Monday, September 22nd 2014

Abdullah On Pace for Historic Workload

So many of the statistics from the Nebraska-Miami game were awfully positive for the Huskers.  Ameer Abdullah's stat line was certainly impressive.  He rushed 35 times for 229 yards and two touchdowns and also caught a 3-yard pass for a score.  Four games into the season, he's second in the country in rushing yards with 625 on 92 carries.  That puts him on pace for 276 carries in 12 games.  That would be third all-time at Nebraska behind Lawrence Phillips (286 carries) in 1994 and Ahman Green (278 attempts) in 1997 for most in a 12 game season.  

Saturday, September 20th 2014

Nebraska Runs Over Miami

The contest between Nebraska and Miami was presented as a running back duel between two outstanding players that wear number 8.  Ameer Abdullah and Duke Johnson both showed that they are outstanding players.  Duke Johnson rushed 18 times for 93 yards and a touchdown with another 5 catches and 84 yards.  Abdullah showed he was the true alpha male with 35 carries for 229 yards and two touchdowns and added a 3-yard catch for another score.  

Friday, September 19th 2014

The Miami We Know and Hate

Those of us of a certain vintage (i.e. old people) remember Miami with a certain vitriol.  It wasn't just a heartbreakingly close loss by one of the greatest teams in college football history on a far from neutral field in 1983.  It's not just an embarrassing shutout and near shutout in two other Orange Bowls.  It's not the bad loss in Nebraska's only Rose Bowl appearance since World War II.  It's the trash-talking and over-celebrating that changed the landscape of not only college sports, but the pro game as well.  Do you hate it when some moron dances around after a 4-yard catch at midfield for a first down in the second quarter?  Thank the 1980's Hurricanes, they invented that particular form of classless taunting and needless self-glorification. 

Tuesday, September 16th 2014

NU Running Backs Needs Better Batting Average

The contributions of a running back are often reduced to yards, touchdowns and yards per carry.  But those summary measures can gloss over the real effectiveness of a running back or a running game.  For example, a back could start the game with a 70-yard touchdown run then get stopped 9 times for no gain.  That back would have a healthy 7 yards per carry average, but would the team really be content with the running game?  So far this year, the number of no-gainers and short gainers has been a bit high.  

Monday, September 15th 2014

The Bulldogs Are Who We Thought They Were

Through two games, Fresno State lost by an average margin of 55.5 to 20.  But those were road contests for the Bulldogs who proudly maintained a 13-0 record at home over the last two seasons.  So what happens when a Nebraska team seen as struggling after a close game against an FCS team comes to town?  A nearly identical 55-19 victory for the Huskers. 

Friday, September 12th 2014

Wait, Do I Even Get the CBS Sports Network?

Just yesterday, I was laying out a brilliant strategy (in a lame Dad sort of way) for catching the the Fresno State game while living on the East Coast without losing a lot of sleep.  Little did I realize that the CBS Sports Network, which will be carrying the game against Fresno State, is such a niche 3rd tier channel that many cable packages don't include it.  Lincolnites may not get it if they have Time Warner Cable.  In the DC area, you have to be in the "Extreme" or "Ultimate" tier of Verizon packages in order to get that station.  What madness is this? 

Thursday, September 11th 2014

While You Were Sleeping - Nebraska Vs. Fresno State for East Coast Parents

If you have children, you're accustomed to being woken up  when you'd rather sleep in.  So when the prospect of staying up past 2 am to watch a Husker game arises (as will be for those of us living in the Eastern time zone) when you know full well there will be a reckoning the next morning, it's not exactly what you were hoping for from a scheduling perspective.  But there's hope. 

Saturday, September 6th 2014

Too Close Game with McNeese State Provides Heisman Moment

Among the agonizing parts about watching Nebraska struggle against McNeese State was seeing Ameer Abdullah's Heisman campaign come to an end in only the second week of the season.  But in one simultaneously critical and spectacular moment, everthing changed. 

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

NU’s Second Game Will Be McNeese State’s First

Most teams in college football played their first games last weekend, but there were exceptions.  McNeese State was among them.  It's been said that teams improve the most between their first and second games of the season.  If that's the case, the Cowboys could be in trouble. 

Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

Delayed Reaction:  Huskers Shine in Opener

Apologies for the delay.  The Labor Day weekend disrupted BRN in-season routine.  The Huskers amassed nearly 800 yards and held their opponent to 200 yards.  As the saying goes, things are never as good as they look in victory or as bad as they look in defeat.  Had Florida Atlantic made their 45-yard field goal to narrow the game at 17-10 and Jaquez Johnson survived the hit from Zaire Anderson, the game might have been more of a contest.  The Owls also missed a chance to fall on a fumble in the second quarter that could have given them a short field.  Their receivers dropped some passes as well.