Huskers. After reading this and the comments, I still have an uncertainty about what is going to happen..... I do KNOW that if we go out …more »

  • RE: "Fun" Positions to Come
    both -

  • RE: "Fun" Positions to Come
    Recruiting has done a complete 180 since the return of Dr. Tom as AD and Bo at Coach. When we were in the "dark times" w/ Bill the Thrill we would get a couple of 3 - 4 star athletes and that would be it. Now we get many undeveloped athletes …more »

  • RE: Ndamukong Suh: Gettin' Paid
    I wonder - will Lions fans yell SUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!!! also? I hope so. Hopefully he can help Detroit forget their troubles as a city for at least a little while on Sundays. Zack - why are you on this website if you "loathe" Husker football...?? I loathe Brent Musberger but I don't …more »

  • RE: The End of "NU"?
    Wow, a lot of comments! How about 'SKERS!!!!!

  • RE: No Regrets
    I, for one, do not intend to watch a single Texas game from now on EXCEPT in person at the October 16th battle in Lincoln and whenever the Huskers play Texas in the future. It's my own little boycott. It would be hilarious if everyone did the same. Texas can have …more »